Gore Screaming Show translation project

The title pretty much sums up everything, so if you don’t want to read everything, you can safely close this post now.

As I’ve anticipated a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to start a Gore Screaming Show translations project. The reasons behind this are many, but the main one is that up until now all the translation projects have been dropped and, after so many years, I think it’s about time for this visual novel to finally have an English –or Engrish, considering it’s not even my mother tongue- translation.

This project has been on my mind since a lot, about a year after Necrosis announced Gore Screaming Show’s translation had been suspended, but at that time I didn’t have the skills to do something so big. Now that I believe I’ve improved a little in translating and I’m about to get my JPLT certification, it’s time for me to do something more.

Keep in mind that, unless I will find someone interested in participating into this project, I will be the only “member”. This means translations won’t be checked by another person and, since I have no idea where to start with a patch, you will have only a translation of Gore Screaming Show’s script. Unless I find other people motivated to start and finish this project, that’s it.

What I will provide will be a translation of the dialogues probably divided by scripts. I’m planning to release each “chapter” once it’s ready rather than publishing it all at once since this isn’t a patch, but I still need some time to decide this. For now, I’ll keep translating and posting updates whenever necessary –next one will probably be in a couple of weeks, basically as soon as I get an idea about when I’ll start publish “chapters” so that I can give a starting date.

With the hope some people will be interested into this “project”, see you soon.


6 thoughts on “Gore Screaming Show translation project

    1. Thank you!
      When I searched around to see if anyone was working on it right before this post, I couldn’t found anything beside old Necrosis’ translation blog (which now is closed).
      Will contact him/her and see if we can join forces on it~

  1. I really hope that this project is finished, it’s a hard thing, i know, but I can really wait to play this .-.

    1. It will be finished. Even if something will go wrong, the worst that can happen is that instead of a patch, there will only a script translation, but I’m quite confident it will all go well~

  2. YOU SIR HAVE GIVEN ME THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. GOD’S SPEED. MAY THE WIND HAVE YOUR BACK. PLZ FINISH IT. I posted the video for the OP on YouTube when I was still a lad in high school. I’m going to edit the video right now and get people aware that you are doing a translation. You’re doing God’s work anon.

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