Nightmare Counselor ~ GET IN THE RING

What an amazing work Nylia has done on this video, simply perfect for this awesome song. As I’ve already said to her, I think it is one of the best video she’s ever done. I totally love the composition, how she decided to use pictures and to sub it –I’ve stolen the colors too.

As she wrote in the description of the video, “Excuse me while I only hear Border between Dream and Reality, with a hint of Alice’s theme and Retribution at some point”. And I totally don’t complain, since I love that theme.

On a completely random note, I’ll always hold dear this song, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because I finished translated it on the 5th July –only some people will get this.

This said, enjoy the translation, the song, the awesome video and subscribe to Nylia’s channel if you haven’t already done it, you won’t regret~


Colors stolen, colors stolen~
Slow but awesome realization: all the tracks arranged in this song belong to the album “Changeability of Strange Dream”, are listed in the same exact order they appear in that album as well as they’ve been arranged in the same order they are listed in the album. Awesome, just awesome.

Title: Nightmare Counselor
Vocal: みぃ (Mie), 小峠舞 (Mai Kotoge)
Arrangement: GCHM
Lyrics: Jell
Album: Activity Case:02 – Nightmare Counselor
Event: 例大祭10 (Reitaisai 10)
Original: 華胥の夢 | Dream of Arcadia | 夢違科学世紀 ~ Changeability of Strange Dream (Album)
上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea | Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea | Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Stage 3 Theme
ヴォヤージュ1969 | Voyage 1969 | Touhou 8 Imperishable Night | Stage 6 Theme
科学世紀の少年少女 | Boys and Girls of a Science Era | 夢違科学世紀 ~ Changeability of Strange Dream (Album)
永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night | Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night | Touhou 8 Imperishable Night | Stage 4 Theme
夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star | Night Falls ~ Evening Star | Touhou 7.5 Immaterial and Missing Power | Yakumo Yukari’s Theme
人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 | Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Alice Margatroid’s Theme
夢と現の境界 | Border Between Dream and Reality | 夢違科学世紀 ~ Changeability of Strange Dream (Album)

Nightmare Counselor

Come on!

目覚まし時計 やたらと五月蝿い
誰か 遠く声が聴こえるの
裸足のまま 踏み込んでcatch the world
just do it! 夢にさせてよ 貴方は Nightmare Counselor

mezamashidokei yatara to urusai
dareka tooku koe ga kikoeru no
hadashi no mamafumikonde catch the world
just do it! yume ni sasete yo anata wa Nightmare Counselor

A reckless and noisy alarm clock
Far away I can hear someone’s voice
Still barefoot, I step into and catch the world
Just do it! It can be done in dreams, you are the Nightmare Counselor

流転 暗転またreturn, where am I? who am I?
視界 既視感に関しないquick change on the set
次の舞台で逢いましょう what is it like to be a scarlet?

ruten anten mata return, where am I? who am I?
kurenai kara hajimaru travel
shikai kishikan ni kansushinai quick change on the set
tsugi no butai de aimashou what is it like to be a scarlet?

Blackouts one after another. Return, where am I? Who am I?
From crimson begins this travel
What I see is not like a déjà vu. Quick change on the set
We can meet in the next stage. What is it like to be a scarlet?

always go away honest 移り気な自分に
missing passing chasing 愛想が尽き果て
hidden movi’n even 涙を溶かしても
right now right here right on 君なら許したい

always go away honest utsurigi na jibun ni
missing passing chasing aiso ga tsukihate
hidden movi’n even namida wo tokashite mo
right now right here right on kimi nara yurushitai

Always go away honest with this capricious myself
Missing passing chasing courtesies that have ended
Hidden movi’n even tears has already dissolved
Right now right here right on as long as it’s you, I want to forgive

目が覚めたら 飛び込んでunknown world
just as I’m 夢か現か 秘密のNightmare Counselor

shikamettsura ja dezaato mo nigai
dokoka tooku uta ga kikoeru no
megasametara tobikonde unknown world
just as I’m yume ka utsutsu ka himitsu no Nightmare Counselor

With your frown even desserts are bitter
Somewhere far away I can hear a song
If I’m awaken I’ll jump into this unknown world
Just as I’m feeling like if I’m dreaming, the secret Nightmare Counselor

