Things Fall Apart ~ IOSYS


What a marvelous song. If there are events I haven’t followed that much, they’re Kouroumu 8 and M3-30, and thinking about it, I’ve lost a lot of great songs. I feel so stupid. Well, I still have time to listen to them~

Since I have no idea if I’ll be able to post something else before the 2- Nvm I’ll post something before the 25th for sure.

Requested by Aksel


夢と現 | It’s a dream, or reality?”; I’ve putted this phrase as a question even if it isn’t. In Japanese it’s really “Dream and reality” but I believe translating it as a question shows better the mood.
命の灯を | I’m overflowing”; literally this phrase means “I’m lighting with the light of life”, but it really sounds too odd for me, thus the liberal translation. Hope it sounds fine~
神が恋した | The beautiful world”; this is clearly a reference to the original song’s title, 神々が恋した幻想郷. I hope the translation doesn’t bug you, I wanted to keep this reference even in English, and this one was the only way I could think of~

Title: Things Fall Apart
Lyrics: rudder-k
Arrange: ARM
Circle: IOSYS
Album: Night Gypsy – 東方JAZZROCK –
Event: 紅楼夢8 (Kouroumu 8)
Original: 神々が恋した幻想郷 | The Gensokyo The Gods Loved | Stage 3 Theme

Things Fall Apart

夕闇に語る きれいな嘘
見慣れぬ景色に 足が止まる

yuuyami ni kataru kirei na uso
minarenu keshiki ni ashi ga tomaru

I talk in the dusk; it’s a beautiful lie
In a scenery I’m not used to, my feet stop

草木深き 河辺の端
見果てぬ旅路 憧憬にも似て

soumoku fukaki kawabe no hashi
mihatenu tabishi shoukei ni mo nite

In the depths of the vegetation, near the riverside
An unfinished journey that reflects my aspiration

翳む視界は 彼の岸を思わす
静寂の刹那が 教えてくれた 階

kasumu shikai wa kanokishi wo omowasu
seishuku no setsuna ga oshietekureta kizahashi

I thought this blurred vision was the nirvana
The silence of an instant made me understand the story

I shouted a wish withered
Welling up hidden my mind
If it goes to where will follow the way
Things fall apart

闇夜が語る 夢と現
見果てぬ旅路 恍惚を覚え

yamiyo ga kataru yume to utsutsu
mihatenu tabiji koukutsu wo oboe

I talk in the middle of the night; it’s a dream, or reality?
I remember the ecstasy of an unfinished journey

揺れる視界は 此の岸を捉えて
夜明けの陽炎に 命の灯を燈している

yureru shikai wa kono kishi wo toraete
yoake no kagerou ni inochi no hi wo tomoshiteiru

I grasped in a vanishing vision this shore
In the heat of the dawn, I’m overflowing with life

I went mad as time goes by
Didn’t feel that I come anywhere
If it goes to where will follow the way
Things fall apart

神が恋した 眩い世界
触れることなど できないだろう
目に映るもの 全て明媚な世界

kami ga koishita mabayui sekai
fureru koto nado dekinai darou
me ni utsuru mono subete meibi na sekai

The beautiful world the God loved
I’m not able to feel it
But what my eyes reflect is a gorgeous world

As for me, let me free!
Otherwise, give me the air, the rain,
the scape, the world!
Things fall apart
Things fall apart…

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