辛酸ゲーム ~ 豚乙女


The pic is probably –absolutely- completely unrelated –somehow. But I think it’s beautiful. Or maybe it’s fitting. I’m not sure, I’m so bipolar about this pic, because it fits the song but it doesn’t the song. Or at least that’s how I feel while staring at the pic and listening to this song.

About the song: somehow it recalls me other songs –BUTAOTOME’s songs, and well, more like two- and well, it might be just me. Aside this little note, to me it really sounds like an anime opening and ending –because for me some part would totally fit an anime opening, while others would totally fit an ending… did I said I still haven’t had my coffee and that’s really hot today right?

Anyway, I enjoyed a lot this song –if I didn’t, you wouldn’t see this translation, so I’m not even sure why I specified it. Oh, by the way, “辛酸ゲーム” is downloadable on BUTAOTOME’s site, as well as “下克上々” and –of course- the upcoming CDs’ crossfades.

Well, I should’ve posted this one yesterday but for some reasons –it was too hot yesterday and I wasn’t in the mood to check the translation- I didn’t do it. So I’ve done it today. Basically this is a not scheduled post, an extra post, or however you want to call it. But don’t expect too many “extras”.

Since some time it seems cool translating something from a specific event before that event begins, so here’s my C86 translation before C86 because I have nothing to do –aside playing Digital Devil Saga and some other random games- and I don’t know what translate first among all the songs I have on my list –outside requests because requests have been already done and schedule so don’t worry.

It was supposed to be a surprise for a certain person, so I hope the surprise worked. And if it didn’t, next time I’ll do it even more stealth. And I’m blathering like always.


辛酸ゲーム”, “shinsan geemu”, “Hardships game”, nothing more, nothing less.

俗にいう | Satisfying”; note that those “life necessities” are the most “basics”, so drinking, eating, finding a place where to live –like a shelter- and clothing.
話ちょっと | I went”; not sure if this verb can be used to say “go off-topic”, but the meaning is that one. A more literal translation would be “The speech/talk slipped a little off”.
少し間が | I had a”; literally, “a little gap opened”. I’ve interpreted it as a “memory loss”, thus why I’ve putted “lapse” in the translation.
ここ降りる | This is”; “stop” as it is for trains. It can also be translated as “I have to take off (the next) station”.
のらりくらりやり | If I”; you can safely read this phrase as “If I spend the whole day idly, tomorrow will come”.
今はほらあれ | Now, look”; since in the lyrics “this” and “that” are written in katakana and hiragana, I’ve decided to not put them in italics when written in katakana –and not in caps lock because katakana is supposed to put emphasis, not to make you shout a word.

Title: 辛酸ゲーム
Vocal: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
Composition: コンプ
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Album: ダウト (Doubt)
Event: C86


話ちょっとズレちゃった でも気になってることよ

ikitekutte koto wa ittai douiu koto deshou?
zoku ni iu 『ishokujuu』 mitasareterutte koto?
koko de chotto shitsumon desu mitasarette douiu koto yo?
hanashi chotto zurechatta demo kininatteru koto yo

Living, what in the world is that supposed to mean?
Satisfying what one commonly calls “ life necessities”?
Here there’s a quick question. What does satisfying mean?
I went a little off topic, but I had it on my mind

忘れっぽいって嫌だね ここ降りる駅だ

sukoshi ma ga aita kedo nanno hanashitetakke?
sousou 『shiawase』 mitai na tagui no koto
kokontoko tsukareka toshi no seika nante ahaha
wasureppoitte iya da ne koko oriru eki da

I had a little lapse, what were we talking about?
That’s right, that kind of “happy” stuffs
Recently I’ve felt tired, I must be aging ahaha
I hate to be so forgetful. This is my stop


hokori mamire no hoomu ni nagaru
kanashii nyuusu wo kiite minna tsubuyaiteru

In this home covered with dust
I hear sad news, everyone is muttering

怖いくらい当たり前に ほら明日が見えてる

norarikurari yarisugoseba kyou wa owatteiku kedo
kowai kurai atarimae ni hora ashita ga mieteru
demo anzen de anshin na kyokaisen katte ni hiite
dokka no dareka no neta sagashi

If I stay here doing nothing, today will end but
I’m usually scared, gloomy. Hey, I can see tomorrow
Yet I draw involuntarily a relief line for my safety
Searching somewhere, someone’s proofs

ちょっと気に食わないな ちょっとじゃないけれど
世の中不景気 だからそういうことで

chotto ano ko nannano? chotto choushi notteru desho
chotto ki ni kuwanai na chotto janai keredo
ima wa hora are ga kore kore ya are ya de kore ya
yo no naka fukeiki dakara souiu koto de

Wait, who’s that kid? Wait, I’m getting excited
Wait, I can’t digest it. Wait, it’s not like this but
Now, look, that is this, this, that and this
Society’s hard times are like that


shinsan geemu wa mada mada tsudzuku
urami netami wo namete namete shibiresasete

This hardships game will go on for much more
I tasted and tasted grudge and jealousy and became numb

怖いくらい当たり前に ほら未来が呼んでる

norarikurari yarisugoseba kyou no owari wa kuru kedo
kowai kurai atarimae ni hora mirai ga yonderu
demo anzen de anshin na kyoukaisen katte ni hiite
dokka no hanashitte furi wo suru

If I stay here doing nothing, today will end but
I’m usually scared, gloomy. Hey, the future is calling
Yet I draw involuntarily a relief line for my safety
I pretend a story of somewhere else


kono nayami wa sekai kara mireba chiisana koto desho?

If I look at this problem from the world, will it be small?

怖いくらい当たり前に ほら明日の全てが見える

norarikurari yarisugoseba kyou no owari wa kuru kedo
kowai kurai atarimae ni hora ashita no subete ga mieru

If I stay here doing nothing, today will end but
I’m usually scared, gloomy. Hey, I can see all about tomorrow


anzen de anshin na kyoukaisen katte ni hiite
dokka no hanashiitte furi shiteru

I draw involuntarily a relief line for my safety
I’m pretending a story of somewhere else

2 thoughts on “辛酸ゲーム ~ 豚乙女

    1. My bad, I’ve applied the “generic” rule for nouns ending with -f -fe without realizing “prooves” doesn’t exist. Now it’s fixed. Thanks for spotting it out!

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