Urahara ff ~ EastNewSound


I love this song. I love Hello!. I love lunareclipse. I wonder if it’s because of Kirin. Maybe yes, maybe no, since there are some (well… more than some) songs by him I don’t like. Anyway, I’ve personally enjoyed a lot Mindless Act; and I believe it’s the first album by ENS I’ve listen to that I actually liked from the beginning to the end w.

Sorry for the NSFW pic, but I honestly wanted a dual persona Reisen’s pic. And there wasn’t much choice. I believe it’s also pretty unfitting. Maybe I should’ve picked Aka Ringo’s one… but I like this one more.

Requested by Zoe XP


“意地悪 | A malicious”; from what I know, “Fortissimo” in English is used only related to music, and it’s abbreviated as “FF” –title reference in my opinion. But “Fortissimo” also means “Very strong”, so this phrase might also mean “A malicious overwhelming  (strength)”. Anyway, I’ve left “Fortissimo” both because of the one I think it’s a title reference and because it’s written in katakana. Even if the meaning is probably absent. Also, there’s no “overwhelming” in the text.

Title: Urahara ff
Vocals: 紫咲ほたる、夕月椿 (Hotaru Murasaki, Tsubaki Yudzuki)
Lyrics: みずよし (Mizuyoshi)
Arrangement: きりん (Kirin)
Album: Mindless Act
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: 例大祭10 (Reitaisai 10)
Original: 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon | Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon | Touhou 8 Imperishable Night | Reisen Udongein Inaba’s Theme

Urahara ff

陽炎ゆらり揺れ 赤い瞳射抜かれた

kagerou yurari yure akai me inukareta
hoshii no! anata goto kono te de kowashitai

The heat haze shook, shivered, pierced by my red eyes
I want it! I want to break you with my own hands!

知らないフリをした ざわつく胸の奥

shiranaifuri wo shita zawatsuku mune no oku
anata no hitokoto ga kokoro wo shimetsukeru

I acted dumb, deep inside my noisy chest
But your few words are hunting my heart


namida ga kirari to
nano na «zokuzoku» doushite?

Tears shine for a second
So why are they «shivering»?

来ないで! 怖くないよ
大嫌い! 大好きだよ
違うから! 違うのかな?

konaide! kowakunai yo
daikirai! daisuki da yo
chigaukara! chigau no kana?
ijiwaru na foruteshimo

Don’t come! I’m not afraid
I hate you! I love you
I’m different! How are you different?
A malicious, overwhelming fortissimo

馬鹿みたい! わかってるよ
勘違い! わかってるよ
嫌なのに こんな気持ち

bakamitai! wakatteru yo
kanchigai! wakatteru yo
iya nano ni konna kimochi
hajimete no pureryudo

Don’t be a fool! I’ve understood
It’s a misunderstanding! I’ve understood
I hate such feelings
The prelude of the beginning

悪戯しないでよ 意地悪!大嫌い!!
勝手に染まる頬 背を向け目を逸らす

itazura shinai de yo ijiwaru! daikirai!!
katteni somaru hoho se wo muke me wo sorasu

I wasn’t fooling around! You’re mean! I hate you!!
Immediately, your cheeks blushes. I pretend not to see, and look away.

嫌がる手をとって 困らせ見つめあう

itazura shita no wa daisuki dakara da yo
iyagaru te wo totte komarase mitsumeau

I fooled around because I love you
I hate to hold hands. We look at each other, embarrassed


namida ga potari to
nano ni «dokidoki» doushite?

Tears are falling down
So why is my heart «beating so fast»?

私は わからないの
貴方だけ わからないの
見つめてる こんな気持ち

watashi wa wakaranai no
anata dake wakaranai no
mitsumeteru konna kimochi
ijiwaru na forutishimo

I don’t understand
I don’t understand you
I look at such feelings
A malicious, overwhelming fortissimo

大好き! 貴方の事
大嫌い? 私の事
わからない? わかってるの・・・

daisuki! anata no koto
daikirai? watashi no koto
wakaranai? wakatteru no…
hajimete no pureryudo

I love! I love you
I hate? I hate myself
Don’t you understand? I’ve understood…
The prelude of the beginning

逆さ月夜 君に至りたい
揺れる瞳 見据え 触れて

sakasa tsukiyo kimi ni itaritai
yureru hitomi misue furete

In this reversed night, I want to reach you
With my shivering eyes, I want to see you

貴方は わからないの・・・
私だけ わからないの!
わからない? わかってるの・・・

anata wa wakaranai no…
watashi dake wakaranai no!
wakaranai? wakatteru no…
hajimete no pureryudo

You don’t understand…
You don’t understand me!
Don’t you understand? I’ve understood…
The prelude of the beginning

大好き! わかってるよ・・・
わかってる? わかってるよ!
大嫌い? 大好きだよ・・・

daisuki! wakatteru yo…
wakatteru? wakatteru yo!
daikirai? daisuki da yo…
kousasuru serenade

I love you! I’ve understood…
Have you understood? I’ve understood!
Do you hate me? I love you…
A crossing serenade

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