シャトー・ガル ~ Liz Triangle


Probably my favorite song by Liz Triangle featured in this album. I believe I’ve already talked enough about Liz Triangle, but I feel like spending a few words on them –even though it’s actually a reflection done upon some fact.

Some time ago, I think it was a week or two after C85, I was talking about this album and I was told –I don’t remember the exact words- “I can’t take kaztora seriously because of his parodies” and then, after some talk about “parodies” and exchanging point of views, “If it’s a parody, it has this sense of already heard”. At the beginning, I didn’t think about it too much, but after some fact I started to think about it more and more often. Probably almost nobody will read this since I usually blather and nobody will ever answer this question, but here it comes: to which point a parody makes a song –or a circle- worse?

Personally, as long as the song is good to me, I don’t see why the fact it’s a parody should affect my attachment/love to that song or circle, but by my own experience, I’ve seen some people coming to the point of refusing to know whether a song is a parody or not when the subject is their favorite circle.

I think this is more like a rant than anything else, but all of this was to say: considering a certain circle less serious/good/whatever just because they made and make parodies, it’s something I consider extremely stupid. If a song was good before knowing it is a parody, it stays good even after discovering it. I can say something very similar for those who say “If it’s an arrangement of my favorite character’s theme, then the song is great. If it’s an arrangement of the theme of the character I hate, it sucks”, or again, to those who says “If it’s not Touhou, it sucks”. Being a parody doesn’t automatically make a song worse or better. Being an arrangement of your favorite theme doesn’t automatically makes a song great.

Anyway, as usual, I ended up talking about something else. Maybe I should write a post about my thoughts on the Touhou world at the moment and the reasons why I’ve stated on Twitter I’m going to stay away from it.

Requested by Malek Deneith


シャトー・ガル”, “shatoo garu”, “Castle girl”.

満ち過ぎた孤独への | As I think”; literally, “The consideration of (being) filled with too much loneliness”.
交わした | My mouth”; literally, “exchanged/crossed/interlaced lips”. I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean, if it’s a creative way to say “we kissed” or something, but considering the context, I highly doubt it. The only possible sensed meaning that crossed my mind is actually “I closed my lips” and thus the “I tightened my mouth”. I may be completely wrong though.
赤い頭巾 | I take off”; the second part of the phrase sounds like “The smile which is someone else’s smile”. I hope you agree with my choice of “shortening” the translation.
叶うならどうか | If that will”; literally, “drive a stake (of peaceful dreams) into my heart”.

Title: シャトー・ガル
Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arrangement: kaztora
Circle: Liz Triangle
Album: カラスとウサギ
Event: C85
Original: 孤独なウェアウルフ | Lonesome Werewolf | Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character | Kagerou Imaizumi’s Theme


始まりは小さいけど 波紋は広がっていく
止める術などは無い 出来る事は笑うだけ

hajimari wa chiisai kedo hamon wa hirogatteiku
tomaru sube nado wa nai dekiru koto wa warau dake

At the beginning, it was small but it caused troubles
Nothing could stop it and all it was able to do was smiling

どこかで伝え間違ったのか 人の口に戸はたてれぬ
皆眠りにつき朝が来たなら 真実だけが目を覚ます

dokoka de tsutae machigatta no ka hito no kuchi ni to wa taterenu
minna nemuri ni tsuki asa ga kita nara shinjitsu dake ga me wo samasu

Was the legend wrong at some point? People say a door was never built
Everyone fell asleep and when the morning came, the truth was revealed

「貴方は誰ですか?」 上っ面な笑顔
私の為だからと 世界中が嘘をつく

「anata wa dare desu ka? 」 uwattsura na egao
watashi no tame dakara to sekaichuu ga uso wo tsuku

“Who are you?” smiling on the surface
The whole world lied just for my own sake

満ち過ぎた孤独への対価 芒の園に月が栄える
願わくばどうか 幸せな夢を 命の弦を切る

michisugita kodoku e no taika susuki no sono ni tsuki ga haeru
negawakuba douka shiawase na yume wo inochi no gen wo kiru
kawashita kuchibiru

As I think about my loneliness, the moon shines over the miscanthus’ garden
I pray that, please, this happy dream, these strings of life will end
My mouth, tightened

何処で道を間違った? 人の言を鵜呑みにして
頼りきってる無垢な笑顔に 真実だけが牙を向く

doko de michi wo machigatta? hito no gen wo unomi ni shite
tayori kitteru muku na egao ni shinjitsu dake ga kiba wo muku

Was this path the wrong one? I swallow people’s words
Relaying on that pure smile. But the truth is, it’s showing its teeth

赤い頭巾を外し 笑う顔は誰のもの

「watashi wa dare deshou?」 watashi mo shiranai
akai zukin wo hazushi warau kao wa dare no mono

“Then, who am I?” I don’t even know
I take off that red hood, the smile that’s not mine

知らずにいた 幸福の意図 芒の園を雁が渡る
叶うならどうか安らかな夢を 心に杭を打つ

shirazu ni ita koufuku no ito susuki no sono wo kari ga wataru
kanau nara douka yasuraka na yume wo kokori ni kui wo utsu

I didn’t know the joy’s purpose. The wild gooses cross the miscanthus’ garden
If that will come true, please, stab my heart with peaceful dreams

紅い眼に映るシャトー【儚く ah】
窓辺に寄り添い合い そっと爪を這わせた

daremo ga shirazuni ireta 【shirasarezuni ikiteta】
mukai no aoi bara no sono 【utsukushiku chiru darou】
akai me ni utsuru shatoo 【hakanaku ah】
madobe ni yorisoi ai sotto tsume wo hawaseta

Nobody could have known it [Nobody knew its existence]
Facing a garden of blue roses [Beautifully scattering]
Reflected into these red eyes, a castle [Transiently, ah]
As I got close to the window, I slowly crawled my nails onto it

誰もが語る物語の 門を守る犬が一人
ひたむきな声 信じられずとも
果てしない偽りの声 芒の園に誰も居ない
願うならばこの偽りを唄い出す 私の口を紡いで

daremo ga kataru monogatari no mon wo mamoru inu ga hitori
hitamuki na koe shinjirarezu tomo
namida ga hoho tsutau
hate shinai itsuwari no koe susuki no sono ni daremo inai
negau naraba kono itsuwari wo utaidasu watashi no kuchi wo tsumuide

Everybody talks about the tale of the gate protected by a single dog
Although I can’t believe an earnest voice
Tears fall down on my cheeks
A voice of endless lies in a miscanthus’ garden where there’s nobody
If you wish it, I’ll sing this lie once more with my own mouth

誰もかも 知らない
本当の私を 知らない

daremokamo shiranai
hontou no watashi wo shiranai

Nobody knows me
Nobody knows my true self

One thought on “シャトー・ガル ~ Liz Triangle

  1. Much thanks for yet another translation :) For me Liz Triangle is the circle I probably listen the most to and this particular song, along with the next one from the same album are the ones I seem to return to most often. Great song and interesting lyrics.

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