Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to write. Maybe I should start talking about things that happened to me or to someone I know or why not, talking about the new Persona games that will come out at the end of the year or… yeah I have no idea about what I’m writing. Better go on with the translation.

Requested by Meril


罪と罰”, “Crime and punishment”. The title is –of course- a reference to Dostoevskij’s novel “Crime and punishment”, yet I believe there’s no other reference to it in the song –I’ve read this book quite some time ago, so I’m not sure if there are in-depths references here.

正解なんて | It’s useless”; literally, “Something like (being) right is useless”. I’ve preferred reading this phrase as if what it’s not right are the things seen in the dream.
鬼さん | Mister Oni”; a reference to “大人の鬼ごっこ”, which –according to what I read on ja.wiki- is a Chinese variation of the game of tag. The “oni”, blindfolded, must catch the other people without knowing their location. Meanwhile the people around clap their hands and to guide the oni with their sound. This time I’ve preferred using “Oni” instead of “Demon”, but for those who doesn’t know, onis are a kind of youkai from Japanese folklore which transliterated as “demon” and many other ways –search it upon Wikipedia for more details. Fun fact -?-: it’s the same reference used by Kishida Kyodan in their “宵闇鳥” some year before~
逃げ道 針の山を | As I escape”; I believe –better, I want to believe- it’s a reference to Remilia’s “獄符「千本の針の山」” spell card –Hell sign “Thousand needles mountain”. Anyway, the “針の山” is a mountain covered with needles situated in hell.

Title: 罪と罰
Vocal: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ
Arrangement: コンプ (Comp)
Circle: BUTAOTOME (豚乙女)
Album: 異端審問 /豚BEST2 18キロカロリー
Event: 紅楼夢9 (Kouroumu 9) / 例大祭11 (Reitaisai 11)
Original: U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? | U.N. Owen Was Her? | Touhou 6 the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Flandre Scarlet’s Theme


生まれた罪と罰 愛されたいの

umareta tsumi to batsu aisaretai no

Crime and punishment borne. I want to be loved

ママの作ったお菓子は甘くて 私の舌には毒でしかない
紅茶の見る夢 ジャムを二匙 正解なんて役にも立たない

mama no tsukutta okashi wa amakute watashi no shita ni wa doku de shikanai
koucha no miru yume jamu wo futa saji seikai nante yaku ni mo tatanai

Mama’s candies are so sweet, I have no choice to put that poison on my tongue
I saw in a dream black tea, jam and two spoons. It’s useless, it’s not right

箱舟はすでに 飛び立っていたよ 月を嘲笑って

hakobune wa sude ni tobitatteita yo tsuki wo waratte

The ark already flew away. I sneer at the moon

大好き あなたの目を
溶かして 煮詰めてとろとろに

daisuki anata no me wo
tokashite nitsumete torotoro ni
oni-san saa saa kochira
te no naru naru hou e

So lovely, your eyes
Dissolving, boiling in my sleep
Mister Oni, come, come, here
Follow the clap, the hand’s clap

呪縛を囁いたの 「離さないであげる」

aishita anata no kao
konagona ni
jubaku wo sasaita no「hanasanai de ageru」

Your lovely smile
I’ll crush it
I’ll destroy it
In small pieces
As I’ll whisper this curse “I won’t leave you”

林檎のタルトをたいらげたなら 次は何をする?お先にどうぞ
何人目の悪夢見飽きた笑顔 傷跡ひらいて零れた誰か

ringo no taruto wo tairageta nara tsugi wa nani wo suru? osaki ni douzo
nannin me no yume miakita egao kizuato hiraite koboreta dareka

If I could’ve eaten this apple tart, what there would’ve been next? After you
How many dreams I saw? I’m tired of your smile. Someone saw through my scars

いつもいつまでも 繰り返すのだろう 内緒のアソビ

itsumo itsumademo kurikaesu no darou naisho no asobi

Always, forever, it will keep repeating, this secret play

秘密の花園割って 掻き分けた底に在るものは 虚しい鎖にぎゅっと 繋がれてる心
逃げ道 針の山を 裸足でかけまわるみたいに これが私の罰と 血の涙を流す

himitsu no hanazono watte kakiwaketa soko ni aru mono wa munashii kusari ni gyutto tsunagareteru kokoro
nigemichi hari no yama wo hadashi de kakemawarumitai ni kore ga watashi no batsu to chi no namida wo nagasu

I broke this secret flower garden and pushed my way at the bottom where things are tied tightly to my heart with an empty chain
As I escape the hell’s needles mountain, running around as if I’m barefooted, I shed bloody tears, realizing that is my punishment

欲しくてたまらないの たった一人だけの「アナタ」が
探して 罪を重ね 今日も赤く染まる
呪縛を囁いたの 「離さないであげる」

hoshikute tamaranai no tatta hitori dake no 「anata」 ga
sagashite tsumi wo kasane kyou mo akaku somaru
aishita anata no kao
konagona ni
jubaku wo sasaita no「hanasanai de ageru」

I can’t do nothing but to desire one only person, just “you”
I search through my crimes piled up, yet even today is dyed in red
Your lovely smile
I’ll crush it
I’ll destroy it
In small pieces
As I’ll whisper this curse “I won’t leave you”

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