Fiction ~ Minstrel


Fiction is simply perfect. Lyrics, music, everything is just perfect. And I love apt. Period.

LIQU@。gives her best in this song, no matter how I look at it. One of her best performances so far without any doubt. And I’m falling in love (again) with her voice. And with her lyrics as well.

yuta composed a masterpiece. I can’t find a better word to describe this song, nor a better word to describe the whole album.

Fiction is amazing. The lyrics perfectly express the “fiction” part, showing on a side the one I think it’s the imaginary world, and on the other side the one which is the “true” world. Anyway, aside this pretty obvious thing, the whole song is full of opposed elements: the dull colors against the bright colors, then the will to change, to go away, but at the same time, the decision to accept everything as it is, the awareness of not having hopes, yet the will to keep going on, following an uncertain future, and so on.

I’m pretty sure I’m blathering a lot, but “recollection” is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. Probably the only other one who gave me so many emotions while listening to it is DastinIa. So well, I must thanks Minstrel for have done such a masterpiece.

Double pic here as well because apt is awesome and both the illustrations fits a lot in my opinion, especially the first one.


灰色にくすんだこの世界で | In this”; literally “grey world”, not “colorless”.
はみ出した | As my”; literally “With (my) questions overflowing, they gave me the same answer (all over again). Nobody here can tell”.
この手で断ち切って | I won’t”; “迷わず” is not present in the booklet. I went by instinct and intuition. Hopefully this one is the world missing –also because it fits the context a lot.
見落さぬよう | That”; the booklet states “見落とさぬよう”. I believe it’s a typo –also because I clearly hear “miotosanuyou”.

Vocals: LIQU@。
Lyrics: LIQU@。
Composition: yuta
Circle: Minstrel
Album: recollection
Event: C85


描くものは何か 足止め

haiiro ni kusunda kono sekai de
yumemiru koto sura kanawanai no ka
yogosare hibiwareta kono kyanbasu ni
egaku mono wa nani ka ashidome

In this dull, colorless world
Will dreams ever come true?
On this broken, contaminated canvas
I must hide anything I draw

(Stop feeling now)伝う痛み
(wait for the time of rest)切り抜けながら

(Stop feeling now) tsutau itami
(wait for the time of rest) kirinukenagara
hiraku toki wa itsuka kuru no?

(Stop feeling now) I try to overcome
(wait for the time of rest) This endless pain
Will an end ever come?

走り出して 狙い定め 全てを巻き込んでいく
広がる色彩 この目に焼きつけろ
知り得なかった 地点に立って シグナルを捉えたなら
ためらい振り払って 今行くから

hashiridashite nerai sadame subete wo makikondeiku
hirogaru shikisai kono me ni yakitsukero
shirienakatta chiten ni tatte shigunaru wo toraetanara
tamerai furiharatte ima yuku kara

I start to run, searching for my aim, as I swallow up everything
Colors are spreading, embed in my eyes
I couldn’t know that by staying there I would have seen your signal
I shake off my hesitation. Now I have to go


hamidashita gimon ni tsuduku kai wa
koko de wa daremo oshiechakurenai
nagasare nandomo kurikaesu nara
kono te de tachikiritte mayowazu

As my doubts arose, they told me the same
Nobody here can tell me anything
Even if it will repeat forever, this time
I won’t hesitate, I will destroy it with my hands

(Decide to stay alive)光る暗示
(move for getting at the truth)見落さぬよう
覚悟を胸に 刻み付けろ

(Decide to stay alive) hikaru anji
(move for getting at the truth) miotosanuyou
kakugo wo mune ni kizamitsukero

(Decide to stay alive) Don’t overlook
(move for getting at the truth) That bright hint
I carve within my heart resolution

走り出して 狙い定め 全てを巻き込んでいく
未知なる 希望への扉が開いた
零れ落ち 砕け散った 光を追い求めて
きっと掴む明日へ 今行くから

hashiridashite nerai sadame subete wo makikondeiku
michi naru kibou e no tobira ga hiraita
kuzureochi kudakechitta hikari wo oimotomete
kitto tsukamu ashita e ima yuku kara

I start to run, searching for my aim, as I swallow up everything
The door where hopes disappear opened
Scattering, destroying the light I’ve always pursued
Now I have to go, towards the future I saw

走り出して 狙い定め 全てを巻き込んでいく
それぞれが 追いかけた 真実を目にするだろう
覚悟と痛み抱え 行くから

hashiridashite nerai sadame subete wo makikondeiku
tagai no omoi ga narabi kasanaru toki
sorezore ga oikaketa shinjitsu wo me ni suru darou
kakugo to itami kakae yuku kara

I start to run, searching for my aim, as I swallow up everything
This is the moment when mutual feelings gather
Everyone have always seen the truth they wanted to see
As I carry both resolution and pain, I go on

もっと 空は青く 陽の光は射す
ずっと 望んでいた 取り巻く枷からの開放
きっと 終わりが来る時も 選択の答えはもう決めてるから

motto sora wa aoiku hi no hikari wa sasu
zutto nozondeita torimaku kase kara no kaihou
kitto owari ga kuru toki mo sentaku no kotae wa mou kimeteru kara
te wo nobashite

The sky becomes even more blue when the sun shines
I’ve always wanted to free myself from those chains
And even when the end will come, I’ve already decided how to answer
I’ll take your hand


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