*Traumatized by Touhou 14.*

I’m realizing only right now that I wrote some words upside down and I’m even more shocked because I’ve done it before Touhou 14 was out.

On a random note, I find it fitting way more a picture with the Komeiji sisters rather than one with Koishi alone. I personally find this song a lot related to those two characters, especially in some parts.

Requested by Nekolina


アノコの心”, “The heart of that girl”. I could’ve simply translated the title as “Her heart” or “That girl’s heart”, but since the term used is not that common, and is written in katakana, I’ve decided to put a more “archaic” translation –more like, strange translation, since I know only a couple of archaic English word…
混ぜこぜにしたら | If mixed together”; the second part of the phrase is “The darkness’ light”, but I’ve prefer to translate it in the way I think it fits more the song –and the lyrics.
私とワタシ | The gap between”; here, and in the phrase below, the difference in Japanese is done by the way the lyrics are written, mainly through the use of katakana. To give this “difference” in English, I had no other ideas other than writing the other word pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ. I hope you’ll like the experiment *hides*
一人と独りはようやく | One person and another”; literally “One person and another one become two”, but as for me, the meaning is “Two people aren’t alone”. Interpretation taimu.

Title: アノコの心
Vocal: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ
Arrangement: コンプ (Comp)
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Album: ひかり
Event: C83
Original: 魔法少女達の百年祭 | The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls | Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Extra Stage Theme
ハルトマンの妖怪少女 | Hartmann’s Youkai Girl | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Komeiji Koishi’s Theme


無意識の黄色 意識の赤色
混ぜこぜにしたら 暗闇の光
怖がらないでね ここに居るだけよ
あのこはわらって 遊ぼうって言った

muishiki no kiiro ishiki no akairo
mazekoze ni shitara kurayami no hikari
kowagaranaide ne koko ni iru dake yo
anoko wa waratte asoboutte itta

The yellow of the unconscious and the red of the conscious
If mixed together, they become the light inside the darkness
Don’t be afraid, I’m right next to you
That girl smiled and said “Let’s play”


tsunagu mono wa nai no
karakara no kokoro moyou
egao dake ga mune ni yakitsuiteru

There aren’t things connected
My heart is dried however
I keep treasure your smile inside it

進まず戻らず変わらず ふたり

watashi to watashi no sukima
anoko to anoko no kokoro
umekata ga wakaranakute
bonyari sora wo miru
susumazu modorazu kawarazu futari

The gap between myself and ɟןǝsʎɯ
The heart of that girl and ןɹ!ƃ  ʇɐɥʇ
I don’t understand how to hide them
I look at a dimly sky
Without go on, without go back, without change, the two of us

どこか似てるよ。って 悪魔の右手で
真っ赤なウサギを 愛しみ撫でるの
泣いたように見えて 見たくなんてなくて
抱きしめたくなって わからなくなって

doko ka ni teru yo. tte akuma no migite de
makkana usagi wo itoshimi naderu no
naita youni miete mitaku nante nakute
dakishimetaku natte wakaranaku natte

“Somehow we are alike” you say. In the devil’s right hand
A bright red rabbit, caressed with sadness
Looking like if he cried. I don’t want to look like this
I want to hug you tightly, I want to smile


kono me ga hiraite mo anoko no kokoro wa shirezu
watashi wa tada kitto utsumuku dake

That eye is still open, but the heart of that girl doesn’t know it yet
However I will surely just struggle, as always

意識と意識の間で ひとり

buzama na watashi wa wara u
katachi wa samazamadakedo
ai na no kamoshirenai to
yappari me wo tsumuru
ishiki to ishiki no aida de hitori

The clumsy myself smiles
However there are many sides
Maybe there’s love but
Even so I just close my eye
In the gap between consciousness and consciousness, alone

この瞳を君の右手が 握り潰す日を想う
「貴女が泣くのは嫌」って 君は泣いて言った
帳を上げてもう一度 再び世界が開く
悪魔はもういないよって 気持ちと手を繋ぐ
一人と独りはようやく ふたり

kono ma wo kimi no migite ga nigiritsubusu hi wo omou
「anata ga naku no wa iya」 tte kimi wa naite itta
tobari wo agete mouichido futatabi sekai ga hiraku
akuma wa mou inai yotte kimochi to te wo tsunagu
hitori to hitori wa youyaku futari

I think about the day when your right hand crushed that eye
“I hate when you cry” you said, in tears
Raise the curtain one more time, the world is open again
The devil there’s no more, therefore, grabs my hand and my feelings
One person and another person in the end are not alone

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