Grand-Guignol ~ Pizuya’s Cell


Definitely my favorite Touhou album from C85 –I believe I’ve already said this- and, among some other CDs, my most recent add to my physical collection. Thinking about it, among all the CDs I like by pizuya, I only miss “Violet Lotus Requiem”, but I’ve already organized myself to get a copy of it from some kind of obscure shop which still have it… if it doesn’t get out of stock from a day to another like Foreground Eclipse’s “Whishes Hidden In The Foreground Noises”. Talking about importing CDs, recently Toranoana announced that from now on they will be shipping goods overseas, which is great! Hopefully this will also mean less expenses but I still can’t be too sure about this. The day I’ll decide to import goods through it, I’ll see how it’ll go.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a Grand-Guignol 2. While I’ve enjoyed both pizuya’s latest two albums, probably because of their style –I find them too “confused” overall, they want to be too many genres at once- I ended up liking them but not loving them and for me they’re simply not as good as, let’s say, a “Clair de Lune” or a “Nouvelle Maliee” –just to not mention my two favorite album by pizuya again.

Though this is a request, I was already working on the translation. Actually, I’m already working on the whole Grand-Guignol but, considering requests and other stuffs, I’m not sure when I’ll finish them –nor if I’ll finish them- and I may simply procrastinate everything till when I’ll get in the mood to translate it –I’m honestly too bipolar towards most the songs I want to translate, waking up a day by thinking “I want to translate this” and a few after “I think I’ll translate this another day, there’s this other song I want to translate now”.

Requested by Wolfkin


Note that I have no idea if Futoumeido actually wrote the lyrics for “Grand-Guignol”, but, considering she wrote the one for “Farce Silhouette” and that song is full of katakana as well, the lyricist may be her, but that’s it. Maybe I should ask Futoumeido one of these days if this is true or not. On a more important note, be aware this song is full of archaisms –if they can be called “archaisms”- and consequentially, I’m not sure about this translation and in some parts, not even about romajis –probably it’s just Futoumeido’s pronunciation, but still.

手ノ鳴ル | Follow”; just another reference to “大人の鬼ごっこ”, a Chinese variation of the game of tag, though this time there’s not the “Oni”. This phrase actually means “The clapping hands come from there” but I personally don’t think it fits the translation and thus why I changed it. Also, the “phrase” immediately above literally means “See love for the first time” but I’ve decided to remove the “first time” part because I don’t think it’s actually relevant this time and in this way I can keep the metrics similar to the Japanese one.
凶鳥謡 | Ominous”; literally, “The bird of bad luck sings on the dark road” but it’s quite too long written in this way in my opinion.
絡ム玻璃 | To the judgment”; literally “Entwined/involved the judgment of quartz/glass”. Honestly, I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. It may be a reference to some sort of legend, but I couldn’t find anything. My thoughts about this and about the song itself are that the lyrics simply wants to recall the essence of “Grand-Guignol” and thus its purpose of communicating insanity, panic, fear and overall strong emotions through its plays.
桟敷ノ | You, surrounded”; literally, “The box/gallery of (your) true colors surround you”.
幼キ夜ノ | When”; considering how it’s written, it’s probably a reference to the “真ノ序ノ舞”, “shi no jo no mai”, or at least that’s what I thought when I saw it –and as usual I may be completely wrong. Aside this little consideration I’m not so sure about, I have translated this part a lot liberally because the actual translation means nothing –“Dance the truth of the attendant of the childish/young night”- and because some words seems to have been separated –i.e. “夜伽” is an existing word and I’ve assumed “夜ノ伽” has the same meaning.
夜ノ姿 | As the night’s”; literally, “The shape of night”. A similar thing happens a few lines below where “獄ノ形” means “The shape of prison”.
衆合ノ火ノ燃ユル | Is burnt by”; “衆合” most likely refers to the 3rd Buddhist Hell, or Naraka. I believe it should correspond to Samghata but, considering I know just a few about Buddhism, I preferred leaving a generic “Hell”.
迷ヘ六ツノ | Wandering”; I believe it’s a reference to the “Six paths of reincarnation”, though I can’t be sure. Also, keep in mind that “此処ガ常世” means “Here is forever”. Even if I’ve translated it as “Here, forever”, note that this phrase can also mean “This is the land of the dead”.

Title: Grand-Guignol
Vocals: 普透明度 (Futoumeido)
Lyrics: 普透明度
Arrangement: pizuya
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
Album: Grand-Guignol
Event: C85
Original: 不思議なお祓い棒 | Mysterious Purification Rod | Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character | Title Screen Theme



saa sa makuake
misomete koi
te no naru kata wa kochira

Now, the curtain rises
Fall in love
Follow the clapping hands


ja no ikuchi ni
oni no sumika
korogeochite hitotoki

On the snake’s path
The Oni’s dwelling
Collapsed in an instant


yume wa utsutsu
shiki wa kuu yo
magadori youfu yamiji

Dreams are reality
Colors are empty
Ominous birds sing in the dark


yubi wo tsutau
kumo no ami ni
karamu hari no ozabaki

Follow my finger
In the spider’s web
To the judgment of quartz


kimi wo kakouhishi
ori no sugata wa
afuyou ni mo magou
yasumi no moya

You, surrounded by
Your true colors
Mistaking even opium
For a cheap mist


kono mi no nari wo
warau sono mana ni
osanaki yoru no togi no
makoto wo mau

This body’s shape
Laughed by those eyes
When the young attendant
Began to dance


saa sa makuahi
mihatete yume
chi no waku haru wa izuko

Now, an interlude
See through dreams
Blood gushing, where’s spring?


hada ni hiraku

Blooming in my body


hadoma no tsuyu
tadare ochite maboroshi

In a crimson dew
Illusions are decaying


ware ni yadorishi
kami no kokoro wa
ikazuchi ni mo nitaru
mukoihi no toki

Living within you
The heart of a god
The cry of its punishment
Resembling a thunder


umare nagara to
imasu sono kura ni
harukeki izanami no
mikoto wo kokuru

When you born
Sitting in that place
Far away, the words of
Izanami resounded


kimi wo idakishi
yoru no sugata wa
shugou no hi no moyuru
hitoya no kage

You, embraced
As the night’s dark
Is burnt by the Hell’s flames
Within this prison


ikasu mo gou yo
ayamuru mo tsumi yo
mayo e mutsu no chimata
koko ga tokoyo

Living, it’s karma
Killing, it’s a crime
Wandering within the six paths
Here, forever

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