Modularity of Mind ~ EastNewSound

I believe the picture is not one of the best one for this song, but I somehow got tired after a few when searching illustrations –or better, I really wanted to not spend hours on searching one.

Even if I didn’t enjoy the song itself that much (truly not my genre), I had so much fun when translating it, maybe because of all the references and multiply meanings present in it. I have not much to say about the circle, nor my impressions, I’ve only listened to EastNewSound’s tracks with Chata as vocalist (somehow are the only one I like in some ways) and to Solitude Blossom. Also, no words about how she pronounces “Modularity of mind”, it took me four-five times to understand it. *Shot*

Well, guess I’ve already chit-chatted enough. If you see some differences between the Wiki’s kanji/romaji and these one, it’s just because I’ve decided to re-do everything –yeah, I love waste my time. Somehow, I’m not comfortable with romaji written by someone else –my mind is full of bullshit. Also, sorry for don’t answer every time on this blog-
Time to move on (another wall of text).

Requested by SisterOfScarletDevil.


狂い咲く・・・ | And blooms…”; the verb used means “To bloom out of season”. Though, the lyrics doesn’t really say what blooms, and/or if it refers to someone –Sakuya comes to my mind. Anyway, let your imagination run wild, it could be anything.
触れるその | These thin fingertips”; somehow I had a lot of Flandre vibes in this passage. Though, I’ve seen this as the “normal” vampire’s blood sucks act. It could also be read as a life vanished which turns into blood –or in other words, into Remi’s food; though, considering she’s a light eater, I’d exclude this.
眠りましょ | Should I”; there was really no need to put this phrase into a question, but I think it suits pretty well. Anyway, as for me, the “black cradle” is clearly referring to a coffin, and in this context, it’s just perfect.
囚われた | The princess”; as for me, here Remi’s referring to herself.  Not sure though which is the context, or better, which is the background the lyricist was thinking about when writing this song.
さあ、おいで | Hey, stay there”; I believe she’s (trying to) ordering (praying in vain?) the sun to not raise anymore –because, well, vampires. But it might also be a phrase told to a person –maybe the “princess” mentioned before, which could be her past, the past she doesn’t want to have back. Just my interpretation though.
赤黒い | I swallow deeply”; it really says this. It’s like Remi’s sucking each single blood’s drop (or at least enough blood to completely satisfy her)  from –Sakuya? Maybe because I love that pairing, I cannot stop thinking that each “Entwined with” is referred to her and Sakuya. But for some reasons, my mind also recalls that awesome doujin which is “Atropa Belladonna” –I won’t say nothing for the sake of spoilers; you just need to know that’s a beautiful interpretation about Remilia’s past. If you haven’t read it yet, do so, and maybe you’ll understand why I’m writing these lines.
全てに | Together with”; literally, “This flower dyed entirely equally (this) judgment”. Though while reading this phrase alone it might even have sense, putted into the context I’ve found it too much out of the place, thus my will of adapting it to the previous phrase. Another little note about this phrase; “断罪” means “conviction/judgment (of a crime)” rather than “condemnation”, though I’ve picked up this term since I think it suits better the “dark” atmosphere –and well, “conviction” reminds me of DAT SONG by IOSYS.
純白の翼 | My pure white wings”; I’m still so fascinating by this phrase. Due to the multiple meanings it has been really difficult choosing how to translate, anyway. This passage basically means that Remi’s -?- wings are now finally “dyed in dirtiness” (this is the literal translation), thus my association with the blood, and my translation. But at the same time, this phrase can be seen as “My wings are now free (because they’ve been dyed)”. For some reasons, I keep imagining about the contrast between angel’s wings and devil’s (Remi’s) wings each time I read this phrase, and I cannot stop think about Remi “throwing” away her “white” side (the Human one) to give birth to her “black” one (the Vampire one) –not that she’s regretting it, at least by these lyrics. Oh God, my mind is completely messed up.

Title: Modularity of Mind
Vocal: 紫咲 ほたる (Hotaru Murasaki)
Arrangement: 溝口ゆうま (Yuuma Mizonokuchi)
Lyrics: 溝口ゆうま (Yuuma Mizonokuchi)
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Blaze Out
Event: C82
Original: ツェペシュの幼き末裔 | The Young Descendant of Tepes | Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Stage 6 Theme

Modularity of Mind



And blooms…


fureru sono hosoi yubisaki
karamitsuku akai shizuku ni toketa

These thin fingertips I touched
Entwined with mine melted into a crimson drop


–tsuki wa yureru

–Even the moon shivers

眠りましょ 黒い揺り籠で

nemurimasho kuroi yurikago de
torawareta hime no yumemite

Should I sleep into a black cradle?
The princess I’ve dreamt of have been imprisoned

嗚呼 陽は昇るだろう

itsuka sora ni
aa hi wa noboru darou
saa, oide mou hikikaesenai yo

Sooner or later in the sky
Ah, the sun will raise again
Hey, stay there, and don’t come back!

綺麗だね いつでも

kirei da ne itsudemo
kimi no naka no sono hana wa
uso wo saite nozokikomu
mou tomerarenai

It’s so beautiful; it has always been
That flower inside you
I look into, tearing your lies
I can’t stop anymore

悦とするかModularity of mind
嗚呼 カラミツクユビ 紅く染め上げ

akaguroi seimei zanshi wo nomikonde
etsu tosuru ka Modularity of mind
aa karamitsuku yubi akaku someage

I swallow deeply the last traces of this crimson life
Am I satisfied? Modularity of mind
Ah, these fingers entwined with mine are now dyed in crimson



And blooms…


sangeki to dareka yobu no ka
tsuki dake ga subete miteita

Is this a tragedy someone invoked?
Only the moon was watching everything

―哀れ まだ続くのか

–aware mada tsudzuku no ka

–Will sorrow lasts forever?

目覚めない 微睡の中
太陽に願う 終焉

mezamenai madoromi no naka
taiyou ni negau shuuen

Don’t wake up from your sleep
I wish under the sun your demise

嗚呼 終わりをくれると

itsuka sora ga
aa owari wo kureru to
saa, oide mou hikikaesenai yo

Someday the sky
Ah, if it’ll will come to an end…
Hey, stay there, and don’t come back!

綺麗だね 今でも

kirei da ne imademo
daichi wo someta sono hana wa
subete ni hitoshiku danzai wo
mou yamerarenai

It’s so beautiful; even now
That flower which dyed the earth
Together with this condemnation
I can’t stop anymore

道化の如くModularity my mind
嗚呼 カラミツクヤミ 雫に溶けた

junpaku no tsubasa wo midara ni someagete
douke no gotoku Modularity my mind
aa karamitsuku yami shizuku ni toketa

My pure white wings are now completely dyed in crimson
Is this antic? Modularity of mind
Ah, this darkness entwined with me melted into a drop

Modularity of mind・・・

綺麗だね 全てが

kirei da ne subete ga
usotsuki piero ni sayonara wo
「kowareru no, iya da na」
mou, nani ga uso ka hontou ka?

It’s so beautiful; everything is
A farewell said by a liar pierrot but
“To be broken, I hate it”
Which are lies, and which truthfulness?

私が壊した?Modularity of World
嗚呼 カラミツクユビ 紅く染め上げ

kusatta sekai ni hanataba wo
watashi ga kowashita? Modularity of World
aa karamitsuku yubi akaku someageru

In the rotten world, a bunch of flowers
Was I broken? Modularity of world
Ah, these fingers entwined with mine are now dyed in crimson


taiyou made miezu
kono mi, owari wa doko nano…?

And still, the sun can’t be seen
This body, when will it perish…?

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