過去から見上げるfuture vision それっていわゆる現実逃避?
暗夜航路に放り込まれ好奇心limiter breakも当然
どうしようもないけどand yet it moves 何かが変わるのwasted evolution
柄にもなく必死で願う call me, call me, call me, call my name

kako kara miageru future vision sorette iwayuru genjitsutouhi?
anya kouro ni hourikomare koukishin limit break mo touzen
doushiyoumonai kedo and yet it moves nani ka ga kawaru no wasted evolution
garanimonaku hisshi de negau call me, call me, call me, call my name

I raise my eyes from the past and look at a future vision. Is that called “escaping from reality”?
The curiosity that threw me in this dark path of course is a limiter break too
It cannot be helped and yet it moves. Something changes: a wasted evolution
I’ve never thought I’ve ever wished something so bad, call me, call me, call me, call my name

科学に怯えて 可逆を信じて 非科学に恋してる 鏡の中
貴女→私→貴女→私 映り込むblue
苛む心は 最愛の人と 再会の一時 幸いにも 一体何処から何処まで現で実?

kagaku ni obiete kagyaku wo shinjite hi kagaku ni koishiteru kagami no naka
anata → watashi → anata → watashi utsurikomu blue
sainamu kokoro wa saiai no hito to saikai no hitotoki saiwai ni mo ittai doko kara doko made  gen de jitsu?

I’m becoming frightened of science. I believe it can be changed. I’m in love with science’s errors. Inside a mirror
You→Me→You→Me reflected in blue
My tormented heart, belongs to my beloved one and, awaits for the time when we’ll meet again, with happiness. Just where does reality end and dreams begin?

Dawn 待ち続ける ユング・フロイトなんてお呼びじゃない
道化師のsmile 陽が沈めば 旧くなったA.I.が街中あふれて
今となっては このcrossoverも上等
paradox開かれた ignition,
it’s my control gate with me, don’t ignore!
どうぞ ご自由に持って行ってdaydream
Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? 誰か教えて!

Dawn machitsudzukeru yungu furoito nante oyobijanai
doukeshi no smile hi ga shizumeba furuku natta A.I. ga machinaka afurete
ima to natte wa kono crossover mo joutou
paradox hadakareta ignition,
it’s my control gate with me, don’t ignore!
douzo gojiyuuni motteitte daydream
Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? dareka oshiete!

Dawn; I keep waiting… Jung and Freud aren’t necessary for this
A clown’s smile; if the sun disappears, my past turned into an A.I. will overflown in this town
It’s fine as it is, this crossover is already great
paradox opened by ignition
It’s my control gate with me, don’t ignore me!
Please, keep carrying this daydream freely
Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? Real? Dream? Someone tell me!

月夜見上げ 落とす影
紅に落ち着くのね 結局の所
少し遠く 星の行く先へ
手を伸ばして二人 幻想の中

tsukiyo miage otosu kage
kurenai ni ochitsuku no ne kekkyoku no tokoro
sukoshi tooku hoshi no yukusaki e
te wo nobashite futari gensou no naka
izure sameyuku yume naraba

I look at the moon tonight dropping its shadow
As I calm down in this scarlet. Here comes the end of a day
Just a little farther, towards the stars
Two people holding hands inside these illusions
If it’s a dream, sooner or later we’ll wake up

ひとつ またひとつ 流れてく 槭樹のよう それでも
君が 君の瞳が視た 全て 現に変えるから
虚構/真実の一枚を隔てた すぐ その隣に
私はいる 貴女は眠る 夢は夢のまま終わらせないNightmare Counselor

hitotsu mata hitotsu nagareteku kaede no you soredemo
kimi ga kimi no hitomi ga mita subete utsutsu ni kaeru kara
kyokou/shinjitsu no ichimai wo hedateta sugu sono tonari ni
watashi wa iru anata wa nemuru yume wa yume no mama owarasenai Nightmare Counselor

One, and one another, flowing like maples, and yet
You, your eyes saw,  everything, in a reality that changes
Fiction/reality were separated, but now they are right next to each other
I exists and you are sleeping, our dream stays the same, never-ending Nightmare Counselor


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