オーバーラップ ~ Sally

I have nothing much to say, aside that: this album is great -and the lyrics are pretty no sense, like usual.

After “Sally”, both “Sadomasochism” and “Syndrome” were mediocre, and especially their third album was really bad if compared with the first. I was really disappointed on how things were going down. But then- then they made “Ice”.

I’m absolutely enthusiastic about this CD. It might be not at the same level of “Sally”, but it’s surely a really great album, under each aspect. If you gave up on listening to Sally after the two flops they made, this is the right time to give them a second chance. I personally haven’t listened to some so well-made EoSD’s arranges in a while. My only hope is to not see other flops after this amazing CD.

Well, aside this, even if my policy is to follow chronological order, if it happens, like this time, that the same person requests two (or more) different songs in a short period of time, I prefer giving “priorities” to those people who still haven’t requested anything. I hope you all understand –and I should really add this to the request page.

Last, but not least, I want to give special thanks to a dear friend of mine; without her this translation probably wouldn’t have even started. Really, thank you <3

Requested by Plaza.


オーバーラップ | Overlap”; oh God, I lost myself again in these lyrics. It’s a relief there are some people always there to help me understanding this kind of songs. Really, thank you (again) for being here, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this without you –but even if, there are still parts I simply don’t get. Guess I should simple stop trying to find a logic in something concerning Gensokyou.

〇的な処罰 | 〇 things like punishment”; with the help of some people, we “decrypted” the word behind “〇”, but since the original text is “censored”, I’ve decided to keep it “censored” even in the translation –but I’m sure is not that hard to guess the “hidden” words.
露骨に顔に | Have I let”; honestly, this phrase is basically impossible to translate literally. The meaning behind this one is “Have I perhaps let my face being too frank?” (can’t think of a somehow close translation to the Japanese one-) or, in other words, “Probably I’ve been too frank with my face expression”.  Maybe I simple cannot see this phrase in the right way, but this is the only sensed thing I came out.
可能性なら | There may be”; all hail liberal translations. The literal one is “If (talking about) possibilities, they’re countless. I hope you don’t mind how I decided to put this phrase in English~
そうでしょ? | Is that so?”; sorry, I couldn’t resist. This isn’t exactly the phrase pronounced by Rumia, but still, the meaning it’s the same.
横目で見送った | I said farewell”; as for me, 18:00 refers to the “evening”,“evening” brings “darkness” and “darkness” refers to Rumia.

Title: オーバーラップ
Vocal: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arrangement: NSY
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Album: アイス (Ice)
Event: C82
Original: ほおずきみたいに紅い魂 | A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry | Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Stage 1 Theme



yami ni kakurete tsumi wo hakumazu
shitataka ni shimerase

I don’t hate the sins hidden in the darkness
That cover me stubbornly

〇的な処罰 桃源は何処や
並べた御託と 掃いて消え失せろ

〇teki na shobatsu tougen wa izuko ya
narabeta gotaku to haite kieusero

〇 things like punishment; where’s the Shangri-La?
Every tedious talk set up, just disappear.




気張ってるつもりよ 常日頃に
大目に見てほしい 大器晩成

rokotsu ni kao ni dechatteta?
demo, moo, makerarenai no
kibotteru tsumori yo tsunehigoro ni
aa, shinjirarenakurai no
bikkuri suru shippai mo
oomenimite hoshii taikibansei

Have I let my emotions escape?
But, again, I can’t lose
My plan is going all out, as always
Ah, I can’t believe it
I’m surprised it’s another failure
I want to condone it; great talents mature late


yami ni kakurete tsumi wo hakumezu
shitataka ni shimerase

I can’t hate the sins hidden in the darkness
That vaguely deceive me

妄想へようこそ! 御出でませ此処へ
殻を脱ぎ捨てて もう一度はじめよう

mousou e youkoso! oidemase koko e
gara wo nugisutete mou ichido hajimeyou

Welcome into delusion! I’m coming here
Throw away your remnants, let’s start again

確かに おっしゃる通りその論理は

tashika ni ossharu toori sono ronri wa
kono yo no ichibu da kedo
kanousei nara kusaruhodo yo

Surely, according to what you say, the logic
Is a part of this world but
There may be other possibilities


「sou desho?」

“Is that so?”

含んでるつもりが 意気消沈
(あぁ)善処してほしい 気宇壮大

omowazu kuchi ni dechatteta?
demo, ato ni wa hikenai no
fukunderu tsumori ga ikishouchin
yokome de miokutta 18:00 no yuuwaku mo
(aa) zensho shite hoshii kiusoudai

Have I unintentionally said something?
However, I can’t give up
The plan I embrace has been destroyed
I said farewell to another temptation of the 18:00
(Ah) I want to tide over; it’s my attitude


kanousei nara kusaruhodo ni matteru

Maybe I’m carrying other possibilities

おおよそ六十兆からの 細胞から成り立つ

ooyoso rokujuu chou kara no saibou kara naritatsu
「pataan ga onaji」 nante aru hazu mo nai
(aa) nani ni mo nakutemo, kanarazu 「nanika」 ga aru
kimi ni mo miemasu ka? kono “touei” ga.

Made from about sixty trillions of cells
There aren’t things like “The pattern is the same”
(Ah) Even if there’s nothing, there’s always “something”
Have you seen it too? This 「projection」.


yami ni kakurete tsumi wo hakumazu
shitataka ni shimerase
yami ni kakurete tsumi wo hakumezu
shitataka ni shimerase

I don’t hate the sins hidden in the darkness
That cover me stubbornly
I can’t hate the sins hidden in the darkness
That vaguely deceive me

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