Let’s Christmas with Year!

Time passes and things change, but if there is something within me that will always stay the same, is the fact I never know to say. And this leads to strange things. And by “strange things” I mean the title.

It has been a pretty intensive year full of good and bad surprises, a year during with I have learnt a lot of things and, hopefully, improved with translations. Though I will probably never reach perfection, I will keep doing my best for those who trusted me even when back there when I was really bad at translating, for those who I am not in touch with anymore, for those I rarely talk to but are still there, for those I spend time with every day, for those who say “thank you”, for those who stay silent and for everyone else.

Before ending this brief post which is probably a bit too cheesy, I want to thank everyone of you; this hobby makes me incredibly happy and knowing I can share it, is the best Christmas present to me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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