平安エヰリアン ~ Minstrel

Prepare for a wall of text, or CTRL+F: Minstrel.

100th post here~

It’s been a lot since I started this blog (well, not that much, but still…) more than a year ago. Have you seen the improvement on translations?

The other days why reorganizing my lyrics folder on my computer, it happens I read one of my very first translation and my first thought was “Jae, you really suck”. I was really rigid and strict back there, lyrics were pretty much unreadable –forgive me for this. But with time passing, I guess (and hope) I improved a little, even if how to properly translate in English expressions like “廻り廻る” are still a mystery; Spin Hina, Spin~

I’m still far away from being a good translator, but I’ll keep doing my best, even in writing in a decent English –for those missed it, English is not my main language. Sometimes I even wonder why I decided to write everything in English; then, I think about how many people wouldn’t had been able to read the meaning of (maybe) their favorite song if I had written everything in my main language. Since I’ll keep writing in English on this blog, I already feel sorry for all the mistakes I’ll make… and forgive me for those I’ve done in the past.

I wonder if I’ll ever correct my past lyrics. Aside “We cannot get out of here forever” (guess why), I’ve never revised them. I tend leave them as they are once they’re finished –even if I often correct little stuffs in the very near future, which, for me, means at most two days.  At most. Because I’m lazy.

Speaking about laziness the reason why I’m doing this… I’m writing this wall of text so that I will delay translations be able to thanks everyone. Plus, since I’m posting this the day right after C83 ended, expect in an undefined number of days myself completely devoted to Seated With Liquor –if you’re lucky this will happen in a couple of month. But even if, there’s the Toranoana CD too. Talking about C83, my wallet is already crying. I sincerely hate you, shipping costs. But still, who cares. I will be the happiest person in the world when my Doujinshi (CDs and not) will arrive. Anyway. I said “so that I’ll be to thanks everyone”. So, thanks everyone. *Runs*

I’ve known a lot of people during this period of time, and some of them became very important to me; thinking about it, I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for some of them. Thus why, I want to thanks to all the Kyarameru group (those who have to know, knows).

Violet and Shion, thank you for your support. I’m pretty sure you have been the first people who had faith in me, and even if I’ve never said this in front of you, it’s because of you that I decided to go on. Especially that someone who’s going to play “In Verbis Virtus” just for me and is almost always there <3

Another person who always support me, but have met some time after I started this blog is Draco. Thank you so much for listening to all my no sense talking about lyrics; I know I blathering a lot and it’s hard to follow my thought, but still, ありがとう。

Someone I wouldn’t have expected to mention until a few months ago is 0P2C, but now it’s completely different. I’m not sure about what to write, but, thank you for have chosen my translation for a certain song, and sorry for lied about which song I was translating ~


平安エヰリアン | heian ewirian”; I hope you all have listened to “空想メソロギヰ” by Yousei Teikoku. If not, do it right now. “メソロギヰ (mesorogiwi)” is a typo of “メソロギ (mesorogi)”, and here “エヰリアン (ewirian)” is a typo of “エリアン (erian)”. Since the kana “ヰ” is basically almost never used in Japanese, I’m pretty sure Minstrel decided to make this typo using the “ヰ” kana to recall once again “空想メソロギヰ”. Anyway, it’s basically impossible to translate the title in English while keeping this thin reference; you might want to translate it as “Heian Arien”, or keep it as “Heian Alien”, but in any case what’s done behind the title will be lost.
“幾重に紡ぐ 奇想迷宮 | A labyrinth”; actually it is “A labyrinth of strange ideas spinning in many piles”, but aside how I decided to translate, I found no other way to translate this in a decent way-

Title: 平安エヰリアン
Vocal: LIQU@。
Lyrics: Minstrel
Arrangement: yuta
Circle: Minstrel
Album: あの日の蜃気楼
Event: C82
Original: 夜空のユーフォーロマンス | UFO Romance in the Night Sky | Touhou 13 Undefined Fantastic Object | Extra Stage Theme
平安のエイリアン | Heian Alien | Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object | Houjuu Nue’s Theme
妖怪裏参道 | Youkai Back Shrine Road | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Extra Stage Theme



furue musebinaku junketsu sakurifaisu
kui konda toge wa nodomoto fukaku

I cry, trembling in front of this pure sacrifice
Deep in my throat, plunged thorns


karamiau rinne
nejireta inga

The entangled Samsara
The twisted Karma

穢れしこの身 孕む狂気は
誘う先は ただ不条理な
美徳を騙る 背徳の影

kegareshi kono mi haramu kyouki wa
gimande afureteru katarushisu
sasou saki wa tada fujouri na
bitoku wo kataru haitoku no kage

