why I wanna know ~ IOSYS


Wow, it’s been quite some time since my last post here. Anyway, I’m alive, it’s just university that started again and that drains most of my time and energies.

Aside this little note, this is a song translated because today is Arc’s birthday, and Ada requested it for him. So basically, Arc, this is Ada’s present for you, and even if maybe you won’t be able to read this until tomorrow- Happy Birthday.

I guess it was quite predictable this, but since this time I hope you know nothing, maybe the effect “surprise” will work~

Well, since I don’t know what else to say, enjoy the translation and again, happy birthday~


No notes. Yay.

Title: why I wanna know
Vocal: 3L
Chorus: あさな (Asana), あゆ (Ayu), しゃばだば (Shubadaba), >>96, ℃iel
Arrangement: ぼいど (Void)
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方恋苺娘+
Event: C78
Original: ラストリモート | Last Remote | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Extra Stage Theme
ハルトマンの妖怪少女 | Hartmann’s Youkai Girl | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Komeiji Koishi’s Theme

why I wanna know

すべてのはじまり 生みだす本能

subete no hajimari humidasu honnou
shuutaifumei no kimochi ni madou

Everything begins when you have doubts about
Your primordial instinct and your unidentified feelings

ようやく気づいた あなたに恋をしたと

kagami ni utsushita minarenu egao ni
youyaku kidzuita anata ni

Yourself reflected in a mirror, your smile you aren’t used to
And in the end, you realized you feel in love with yourself

ああ 無意識の奥 もし許されるなら
この第三の眼を いまもう一度

aa muishiki no oku moshi yurusareru nara
kono daisan no me wo ima mou ichido

Ah, inside your unconsciousness, if you’ll ever accept
This closed third eye just once again

あなたの心に ふれてみたい

anata no kokoro ni furetemitai

I want to try to read your heart

動揺してるの 気づかれそうね

tsunaida katate wo tsutawaru nukumori
douyoushiteru no kidzukare sou ne

The warmth within this hand
Is trembling, but it seems no one noticed

嬉しい涙は 超自我も超えて
ようやく届いた あなたの胸を濡らす

ureshii namida wa choujiga mo koete
youyaku todoita anata no mune wo nurasu

Tear of happiness have already crossed the superego
And finally arrived, wetting you heart

ああ 無意識の底 いま胎児は目覚め
その進化の夢に 別れを告げて

aa muishiki no soko ima taiji wa mezame
sono shinka no yume ni wakare wo tsugete

Ah, below the unconsciousness, and embryo is now awakening
During that progress of the dream, you’ll know what separation is

あなたと二人で 進む 明日へ

anata to futari de susumu ashita e

You and two people will go on towards tomorrow

ああ 無意識の果て いま花弁ひらく
その赤い翼で 空 羽ばたいて

aa mushiki no hate ima hanabira hiraku
sono akai tsubasa de sora habataite

Ah, it’s the end of unconsciousness, now the petals are opened
With those red wings I’ll fly in sky

あなたの心と ひとつになる

anata no kokoro to hitotsu ni naru

Your heart will be alone

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