MiChi ~ 豚乙女


I don’t know if I love this song because it’s an arrangement of “the grimoire of Alice”, because it’s very different –musically speaking- from usual BUTAOTOME’s songs, or because this style reminds me of Ali Project in some parts, or because “In the Hall of the Mountain King”; fact is, I love this song. Never listened to this album with too much attention for many reasons, but I’ll definitely do it anytime soon.

In short, a nice change from usual BUTAOTOME’s style, at least for me. Looking forward to hear something more like this in the future from them. On a side note, to those who thought this song was Halloween centered: it has nothing to do with Halloween.

Requested by Meril.


About the title, “MiChi”, there’s nothing much to say. Even if it’s written in that specific way, it simply means “Strange”. After talking to a certain BUTAOTOME’s fag –cheers Ada~- even if around it has been translated as “Unknown”, I think “Strange” fits more the lyrics rather than “Unknown”. Even if I by myself have used also “Unknown” in the translation.

嗚呼 閉ざした | Ah, as you’ll”; the literal translation is “if you’ll try to open the door of memories you’ve closed”. Copy-paste for two lines below. Since I find it way more effective removing the “to try” form, I’ve simply decided to not put it in my translation.
擦った瞼 | When you’ll”; literally, “Slowly open your rubbed eyes”. I’ve removed “rubbed” and added the verb “to see”, because I think it’s better in this way and I honestly couldn’t think of a way to write a good phrase without that verb.
黄色い花束の | Yellow flowers”; literally, “You’ll dream about a bluebird’s back and yellow flowers”. I’ve decided to use “You’ll see in a dream” because I think it’s more fitting; but well, as usual is just my opinion~
嗚呼 開いてめくれば | Ah, if only I could”; literally, “If I could undo the opening”, but overall I’ve translated this whole stanza very liberally because it basically has no meaning if taken as it is written –and thus why I’ve avoided giving a literal translation for the rest of the stanza. Also, sorry for the sudden subject change, but I saw this part as Alice’s inner thoughts.
緑の快楽 | Where”; …it really means what there’s written. And it means nothing. I don’t know if there’s any idiom which actually means something, but aside the fact I’ve found nothing while searching around, I pretty much believe it’s done on purpose to keep the “colors” scheme. Stated this, I’d love to see someone telling me “No, you’re wrong, this is an expression used to say this and that”, because lyrics are great, and this kind of ruins the atmosphere in my opinion –not that a purple voice makes things better.

Title: MiChi
Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
Arrangement: コンプ (Comp)
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Album: 異端審問
Event: 紅楼夢9 (Kouroumu 9)
Original: the Grimoire of Alice | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Alice Margatroid’s Theme


嗚呼 閉ざした記憶の扉を開けてみれば

aa tozashita kioku no tobira wo aketemireba
kurayami fukakute kurakute nani mo mienai
kosutta mabuta wo yukkuri aketemireba
kasukani fukanda kagayaku kin no moji

Ah, as you’ll open the shut door of memories
You’ll see nothing, but a thick, deep darkness
When you’ll slowly open your eyes you’ll see
Floating, faintly glowing, golden letters


daremo shiru koto nai
yume no oku no hou miseteageru

Nobody will ever know
What I will show you in your deepest dreams


korekara hajimaru wa michi no ryouiki
akai usagitachi ga tobihaneru
hitomi wo tojita nara aoi tori no se
kiiroi hanataba no yume wo miru
azakewaratta tsumetai karada

Here begins an unknown land where
Red rabbits jumps around
If you close your eyes, you’ll see in a dream
A bluebird’s back and yellow flowers
As I sneer at your cold body

嗚呼 開いてめくれば

aa hiraite mekureba
soko ni wa amai mitsu wo
tappuri sosoida saigo no tsumi no aji

Ah, if only I could turn back
And shut there that sweet nectar
Overflowing with the flavor of my last sin


daremo kese wa shinai
nureta kioku dake miseteageru

Nobody can erase them
I’m showing you your memories


hissori hirakareta michi no ryouiki
midori no kairaku ga yumi wo hiku
mimi wo sumaseta nara murasakiiro no
koe ga hibikiwataru yume wo miru
kokoro to karada wa hanarebanare

An unsealed, strange, silent land
Where the green’s pleasure oppose
If you listen carefully, you’ll hear
In a dream a purple voice echoing
Your mind and body are apart


subete no hajimari wa michi no ryouiki
aka ao kiiro no kane wo narasu
midori no taimatsu ga taiko wo tataku
murasakiiro no tsume yoru wo saku
azakewaratta tsumetai karada

It all begins from an unknown land where
Red, blue and yellow bells ring
Green torchlights strike the drum and
Purple nails tear apart the night
As I sneer at your cold body

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