Brand-New ~ Aftergrow


Requested by Naima


冷めない予感は | A premonition”; here the translation of the second part of the phrase sounds like “I laughed for joke at what you call/it’s called a God’s act”. Anyway, to simplify -?- I’ve decided to modify it a little.
花は咲いて散り | Flowers scatter”; here it actually means “Flowers bloom then scatter”, but since I wanted to keep only the “bad” part, I decided to remove the “blooming” part. Also, the lyrics say “also (our) promise is no more”.
時は浮き沈み | Time sinks”; I’ve done something similar as above, so take that note as reference –lazy mode: on.
迷わないで | Don’t lose”; the phrase sounds like “The sea of the light mercilessly thrown away”. I’ve preferred completely rewrite it, using something more “neutral”, since I found it fitting more considering the context –even if it still sounds like one of those “prophecies” or enigmatic places seen in videogames… Also, the verb used is “to swim” and not “to cross”, but for the same reason as before, I’ve changed it.

Title: Brand-New
Vocal: pyn
Lyrics: pyn
Arrangement: 平茸 (Hiratake)
Circle: Aftergrow
Album: Seven lies from my Dystopia
Event: C80
Original: 封印されし神々 | Sealed Gods | Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith | Title Screen Theme



yamanai ame ga azuma no sora wo nurasu mayonaka
samenai yokan wa “kami sama no shiwaza” to itazura ni waratta

An endless rain soaks the eastern sky at midnight
A premonition that doesn’t cool down is the “God’s deed” I laughed at

花は咲いて散り 約束もなく
時は浮き沈み 行先もなく

hana wa saite chiri yakusoku mo naku
doku no youna nigai mitsu dake nokosu
toki wa ukishizumi ikisaki mo naku
kaze no you ni kokoro mo keshiki mo kaeteshimau no

Flowers scatter, as well as our promise
Like a poison left that seems only a bitter honey
Time sinks, as well as my destination
Like a wind that is changing the scenery, and even my heart

いつか この世界のどの瞬間も私のもので
そんな気がしていた日々 全てが ねぇ
いつか この大地のどの生命すら私のもので
全て去っていくとしても それでも

itsuka kono sekai no do no shunkan mo watashi no mono de
sonna kigashiteita hibi subete ga nee
itsuka kono daichi no do no seimei sura watashi no mono de
subetesatteiku to shite mo soredemo

Someday even this world’s moments will be mine
That’s what I felt every day, always, hey
Someday even this earth’s existence will be mine
I will leave everything behind, and yet…

恐れないで 自分から捨てたのなら
失うものは何もない 何もないでしょう だから今は
迷わないで 容赦なく叩きつける閃光の海を
泳いだら 毎秒ごとに近づく明日を手に入れる

osorenai de jibun kara suteta no nara
ushinau mono wa nanimo nai deshou dakara ima wa
mayowanai de youshanaku tatakitsukeru senkou no umi wo
oyoidara maibyougoto ni chikadzuku ashita wo te ni ireru

Don’t be afraid, since I threw it from myself
There is nothing you’ve lost, nothing at all, so now
Don’t lose your way, when you’ll cross this sea where the light stopped
Shining, every single second will draw you near a tomorrow

花は咲いて散り 約束もなく
時は浮き沈み 行先もなく
棘のように残る この胸騒ぎ
敵も味方もなく 今は戯れていたいだけ

hana wa saite chiri yakusoku mo naku
toki wa ukishizumi ikisaki mo naku
ibara no youni nokoru kono munasawagi
kataki mo mikata mo naku ima wa tawamureteitai dake

Flowers scatter, as well as our promise
Time sinks, as well as my destination
Like a thorn leaves this uneasiness
There aren’t enemies nor friends, now I just want to play

諦めることが罪だと言うなら 明日を

tagate mata mawari meguru kisetsu no hate yo
akirameru koto ga tsumi da toiunara ashita wo

After all, seasons will end, repeating themselves
If you say that to give up is a crime, tomorrow…

恐れないで あの空にいつの間にか斜陽が射して
あと少し あと少しで手の届く明日を目指してる

osorenai de ano sora ni itsu no aida ni ka shayou ga sashite
ato sukoshi ato sukoshi de te no todoku ashita wo mezashiteru

Don’t be afraid, before you’ll notice, under that sky the sun set will shine
Just a little, a little more and you will reach the tomorrow you’re seeking

私まだ信じてる 新しい明日を

watashi mada shinjiteru atarashii ashita wo

I still believe in a new tomorrow

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