Hello! ~ EastNewSound


I hope no one will complain about the picture unrelated; in the end I couldn’t resist using it, I cannot unseen the references to Madoka. Also, watch the video, click me, watch it.

I fell in love with this song. I’ve dig it since the first time a very important person to me made me discover it, and I really wanted the lyrics of this song. Then, while being with that very important person, lyrics magically appeared were posted.

No one but my ego requested it, and I guess I will follow a lot more my ego in future. There are a lot of songs I really want to translate, and it’s truly been a while since last time I did something for myself.

Consider this a gift -?- from my holidays that passed too fast, that somehow began with “Nightmare Counselor” and ended with “Hello!”; even if two weeks weren’t enough, I’ll always hold dear all the memories you gave to me, waiting for the time when we’ll meet again. You’re the most important person to me, never forget it. Cheesy modo Jae off -?-


姿を変えて | Something”; literally, “the scenery/figure/shape is changing”. I’ve preferred to “edit” a bit the translation and trying to keep the “mystery” the Japanese sentence carries, since you’re not supposed to know if what is changing is the scenery or a person or something else.
逢いにゆくから | Since I’m about”; literally, “because I’m reaching the meet (with you)”. There’s no reference to “you” in the Japanese text, but I guess it fits way more in this way than trying to leaving the undefined fantastic something as in the lyrics –also because it feels weird leaving “Because I’m about to meet” when it’s pretty clear everything is referred to a “you”.
君と二人で | We both”; the translation is actually “I with/and/as two people jump”. I personally wanted to read this passage as “You as the two of us” because of the whole lyrics. Forgive me for this awfully liberal translation.

Title: Hello!
Vocals: miko
Arrangement: きりん (Kirin)
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Mindless Act
Event: 例大祭10 (Reitaisai 10)
Original: 妖魔夜行 | Apparitions Stalk the Night | Touhou 6 the Embodiment of Scarlet Evil | Rumia’s Theme


孤独・不安抱えて それでも今は歩き続けたい
記憶手繰る工程 似ても似つかぬコト for me for you
涙・笑顔全て 君の姿を映し出していた
僕の紡ぐ全てが創り出した世界 Calling…

kodoku fuan kakaete soredemo ima wa arukitsuzuketai
kioku taguru koutei nitemo nitsukanu koto for me for you
namida egao subete ni kimi no sugata wo utsushidashiteita
boku no tsumugu subete ga tsukuridashita sekai Calling…

Loneliness ・ insecurity, I feel both, and yet I want to keep walking
Memories keep passing by, it’s something so unusual for me for you
Tears ・ smiles, they both were reflecting who you are
All the thoughts spinning inside me created the world I’m Calling…

Hello! Hello! 姿を変えて Hello! Hello! 逢いにゆくから
Hello! Hello! 嘆かないでよ 隠した言葉教えて?
Hello! Hello! 何処に行こうと Hello! Hello! 君は君だよ
Hello! Hello! 巡り巡って 僕らの夜は続くよ

Hello! Hello! sugata wo kaete Hello! Hello! ai ni yuku kara
Hello! Hello! nagekanaide yo kakushita kotoba oshiete?
Hello! Hello! doko ni yukou to Hello! Hello! kimi wa kimi da yo
Hello! Hello! megurimegutte bokura no yoru wa tsuzuku yo

Hello! Hello! Something is changing Hello! Hello! Since I’m about to meet you
Hello! Hello! Please don’t cry. Will you tell me what you’ve never said?
Hello! Hello! No matter where we go Hello! Hello! You’ll always be yourself
Hello! Hello! Even after wandering so much our night hasn’t finished yet

夜と朝を見ていた “何時まで?”なんて聞かないで欲しい
夢を描くその時 サヨナラノツバサで flying… flying…
別け隔てない流 “受け入れることを恐れないで”と
君の見てる世界は 時を止めたままで “Wake up!”

yoru to asa wo miteita “itsumade?” nante kikanaide hoshii
yume wo egaku sono toki sayonara no tsubasa de flying… flying…
wakehedatenai nagare “ukeireru koto wo osorenaide” to
kimi no miteru sekai wa toki wo tometa mama de “Wake up!”

I watched nights and days “How long?” is something I don’t want to hear
I painted a dream at that moment, when on the wings of a farewell I was flying… flying…
If you don’t want to have prejudices “Don’t be afraid to accept something”
The world you’re seeing, it’s like if the time stopped, until your heard “Wake up!”

Hello! Hello! 形を変えて Hello! Hello! 生まれ変わるよ
Hello! Hello! 惹かれ合うのは 心が知っているから
Hello! Hello! 感じるままに Hello! Hello! 両手広げて
Hello! Hello! 君と二人で 世界の先へと飛び立つ

Hello! Hello! katachi wo kaete Hello! Hello! umarekawaru yo
Hello! Hello! hikareau no wa kokoro ga shitteiru kara
Hello! Hello! kanjiru mama ni Hello! Hello! ryoute hirogete
Hello! Hello! kimi to futari de sekai no saki e tobitatsu

Hello! Hello! Something is changing Hello! Hello! I’m born again
Hello! Hello! We are attracted by each other, our hearts already know it
Hello! Hello! As we feel it Hello! Hello! We stretch our hands and
Hello! Hello! We both jump into the world we have in front of us


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