Amour Structure ~ Pizuya’s Cell


Listen to this song with the introduction, or you’ll lost half of its awesomeness.
Also, sorry for the unrelated pic, but didn’t want to use again that so damn abused Seija pic. And hey! This one is even upside-down!

Gran Guignol has been a very nice surprise to me no I’m not talking about that one big surprise of seeing Nachi singing for pizuya. Way better than pizuya’s Kancolle arrangement CD in my opinion. I didn’t expected this one to be anything special, but after have listened to it, I had to change my mind. Probably also because I didn’t had expectations, I’ve enjoyed it a bit too much than usual, but whatever. Expect others translations from this album in a future.

As for the song, I don’t know if I prefer the vocal or the off vocal version, I think right now I like them equally, thought to be honest, the off vocal version has this amazing atmosphere the vocal version lost in some parts. Probably it’s because I love both violin and piano as instruments, and Merami covers them.

The intro is absolutely amazing. And the way it merges with Amour Structure is even more amazing –yeah, I love this kind of stuffs. Also, the lyrics are great, so eerie and undefined, and because of this, you can interpret them as you wish. As for me, I want to believe they are written under Shinmyoumaru’s point of view right after facing the truth, right after realizing Seija deceived her since the very beginning. And the reason why I’m saying this, it’s because “she acts and talks like a child”. Another thing I’ve appreciate a lot are the references to the stage theme (the needle), to Shinmyoumaru (the small bodies) and to Seija (the reversed world).

And after all this writing, here’s the translation. I hope you’ll enjoy it at least half of how much I’ve enjoyed it.


砂に積み上げた | Countless dreams”; the reason why I’ve putted inside brackets “the sand” is because the word “砂 (suna)” isn’t sung. If you listen to the song, this phrase starts with “に(ni)”, but in the booklet the word is listed. So, when you listen to the song, the feeling is like you know there are dreams piled up, but you don’t know where. Yeah, no, but, apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t hear the “suna”. Don’t think. Don’t ask. It’s me. Also, the word here isn’t “countless”, but “thousands”.

Title: Amour Structure feat.めらみぽっぷ
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Lyrics: はるうら (Haru-ura)
Arrangement: ぴずや (pizuya)
Circle: ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)
Album: Grand-Guignol
Event: C85
Original: 空中に沈む輝針城 | The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air | Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character | Stage 5 Theme

Amour Structure


tataerareta mizu ga nigoru no wo
nanimo dekinai mamade miteita

The water I was filled with became impure
Unable to do anything, I just watched


hanatareru hikari ni nomare

Engulfed by this dazzling light


sora e maiagaru ikusen no yume
kizuato wo tokasu arare no youni hazeru
chiisana karadagoto
akai kage ga kieru maeni

Countless dreams soar towards the sky
Dissolving my scars as they break like hail does
I take along
Our small bodies but
That red shadow has already dissolved


utsukushii keshiki wo nuidasu tabi
hari wa kono yo ni ana wo akeru wa

Each time I sew this beautiful scenery
This needle makes a hole inside the world


tsukurou hodo saketeyuku noni

As I try to fix it, I just rip it more


aishiteru nante
kaze ni tobu hodo
karuyaka de usui kotoba ga ureshikute
nanimokamo ga sakasama no sekai de
anata dake wo

Things like “I love you”
Are now left soaring in the wind
But those easy, small words made me happy because
Even inside a world where everything is reversed
You were the only one
I believed


suna ni tsumiageta ikusen no yume
kizuato wo naderu ame no youni nagarete
chiisana karadagoto
aoi sora ni ochiru youni

Countless dreams piled up in the sand
Caress my scars as they fall like rain does
I take along
Our small bodies as if
We’re falling in the blue sky


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