永久より永遠に ~ marina


Just a little note. Even though I love most of its OSTs, I’ve actually never played this game. I have the feeling those lyrics are strictly related to it; this means my interpretation can be completely wrong. Maybe one day I’ll play this visual novel and then I’ll be able to see all the references, but until that time, please be patient.

Requested by IcyFearzZ.


Quickly revised in 2021 after forgetting about the original revision request.

永久より永遠に”. “towa yori towa ni”. “永久” and “永遠” has a slightly different meaning –specifically, one has a more “cold” nuance, while the other one is more “warm”- but is something that can’t be kept in English. A translation for this title could be “From endless to eternity”, but since they’re pronounced in the same way, “From eternity to eternity” is probably more accurate in this case.

  1. Just to be clear, all those phrases are pretty sexual.

Title: 永久より永遠に
Vocals: marina/中村真里奈 (Marina Nakamura)
Lyrics: Urachisa
Composition: 森本貴大 (Takahiro Morimoto?)
Arrangement: noise pollution
Album: 少女神域∽少女天獄 オリジナルサウンドトラック | キミ∽ツナグ
From: 少女神域∽少女天獄 -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- Ending Theme


赦されたくはないのに なぜに惑うかこの心

yurusaretaku wa nai no ni naze ni madou ka kono kokoro
imawashiki tsumi yadoshita karada goto hoshokushite

I don’t want to forgive you, so why there are doubts in my heart?
The disgusting sin I carry in my flesh is consuming me

あなたの内に潜んだ 獣のごとき愛も

anata no naka ni hisonda kemono no gotoki ai mo
furuitatsu kanashimi mo ikari mo zenbu

Your brutal love, your eager sadness,
you anger, they all lurk deep inside you


kono mi no oku fukaku yomikonde keshisatte ageru
itsu no hi ka hito no yokubou ga koko kara kieru hi made

I’ll swallow and get rid of them deep inside my body
Until the day when mankind’s greed will be erased from Earth

どれほど深い愛なら 願い叶うだろう
あなたを失くしたく ないと

dorehodo fukai ai nara negai kanau darou
anata wo nakushitaku nai to

If your love is so deep, your wish will come true
And mine is, I don’t want to lose you

私の肉体に入りなさい あなたの爪痕ここに残して
報われないものと知っても 止められないこの利己的衝動を
愛と呼べるのならあなたを孕んで 幾千の時を超えて逝くから
その螺旋の渦に あなたが生きた痕転すため

watashi no karada ni hairinasai anata no tsumeato koko ni nokoshite
mokuwarenai mono to shittemo tomerarenai kono rikoteki shoudou wo
ai to yoberu no nara anata wo harande ikusen no toki wo koete yuku kara
towa ni tsudzuku ai no rensa ga hito no you wo tsumugu
sono rasen no uzu ni anata ga ikita ato utsusu tame

Come into me1 and leave there your scratches
I already you won’t heal, but I can’t stop this selfish impulse
If you can call this love, then you will receive my seed1, and we’ll through thousands of years
The chains of a love lasting forever will build a new world
All for erase the scars life left on you in that circle

命など惜しくはない 私だけに問われるなら
狂おしく疼いた肌 その手で止めさして

inochi nado oshiku wa nai watashi dake ni towareru nara
kuruoshiku uzuita hada sono te de tomesashite

I’d even throw away my life if you’re the one saying it
Put an end to this mad, aching body

遺伝子の中踊る 生死をかけた交合

idenshi no naka odoru seishi wo kaketa kougou
anata no subete wo kono ni tojikometai

The cycle of life and death in our carnal union lies within these genes
I want to lock all of you up

でもそれじゃいけないと 魂が語り始める

demo sore ja ikenai to tamashii ga katari hajimeru
tatoe mou nidoto sono mune ni fureru koto nakutemo

But then souls says “No, it’s wrong”
Even if I will never be able to feel that gist ever again

いつまでもこの血流せば 悲しみ癒えるの

itsumademo kono chi nagaseba kanashimi ieru no
anata wo nakushite

As long as this blood flow in my veins, my sadness will heal
Even if I lose you


kioku wo nakusu kurai nara
kanashimi kakaete ikiyou kono mama

I’d rather keep living with this pain
Than losing my memories

私を想って眠りなさい この身が生き抜く糧と為すように
永久より永遠に継がれゆくもの この形もなき未完の感情を
愛と呼べるのならあなたを含んで 幾千の時を超えて逝くから
その螺旋の渦に 二人が生きた痕残すなら

towa ni
watashi wo omotte nemurinasai kono mi ga ikinuku kate to nasu youni
towa yori towa ni tsugareyuku mono kono katachi mo naki mikan no kanjou wo
ai to yoberu no nara anata wo fukunde ikusen no toki wo koeteyuku kara
owari no nai ai no rensa ga hito no you wo tsunagu
sono rasen no uzu ni futari ga ikita ato nokosu nara

Think about me when you go to sleep; I hope this body will be your food to survive
From eternity to eternity, my incomplete feelings that don’t even have a form will be inherited
You can call this love, I will hold you we’ll through thousands of years
The chains of never-ending loves is what ties the world
As long as we leave our living marks in this circle

4 thoughts on “永久より永遠に ~ marina

      1. Is it already the revised version? I just found your site recently and I think this site is amazing

      2. Hello!
        This is not the revised version; I actually completely forgot to revise it. I skimmed through it and there are a few errors I will correct hopefully by the next week.
        You will see a “resived in xxxx” at the top of the post when I’ll do so. Cheers!

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