A step ahead -just another update-

It’s already been a lot of time since when I decided to started Mirror of Paranoia. I’ve learnt a lot, met many people, discovered new music, and had fun. But there’s always a time when one has only two choices: changing and going on, or letting things be and dying. And the time has come for me.

It’s not a secret that since some time I’m keep switching between a “I want to” and a “I have to do” mood. Even if when I feel like “I have to translate this” I simply close everything and start over the next day, I can’t always procrastinate and I can’t always go on like this. It took me a while to realize the reason why that was happening, and it took me even more to decide what to do. To put it short, I’m bored, or tired if you prefer. And what I want to do to overcome it is to “expand” this blog.

I want to do more. I don’t want to just translate songs, I also want to talk about everything else I love, to talk about anything that crosses my mind, sharing my thoughts over literally anything. I still don’t have very clear ideas about how to structure everything, how many sections I shall add, if I shall focus on music and nothing else, or if I shall open another blog for this, but more or less I have a precise idea about how I want to renew this blog.

Although translations will probably stay the core of Mirror of Paranoia, I want to try to change and bring more “topics” here. This implies you will -finally- stop seeing those endless walls of text over a translation and many useless notes above it -I want to keep translations as clean as possible from now on, though for some time there will still be those “walls of text” simply because I have about a dozen translations ready.

I’m planning to publish the first “new kind” of post in January 2015, so you’ll have to wait a bit more, but since I change my mind pretty often, I may even publish it before. Until then, aside the usual translations, I’ll probably talk about a side project I have in my mind since a lot of time, project that can be sum up as “Gore Screaming Show translation”, and maybe a little more in-depth about what I have in my mind.

With the hope this post doesn’t sound too confusing and everything will turn out well, see you soon.

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