魔法少女マジカル☆ちぇん ~ Shinigiwa Satellite


Omg Shinigiwa Satellite’s lyrics. Omg. Omg. Omg.

I have no idea how they convinced Seitarou to let them publish lyrics, but I actually like this. Anyway screams are missing; but there’s a stanza that’s basically “invisible”. Gensokyou logic everywhere.


魔法少女マジカル☆ちぇん | Magical Girl Magical ☆ Chen”; I’m digging all those ☆. I love how the title has basically nothing to do with the rest of the song, except for a vague reference to the original themes and the “Mahou Shoujou” part. Anyway, as Nylia said, it might be a reference to Madoka Magica; and this actually makes sense.☆

染み付いた懐かしさ | What I held dear”; forgive me for the liberal translation here. The “true” meaning is “What was indelibly dear is now fading”. It took me a lot to decide what to do with this phrase, since the literal meaning is really deep too; but in the end, I wasn’t able to find a phrase enough good to give justice to the original text without changing it. I’m sorry-
泣き出した空と | The sky began”; aside the fact I couldn’t resist and left “started to cry” (some might prefer reading this as “it started raining”), here the meaning is really “I cried together with the sky”. Or, if you prefer, “It started raining, and so I cried from the eyes of a liar”.
緑朽ち果て | Everything rotted”; the literal translation is more “What was fresh/sane has rotten”. I hope you won’t mind my choice, I personally couldn’t stand the word-by-word translation.

Title: 魔法少女マジカル☆ちぇん
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ 珊瑚ジェーン (Merami)
Scream: 衛☆星太郎 (Ei☆Seitarou)
Lyrics: 吉沢在玉, 衛☆星太郎
Circle: 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite)
Album: 東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ (Touhou Magical Girl Ultimate☆Reimu)
Event: C83
Original: 遠野幻想物語 | The Fantastic Legend of Tohno | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom| Stage 2 Theme
ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf) | Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf) | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Chen’s Theme


彩り抜けた広場 立ち尽くし震えてる
染み付いた懐かしさ 滲んでく

irodori nuketa hiroba tachitsukushi furueteru
shimitsuita natsukashisa nijindeku

Colors disappeared from here, I’m still shivering
What I held dear, is now fading

救えた筈なのに もっと強ければ
泣き出した空と 交わす涙

sukuta hazu nano ni motto tsuyokereba
nakidashita sora to kawasu namida

I could have helped you, if only I had been stronger
The sky began to cry, and my tears flowed

「もう一度 巻き戻せるなら」 潤む瞳 割れた時間
震える指 杖を抱き寄せ 囁いた
「どうして?離れたくないのに…」 強い光 影潰し
壊れた今 淡く霞んで

「mou ichido makimodoseru nara」 urumu hitomi wareta jikan
furueru yubi tsue wo dakiyose sasayaita
「doushite? hanaretakunai no ni」 tsuyoi hikari kage tsubushi
kowareta ima awaku kasunde

“If only I could turn back time just once”; my eyes wetted, the time broke
My fingers trembled; I grabbed my staff, and whispered
“Why? I don’t want to lose you…” A strong light destroyed the shadows
And then dissolved into a light haze

「もう立ち止まらないよ」 痛みも 悲しみも 全部受け止めるよ
「譲れないものが分かったから」 大事な人を 大切な風景を 取り戻せるなら

「mou tachidomaranai yo」 itami mo kanashimi mo zenbu uketomeru yo
「yuzurenai mono ga wakatta kara」 daiji na hito wo daisetsu na fuukei wo torimodoseru nara

“Just don’t stop anymore”; pain, sadness, they will completely cease
“I didn’t understand what you couldn’t say”; this important person, this dear scenery; if only I can take them back

荒ぶ風が心を蝕んでく 誰も彼もが闇に覆われてく
緑朽ち果て 空は裂け嘆いた 色味無い世界に抱く違和感を
「求める姿に望み願うなら その傷ついた心と引き換えに叶えましょう

susabu kage ga kokoro wo mushibandeku daremokaremo ga yami ni oowareteku
midori kuchihate sora wa sake nageta iromi nai sekai ni idaku iwakan wo
「motomeru sugata ni nozomi negau nara sono kizutsuita kokoro to hikie ni kanaemashou
kibou no kotoba to wakare no kotoba wo」

This strong wind is hunting my heart; everyone is being engulfed in the darkness
Everything rotted, the sky tore apart, I embrace the uncomfortable feelings of this colorless world
“If my only desire, my only request, will be granted in exchange of that broken heart of mine
Those are the words of my hope, the words of my farewell.”

「どうか、もう一度逢えたら」苦味混じる 甘い音色
迫る時間 物語は終わりへ向かう
「待ってて 今すぐ行くから」重なる不安 振りほどき
想い浮かべ 差し伸べた手を
握り返すその手は ずっと願っていたもので
溢れ出した想いはもう 風に溶けた

「douka, mou ichido aetara」 nigami majiru amai neiro
semaru jikan monogatari wa owari e mukau
「mattete imasugu iku kara」 kasanaru fuan furi hodoki
omoi ukabe sashinobeta te wo
nigirikaesu sono te wa zutto negatteita mono de
afuredashita omoi wa mou kaze ni toketa

“Please, let’s meet again” you say bitterly, with a delicious tone
But the time has come, and this tale will soon end
“Wait, I’m coming right now” the anxiety increases, your voice trembles
What you remember is a stretched hand
You grasp that hand which has always hoped for this
Feelings overflew, disappearing into the wind

4 thoughts on “魔法少女マジカル☆ちぇん ~ Shinigiwa Satellite

  1. I guess merami use the name “珊瑚ジェーン” cause this CD is a combination project made by many circles, one song for each of them. She had used “merami” for FGE and “めらみぽっぷ” for 凋叶棕 so she need a new one for Shinigiwa Satellite.

    1. You forgot she use the alias “Lico” when singing for 少女病 (Girl Disease)~ Anyway, it’s not confirmed that 珊瑚ジェーン is Merami, but personally I believe it’s her using another nickname

      1. No, it is not confirmed. But as what Merami said in her blog:


        It is very likely 珊瑚ジェーン is Merami’s another nickname.

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