残響 ~ リル・プラクティカ


It’s hard to describe this song. It’s actually hard to describe most of the songs by Meis Clauson. His style is pretty unique and you really must listen to his arrangements at least once if you haven’t done it already.

Probably I’ve already said this on my past posts, but what made me completely, entirely falling in love with Meis Clauson was his album “DastinIa” –which, by the way, I really must finish translating. Since then, I’ve followed him a lot, and I’m glad this song has been requested because I didn’t knew it and completely missed this mini album.

I love the Momori + Meis Clauson combo; I’ve liked a lot all the vocalists Meis Clauson picked to sing –or made arrangements for-, but Momori is simply love. And this song confirms it again. I personally love the lyrics, probably because the possibilities they give about interpretations are literally countless. I get excited when lyrics are like this, because they makes me dream, together with the song. This is what good lyrics must do: making you dream, making you imagine the world around the song, making you feel part of it, either as a protagonist or as a spectator… or at least that’s what I think. And this song was able to do this so… it’s simply awesome.

Requested by Dusk


A little reminder that only I don’t own the lyrics and that I tried my best to revise and make sense out of some romaji I’ve found around the internet. This though doesn’t mean those lyrics are one hundred percent accurate; only a few stanzas are actually transcribed from the official PV. For the rest, keep in mind that they may be completely wrong –and I have the feeling the lyrics are not at all written like this in the booklet. Stated this, if anyone who’s reading this owns the CD and can send me the scans or a photo of the booklet so that I can check the lyrics, I’ll be really thankful. Hope you’ll enjoy the song despite this~

残響”, “zankyou”, “Echoes”. Based upon the song, I believe using the plural is more fitting. Anyway, the title is just this, nothing more, nothing less. Another song where my interpretation is heavy, I can only hope you’ll appreciate it-

果てしなく | As I”; literally, “Towards the endless painted sky / I’ve become afraid even of things like living”. Sorry for the so different –and probably too liberal- English translation but well, this is really what I felt when I listened to this part. Copy past for “聞こえはしない”, which actually means “I can’t be heard”, and for “名も無い明日が”, which literally means “An unknown tomorrow”.
流れた星の | As many as”; literally, “There are as many things lost as the number of the shooting stars/I’ve lost –part with- as many things as the shooting stars”.
焦がれた手は | There’s still”; literally, “Still with the hesitation (is) the hand I yearned for”.
プライド | I hold”; I personally believe “pride” here is referred to the promise made, as if it’s the only thing left

Title: 残響
Vocal: 桃梨 (Momori)
Lyrics: 桃梨
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Album: -fata viam invenient- Regulus
Circle: リル・プラクティカ (Rill Practica)
Event: M3-26


どこまで行けばいいのか 望めいたここをの旅路
消せない約束一つ いまだに引きずれながら

dokomade yukeba ii no ka nozomeita koko wo no tabiji
kesenai yakusoku hitotsu imada ni hikizure nagara

How far should I go on? This is the journey I wished for
I still carry that one promise that will never fade


nani wo motomete

What do I wish for?

I need me まだ…聞こえはしない
名も無い明日が ただ遠ざかる夜に紛れた

hate shinaku somaru sora e
ikisuru koto sae obietekita
I need me mada… kikoe wa shinai
namonai asu ga tada toozakaru yoru ni magireta

As I looked up at this endless, clear sky
I realized I became afraid of living
I need me and yet… No one can hear me
As another tomorrow slipped away, fading into the night

流れた星の数だけ 失うものもあるだろう
重ねた感傷をすべて 紐解いてしまうのなら

nagareta hoshi no kazu dake ushinau mono mo aru darou
kasaneta kanshou wo subete himotoite shimau no nara

As many as the shooting starts, the things one must part with
All my feelings, piled up, as if I’m unveiling them


nani mo mienai

I can’t see anything

よみがえる あの日のわたし
焦がれた手は まだ躊躇いがちに
I need me そう…終われはしない
傷つくほどに 譲れぬものが生まれはじまる

yomigaeru ano hi no watashi
kogareta te wa mada tamerai ga chi ni
I need me sou… oware wa shinai
kizutsuku hodo ni yuzurenu mono ga umare hajimaru

Resurrected, the myself of that day
There’s still hesitation in the hand I grabbed
I need me and… it’s not over yet
One is born to not give up even though it hurts


osoikuru seijaku ni egurare
yukiba no nai puraido mo kakae
mayoigo ni ataerarete basho de
omoidase nani wo oimotometa ka

It’s engraved in this oppressing silence
I have no place to go, I hold my pride
I gave a place to this lost child but
Do I remember what I was searching for?

愛することまだ 躊躇いがちに
色こと灯る それが約束残響 嗚呼

nakanai de ano hi no watashi
aisuru koto mada tamerai ga chi ni
hadazamui watashi no naka de
iro koto tomoru sore ga yakusoku zankyou aa

Don’t cry, myself of that day
I’m still hesitant in loving anyone
It’s so cold inside me
“Let colors spread”, that is our promise echoing, ah

I need me もう…恐れず行こう
振り返るなと 誰かの声が溶けた世界へ

itsuka mita yume wo saite
kono karada ga ugokanaku naru maeni
I need me mou… osorezu yukou
furikaeruna to dareka no koe ga toketa sekai e

One day you’ll see your dreams bloom
Before this body won’t be able to move anymore
I need me, I… won’t be afraid, let’s go
“Don’t look back”, and someone’s voice dissolved into the world

3 thoughts on “残響 ~ リル・プラクティカ

  1. Was so busy this past week that I completely forgot this would be posted.
    That said, thanks a lot for the translation, specially since you had to put in extra effort due to not having the booklet. The lyrics are great and make listening to the song an even better experience to me. Thank you^^

  2. Might be weird for me to be commenting on this but well, in those past two years I’ve been learning the language and today I listened to this song for the first time in a while and decided to look at the lyrics.

    I remember you saying you went by hear on these as you couldn’t find the kanji anywhere, so I wanted to say I took some things differently?
    おそいくる is probably 襲いくる rather than 遅いくる. So it’d be something like being hurt by the silence that assaults me or whatever.

    振り返るなど seems to be 振り返るなと so negative imperative and then quoting, which makes the most sense to me considering the next sentence.

    傷つくほどに 譲れぬものが生まれはじまる, isn’t this basically things one won’t give up on even if it hurts being born?

    And well, there’s a few more minor disagreements and a bunch of things that seem different but I’m not sure I hear correctly either and honestly I’m not really sure why I’m commenting at this point but I just wanted to share my impressions and hope you don’t mind. Thank you again for translating the lyrics back then^^

    1. I truly appreciate your comment, I love hearing to other people’s impressions and thoughts :3

      Besides, I should really revise all my old translations since only now that I’m living here in Tokyo I’m truly understanding the language and well, there are a lot of errors I should correct, so thank you for pointing them out!

      As for what you wrote, おそいくる is definetely 襲いくる, or better, 襲い来る.

      Now that I’m listening to this song again, I can hear “振り返るなと” instead “など” and, as you’ve said, it makes more sense like this.

      As for the following phrase it’s, arguably, “One is born at first to not give up to the point of being hurt” or, in a better English, “One is born to not give up even though it hurts”. Either way, the first translation was wrong.

      Though I’ve modified it now, I deeply apologize for the errors. I hope the translation sounds a bit better now!

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment and sharing your thoughts, you helped me a lot!

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