True Desire ~ はちみつれもん


Illustration arguably fitting. But it’s cis. And Miko. <3

Phew, finally found time to do this. If everything goes right, after the 13th June I will come back fully operative. For now, I’ll do what I can –which means about one post every week, maybe a little more.

Pretty sure “True Desire” is one of the first arrangement of “True Administrator” –or at least one of the first I liked. Fun fact: I wanted to translate this song long time ago. Then kept procrastinating. But now it’s finally here.

This song seems very short in term of lyrics, but it isn’t; it’s actually as long as most of the songs out there –still way too short if compared to, let’s say, ICDD or other songs I’ve translated in the past. I hope I have constructed the phrases correctly, since a lot of lines here are a completely mess. I apologize if some parts sounds too confused-

Requested by violentwind


ならば正義を | As long as”; literally this phrase sounds a little –lot- odd. Specifically, it would be “If it seems you hold justice”, and as for me, the meaning is “as long as for others you follow justice”. I truly can’t think about anything else besides “others will follow (do anything for) you because they think you’re doing the right thing” –and personally, this fits Miko a lot: just think about the fact (s)he first tested the process to become a shikaisen on Futo.
わからないまま | The flown of time”; more literally, “I won’t realize time will flow”, but as for me, it didn’t merge well with the previous phrase, thus why I decided to write it in another way.
まだ偽りの | Yet, entrapped”; there’s no “entrapped” nor “watch”. The plain phrase would sound something like “Heading inside a vortex of lies (where) I’ll melt/be swallowed because I can’t do nothing”. Also, note that “ぼやけて” can be both “ぼやける (to become blurred)” and “ぼやく(to complain)”, and even if the second meaning –as far as I’ve seen- is less common, it’s the one I’ve kept as “main” meaning –read: I’ve translated liberally.

Title: True Desire
Vocals: 凛 (Rin), 悠花 (Yuka)
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ (Kuroiwa Satoshi)
Arrangement: 藍沢 (Aizawa)
Album: Each desire
Circle: はちみつれもん (Hachimitsu Lemon)
Event: 東方紅楼夢7 (Kouroumu 7)

True Desire

飼い慣らされ生きる儚い魂へと こびりついた限りある自由から
逃げることなど決して赦されはせず… 神の意思か人々の因果か

kainarasare ikiru hakanai tamashii e to kobiritsuita kagiriaru jiyuu kara
nigeru koto nado keshite yurusarewasezu… kami no ishi ka hitobito no inga ka

We live raising our fleeting souls. Because we clung at freedom, we are limited
I will never forgive those who are running away… even if this is gods’ will, even if it is our own fate

何もかも欺きながら存在を悠久へ Ah

naraba seigi wo kazasu youni
nanimokamo azakinagara sonzai wo yuukyuu e Ah

As long as I’ll pretend to hold justice
I’ll be able to deceive live itself and reach eternity Ah

停滞する時代 明滅する夢から 見えるものは不毛な欲望だけ

teitaisuru jidai meimetsusuru yume kara mieru mono wa fumo una yokubou dake

It’s all born from this stagnating era, this transient dream; but what I can see is only my empty desire

今 思感は錯誤の中

ima omoi wa sakugo no naka
oi tsudzuketa basho e mukau nagai michi no tochuu de

Now my feelings lie within my mistake
I kept chasing that place, going towards that far, distant path


kono meuri kara mezameru no ga itsuka mo
wakaranai mama toki wa nagareru

One day I will awake from my sleep yet
The flown of time won’t affect me

歴史の徒花と散り往く瀬戸際から 垣間見えた異界への導き

rekishi no adabana to chiriyuku setogiwa kara kaima mieta ikai e no michibiki

When the vain history will fall in a critical period, the gap I saw will lead me to another world


mada itsuwari no uzu no naka e
makikomarete tokeru hodoni bayakete wa inai kara

Yet, entrapped in those endless lies
I watch powerless as they slowly engulf me, as I disappear


motomeru no nara mata kono sekai e to
futatabi nozomu sei wo shinaide

As long as I wish for it, I’ll be able to reach this world
And once again I’ll face and beat life

時のなすがまま命果てゆくのか? 定められしは虚無の未来か?
ただ抗おう神の理へ この意志が砕け散って消えるまで

toki no nasugamama inochi hateyuku no ka? sadamerareshi wa kyomu no mirai ka?
tada aragaou kami no kotowari e kono ishi ga kudakechitte kieru made

Once life is left at the mercy of time, will it just end? Is this vain future already established?
I will go against gods’ will until when my determination will be destroyed

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