The Clear Blue Sky ~ Tsukasa


A fun fact about this song: when I was searching for the usual information, aside learning it’s in a rhythm game for the PSP, is that originally this song was sung in English and only inside “DJMAX Technica 3” the English lyrics (and vocals) were replaces with the Japanese one. Though you’ll definitely see a lot of analogies between this translation and the official English lyrics used originally –you should have no problems finding them on Google- you’ll also see a lot of differences between the two versions. Not sure if I’ve explained myself clearly, but I hope so.

Another fun fact is that the character’s name in the BGA is Sky and the song’s title, while being “The Clear Blue Sky”, in the Technika Eyecatche is written as “the Clear blue sky” –I’ve used one of those pics for this post’s illustration, so you can see it above. I recommend listening to this song, especially if you like calm songs: “The Clear Blue Sky” gives this peaceful feeling when listened to, so give it a try whenever you can.

Requested by Rei Kosaka.


抱きしめた | As the color”; literally, “I open my eyes and the embraced color of the blue sky collects/gathers”. I preferred removing the “embracing” part since I believe this time the meaning is really “the sky became clear”.
空に舞う | In the sky”; literally, “marking the beginning in the morning”. I’ve personally interpreted it as “the last snow marks the beginning of a new day/season” and thus why my translation.
降り積もる | Frozen below”; I’m not sure if I can use “white” as a synonymous of “snow”, but that’s what I just did. Since in the Japanese lyrics there’s written “white”, I’ve kept it even in the translation. Hopefully, the “blanket of snow” meaning will stay despite this.

Title: The Clear Blue Sky
Vocal: 三澤秋 (Aki Misawa)
Lyrics: 三澤秋
Composition: Tsukasa
Arrangement: Tsukasa
Album: The Clear Blue Sky / DJMAX TECHNIKA Original Soundtrack
Event: C73

The Clear Blue Sky

抱きしめた 蒼空の色集めて 瞳開く
空に舞う最後の雪が 始まりを告げる朝に

dakishimeta aosora no iro atsumete hitomi hiraku
sora ni mau saigo no yuki ga hajimari wo tsugeru asa ni

As the color of this blue sky gathers, I open my eyes
In the sky, the last dancing snow marks the beginning of the day

夜の合間 晴空の夢を見る
凍りつく体に 憧れだけを抱えて

furitsumoru shirosa ni kogoeru
yoru no maima aosora no yume wo miru
kooritsuku karada ni akogare dake wo kakaete

Frozen, below a blanket of white
During the night, I dream about a clear sky
As I hold within my frozen body my only yearning

積もっては この体蝕んで
息さえもできぬままに ああ 溺れてく

yami no naka kanawanu negai mo
tsumotte wa kono karada mushibande
iki saemo dekinu mama ni aa oboreteku

In the dark, my wishes unfulfilled
Piled up, within this undermined body
I can’t breathe anymore. Ah, I’m drowning

繰り返し 夢見た場所を描いて 瞳閉じる
閉ざされた白い世界に ただ落ちてゆく

kurikaeshi yume mita basho wo egaite hitomi tojiru
tozasareta shiroi sekai ni tada ochiteyuku

Repeating the dream about the place I draw. I close my eyes
Locked within a white world, I’m falling

零れてく 願いの欠片探した 手探りでも
暗闇を照らす光が いつか指先に触れる

koboreteku negai no kakera sagashita tesaguri demo
kurayami wo terasu hikari ga itsuka yubisaki ni fureru
sono hi wo

Overflowing, the wishes’ fragments I sought, but I fumble
A light illuminates the darkness. One day, I’ll touch with my fingers
That day

かすか 翼の息吹が 闇の中聞こえてくる

kasuka tsubasa no ibuki gay ami no naka kikoetekuru
tobenai karada ni abiru itetsuita kaze
yameba mou yoru ga akeru

The faint wings’ breath can be heard within the darkness
With my body, I can’t fly. A cold wind wraps me
Once it’ll stop, the dawn will come

解き放つ 夢見た場所を目指して 瞳開く
頬撫でる暖かな風 羽ばたいて さあ

tokihanatsu yume mita basho wo mezashite hitomi hiraku
hoho naderu atataka na kaze hanebataite saa

Revealing the dream about the place I pursue. I open my eyes
A warm wind caresses my cheeks. I unfold my wings

曇りない 願いの欠片集めて 空に散らせ
青空に最後の雪が 始まりを告げる朝に

kumori nai negai no kakera atsumete sora ni chirase
aosora ni saigo no yuki ga hajimari wo tsugeru asa ni
mezame wo

Cloudless, the sky within my scattered wishes’ fragments gather
In the blue sky, the last snow marks the beginning of the day
Wake up

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