いと儚き燿の如く ~ Riverside


A couple of notes before starting: I will post only once per week for another fifteen/twenty days. This is mainly because when I planned to do my translation marathon, I couldn’t do it for many reasons; plus, it’s better for me to not overload myself with deadlines I wouldn’t be able to respect.

This said, I want to thank you everyone who requested the last songs. I haven’t finished them all –I’m exactly half way through them at the moment- but so far I had a lot of fun translating them. I’m not sure if this is because I am way more relaxed now that I’m done with thesis, but still; thank you.

Glad to have some Riverside here –I don’t count that “Left Behind” since it’s not a translation. I’m procrastinating since always “Starry dream” for no true reason. Thought I’d been able to do it during my marathon, but got way too many requests all of the sudden. So for now, I’ll procrastinate some more~

I’ve enjoyed “metamorphoXIs” overall, probably also because of “The Abyss”; I enjoy listening to Riverside a lot because of some songs –“Power of the Masterspark” to mention another one; that song holds too much epicness, both for lyrics and song itself, and who have listened to it knows why.

I’m totally deviating now. But I also have nothing more to say. So, let’s move on~

Requested by Hinayuki.


いと儚き燿の如く”, “Like a faint light”, in romaji “ito hakanaki hikari no gotoku”, assuming that “燿” is “light” and not the verb in a contract form. But if it was, I would have no idea about how translate the title-

澄み渡る白銀 | A clear”; the word sung as “silver” is written as “snow”, but I personally preferred keeping a world that recalls the snow without removing the “color” part; thus why I’ve decided to write “white”. Also, it’s actually “Snow’s silence”, but to fit it better my translation I’ve putted it as an adjective.
静かに呼ぶ声 | A gentle”; depending on interpretations, you can read this phrase as “In the silence, (I heard) a calling voice”. I’ve decided to not use “calling voice”, as it should be, just because I think it doesn’t look right in English.
色褪せる | Will you please”; literally, “Will you hold gently the shadow of (my) heart grown dull?”.
この想い | Those overflowing”; literally, “these feelings spinning”.
暦は巡り巡る | Time”; the term used is not “time” but “calendar”, so it would be “Calendar keeps repeating”, but as for me, it sounds pretty awful in this context, thus why my change.
刻んだ足跡 | Footprints”; literally, “carved footprints”.
言の葉を紡ぐは | The one who”; note that “春告精”, “The fairy herald of spring”, is the term used to describe Lily White in “Perfect Memento in Strict Sense”. I’ve decided to keep the translation adopted by the Wiki for this term so that maybe the reference will be seen.

Title: いと儚き燿の如く
Vocal: 秣本 瑳羅 (Sara Matsumoto)
Lyrics: _yoc.
Arrangement: _yoc.
Circle: Riverside
Album: metamorphoXIs
Event: 例大祭9 (Reitaisai 9)
Original: 年中夢中の好奇心 | Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity | Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars | Stage 2 Theme


静かに呼ぶ声 振り向けばそこに――――

chihei wo ooikakusu
sumiwataru gin no seijaku
kogoeru hane wo yasume
shizukani yobu koe furimukeba soko ni—-

Covering the ground
A clear, silent, white mantle
As I rested my frozen wings
A gentle voice called me; when I looked there—-

世を映す水面さえ 静かに凍りゆく
手を伸ばす 触れる肩求め合う

yo wo utsusu minamo sae shizukani kooriyuku
te wo nobasu fureru kata motomeau

The world reflected upon the water is slowly freezing
I stretched my hand, felt your shoulder; I want to meet you


iroaseru kokoro no kage wo
sotto idaitekuremasu ka?
atatakaku moesakaru
shizumiyuku hi no youni

Will you please hold gently
This heart faded grey?
Warmly burning
Like the setting sun


iza hibike hibike hate made
kono omoi tsumugiyuke
kagayakeru chiri no kazu dake
inochi wa utau

Now echoing, echoing till the end
These overflowing feelings
Only those who were dirt can shine
As their souls sing

刻んだ足跡 気が付けば遠く――――

koyomi wa meguri meguru
kizanda ashiato kigatsukeba tooku—-

Time kept passing by yet
Footprints remained; when I noticed, far away—-

風光る蝶は舞う 溶けゆく名残雪

kazehikari chou wa mau tokeyuku nagoriyuki
kotonoha wo tsumugu wa haru tsugesei

A spring butterfly dances as the lingering snow melts
The one who spoke is the fairy herald of spring


furishikiru haru no namida mo
kitto kagayaku no deshou
yoru no yami wo tsutsumikomu
oboro no tsuki no youni

Even the persistent cherry tree’s tears
Will surely shine, right?
Engulfed by the night’s darkness
Like the faint moon


iza utae utae mabayuku
afureru omoi nosete
shizuka naru koyoi no sora e
kizuna yo ukabe

Now singing, beautifully singing
I carry my overflowing feelings
Towards tonight’s silent sky
As I recall our bond


kasumiyuku kimi no shirabe wa
itsuka kieyuku no desu ka?
sagashite wa miushinau
nagareru hoshi no youni

Your melody keeps weakening
Will one day disappear?
Searching for what will vanish
Like a falling star


iza hibike hibike hate made
kono omoi tsumugiyuke
furisosogu kiseki no youni
hikari yo todoke

Now echoing, echoing till the end
These overflowing feelings
Like an endless miracle
Light always arrives

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