In this impure body the madness it is filled of
Is overflowing of deception in this catharsis
Your invite was only an absurd
Virtue I swindle; it’s a corrupted shadow


mata itotsu kuchi ni dasenu mama
kuchihatete yuku

But again, I can’t say anything
I’m becoming rotted

嘘を吐いて 心に鍵を掛けて
嘘を吐いて 世界を騙せ

uso wo tsuite kokoro ni kagi wo kakete
uso wo tsuite sekai wo damase
nuri katameta rakuen no
zankoku de toutoi shinjitsu

The lies I say are locked in my heart
The lies I say to deceive the world
The paradise is soaked into
Cruelty, this is your precious truth

歪な螺旋は 虚空を穿つ

mimodaeru hodo ni sokubaku sakurifaisu
ibitsu na rasen wa kyokuu wo ugatsu

I writhe, while restrained to this sacrifice
The oval helix is piercing the nothingness


tamashii no kairi
ketsuraku yuugi

The soul’s alienation
The missing games

蠢く贄は 原初の罪に
幾重に紡ぐ 奇想迷宮
深淵 快楽のサンクタム
荊棘の先は 見るも無惨な
永劫謳う 鳴り響く聲

ugomeku nie wa gensho no tsumi ni
kiduka zu mai odoru kuriminaru
ikue ni tsumugu kisou meikyuu
shinen kairaku no sankutamu
ibara no saki wa miru mo muzan na
itan wo yaki tsukusu karunabaru
eigou utau nari hibiku koe
kuukyo ni kodama suru rekuiemu

My wriggled offering, without noticing it,
 Became the sin’s origin, a criminal dance
A labyrinth where strange ideas spin, piled up
The abyss, the sanctum of pleasure
The wild rose has seen this cruel
Heresy burnt in carnival
A voice resounds, singing eternally
In the emptiness there’s the echo of a requiem


samayoeru saihate no kanata
torawareta mama

I wandered beyond the farthest ends
Until I’ve been captured

嘘を抱いて 退廃の刻の中
嘘を抱いて 闇に溺れる

uso wo daite taihai no toki no naka
uso wo daite yami ni oboreru
tsume wo tateta rakuen de
moumoku ni tayutau yakusoku

Embrace a lie, inside the decadence of time
Embrace a lie, and drown in darkness
Claws rose on this paradise
My promise wavers in this blindness


mada kiezuni nokoru kagerou
subete mu ni kieshite shimae
chi mo namida mo kokoro mo koe mo
kanjou sae iranaikara

This heat haze that hasn’t vanished yet
Is giving back nothing
Blood, tears, the heart, the voice
And not even emotion are here anymore


kyojitsu no kakariyo
konton no uzu

The truth or falsehood of the afterlife
Generates an endless chaos

墜ち往く躯 只無情
懺悔の旅路 続く教義が

ochi yuku karada tada mujou
hametsu wo machinozomu fantazumu
zange no tabiji tsudzuku kyougi ga
michibiku arigataki enburio

This collapsing body prays as
 A phantasm for an heartless destruction
The way of repentance, an endless creed that
Guides this rare embryo


awaku moroku kiyoraka na inori
hakanaku kiete

A faint, fragile, pure prayer
Transiently disappeares

嘘でいいから 誰か愛の恵みを
嘘でいいの 優しくしてよ

uso de ii kara dareka ai no megumi wo
uso de ii no yasashiku shiteyo

It’s fine to lie about someone’s blessed love
It’s fine to lie to be kind

閉じ込めて 心に鍵をかけて
嘘を吐いて 世界を騙せ

tojikomete kokoro ni kagi wo kakete
uso wo tsuite sekai wo damase
koware kaketa rakuen de
doukoku ni nureta shinjitsu

Locked, shut in my heart
The lies I say to deceive the world
Broken, destroyed, this paradise
Covered the truth with a lament

One thought on “平安エヰリアン ~ Minstrel

  1. As a fellow translator I’d first like to say “hi”, and then congratulate you on 100 posts, and then tell you “I know exactly what you mean” when it comes to going back to old translations.

    I too rarely go back and revise translations (unless I missed a stanza or I translated it less than a week ago), but every now and then I’ve gone back to really old translations and get hit by a “what the hell was I thinking? D:” – sometimes I’ll completely overhaul a song if it’s being re-released as a new version – a lot of the times I’ve learned something new so something I remember spending hours and hours confused over is now clear as day. Every translation is a new experience and you always get better all the time. (Though I still find myself making a mistake here and there and I’m getting closer to 1000 posts…)

    Another thing I think every translator goes through is going from translating literally to translating based more on “feeling” or rather tone or the meaning behind the words. There are still some things that translate much better when they are word-for-word literal, but between languages as different as English and Japanese it often takes much more than a word-by-word match up to convey any of the actual meaning.

    I haven’t been following you too much, only having recently found your translations through Alv and 0P2C, but I can say you’ve definitely improved. Your “We cannot get out of here forever” translation changed from a translation I would say “had a few errors” into one I could only say “well, I might have interpreted this or that part differently” :)

    Again, nice to meet you, and good luck in all your translating efforts.

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