Killing me ~ Minstrel


I was waiting for those lyrics since the Barrage Am Ring original side. I’m so happy they’re out now. I was expecting to write more about this song but, really, there’s not much to say.

I love this song. And Minstrel are amazing when it comes time to make originals. They proved it to me long time ago, when the Demo CD vol. 2 came out, and this album is simply… amazing. I can safely say “recollection” is a masterpiece, and an album you must listen to.

A little note: I won’t come back posting requests until when “recollection” will be up here. Since all the songs are already translated, depending on my mood, this may take a few days as well as a few weeks. And for now, that’s all.


軋む心とざわめく | As my hear”; literally “A cracked heart and noisy people’s memories”, but a literal translation would just kill the song, no matter how I look at it.
嗚呼 光を点して | The light is”; literally, “I turned on the light/I lit a light”.
君の哀が無く | Even when”; I love how here “ai (love)” is written as “ai (pity/sadness)”. If I were to give an alternate translation, I’d definetely say “Even when your pity will disappear”. Anyway, I used “love” because of how it fits better with the phrase after.

Title: Killing me
Vocals: LIQU@。
Composition: yuta
Lyrics: yuta
Circle: Minstrel
Album: Barrage Am Ring 2 Original Side | recollection
Event: C83 | C85

Killing me


kono sora ga kietenaku naru sono hi made

This sky has never disappeared, until that day

鉛色のリズム 屈折した感情

namariiro no rizumu kussetsushita kanjou
kishimu kokoro to zawameku to no kioku
namida majiri no koe
risei no hajigo wo hazusareta boku wa
michi no haji de tada ishi to kashita

That leaden rhythm distorted my feelings
As my heart cracks, memories overflown
With tears in my voice
Left behind by everyone, I took the decision
Sitting on the wayside, to shine like a gem

嗚呼 光を点して
今 君の元へ

aa hikari wo tomoshite
mitsuketa yo
ima kimi no moto e

Ah, the light is so strong
I’ve finally found
The way to reach you

Killing Me その手で 僕を壊してよ
震えたその言葉を 覚えているから

Killing me sono te de boku wo kowashite yo
kimi no koe ga nakunaru made
furueta sono kotoba wo oboeteiru kara
zenbu kaeteageru

Killing me, with your hands, you’re breaking me
And even when your voice will disappear
Always remember those trembling words I said
Which made everything change

誰が何を言おうが 掃いて捨てて乗り越えて見せる

sekai to kono boku to wo wakatsu shigarami wa
dare ga nani wo iou ga haite sutete norikoete miseru

The world and this myself are separated by a fence
What did they say? Clean it? Throw it? Cross it? Look beyond it?

嗚呼 偽りじゃないと信じて

aa itsuwari janai to shinjite
kimi ni tsunagaru kono sekai e

Ah, I want to believe this is not a lie
I’m heading to the world where I’m tied with you

Killing Me その眼で 僕を見つめてよ
溢れたあの笑顔を 無くさないように

Killing me sono me de boku wo mitsumete yo
kimi no ai ga nakunaru made
afureta ano egao wo nakusanai youni
zutto soba ni isasete

Killing me, with your eyes, you’re gazing at me
And even when your love will disappear
I will never forget that overflowing smile
Which always brought me by your side

Reaching for the stars

Before I broken any more…

Killing Meその手で 僕を殺してよ
たとえ 夢だとしても

Killing me sono te de boku wo koroshite yo
kimi to yubi ga karamaru made
kono sora ga kietenaku naru sono hi made
tatoe yume da to shite mo
zenbu kaeteageru

Killing me, with your hands, you’re killing me
And when my fingers will be joint with yours
That will be the day when this sky will disappear
But even if this is just a dream
I’ll make everything change

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