Erased Utopia ~ Pizuya’s Cell


I still believe this is arrangement has a bit –lot of- “The Doll Maker of Bucuresti” in it. But people say I hear themes that there aren’t over too many songs. Anyway.

I have the feeling that even if the lyrics for this album are written by different people, they are all somehow connected; even if this is most likely my mind joking around and making me think it. Still, I want to believe they’re all related, because they really seems it, especially if you consider them based upon Mary and Renko. Even if “Erased Utopia” is really an “erased utopia”. And I’m blathering.

I think I sold my soul to pizuya. A fact that only a few people knows is that I decided to buy “Clair de Lune” instead of “Wishes Hidden In The Foreground Noises” back in I don’t remember when and well, this pretty much says everything about how much I like this album. And well. I should just end it here before I start screaming like a little girl over this CD once again.

In short: great album, great song, great vocalist. And I’m still waiting for “Breaking My Heart” lyrics. And for Grand-guignol 2. Did I say Clar de Lune’s CD is completely white with the writings and decorations being directly part of the CD? Not sure how to explain this. But it’s like if everything around those writings and decorations has been painted in white. Well. I may simply post a pic on Twitter. And this isn’t a bad idea at all. I really must stop blathering. And I seriously have problems in understanding ℃iel’s pronunciation.

On a side note: this is the true 200th post published -and public- on this blog~

Requested by Aksel.


湿った風が | A warm”; literally, “wetted wind”, but I guess I don’t have to explain why I decided to use “warm” instead~
例えこの腕 | Not even if”; while this phrase literally means “For example, if my arms are torn off and will fall down”, I’ve decided to completely ignore the latter verb for a better metrics and –possibly- English.
この手は | So I won’t”; here and in the other stanzas where the phrase begins with “その/この手”, I’ve decided to use “my/your hand” instead of “this/that hand”. For once in a while, I think it’s more fitting “my/your” than the actual “this/that”. Aside this, here the literal translation is “This hand won’t separate (from yours) never again”.
終焉 | Until the end”; “終焉 (demise)” is pronounced as “saigo (last, end)”. I decided to not put in the translation “Until death” but, as for my interpretation, this is how you should see this “until the end”. As for the translation, literally this phrase means “We’ll run together until/through the end”, but I’ve preferred putting it differently because to me it sounds better.

Title: Erased Utopia
Vocals: ℃iel
Lyrics: ℃iel
Arrangement: ぴずや (pizuya)
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
Album: Clair de Lune
Event: 例大祭10 (Reitaisai 10)
Original: アガルタの風 | Wind of Agartha | 伊弉諾物質 ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan

Erased Utopia


shimetta kaze ga hoo wo nadeiku chi no soko kara
anata no te wo hiite tada kakeyuku keredo

A warm wind from the earth’s depths is caressing my face
Even if I leaded you by the hand, you ran away


kesshite tachidomatte wa ikenai
tatoe kono ude chigire ochiyou to
towa ni tomoni iru to chigatta kara
kono te wa nidoto hanasanai de…

There is no way I will stop now
Not even if those arms will be torn off
You promised me we’d always be together
So I won’t let your hand go never again…


kuraku nagai saka wo iki kirashi hashiritsudzuketa
anata wo miushinattara subete ga owaru to

On this dark, endless hill I kept running until I was out of breath
If I lose sight of you, everything will end


kesshite furikaette wa ikenai
tatoe kono mi ga kusari ochiyou to
towa ni soba ni iru to chigitta kara
sono te wo nidoto hanashi wa shinai…

There is no way I will turn back now
Not even if this body will become rotten
You swore me you’d always be next to me
So I won’t leave your hand never again…

終焉 まで一緒に駆け抜けて

kesshite akirametari nanka shinai
saigo made isshoni kakenukete
towa ni soba ni iru to chigitta kara
kono te wo nidoto hanasai yo

There is no way I will give up now
Until the end, we’ll be together
You swore me you’d always be next to me
So don’t leave my hand never again…


kesshite furikaette wa ikenai
tatoe kono mi ga kusari ochiyou to
towa ni tomoni iru to chikatta kara
douka nidoto hanarezuni
itsumo soba ni ite
kuraku nagai michinori
isshoni kakenukete…

There is no way I will turn back now
Not even if this body will become rotten
You promised me we’d always be together
Please, never leave me again
Stay always next to me
In this dark, endless journey
We’ll go through together…

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