Wandering, Never Wondering (There Exists A Shade) ~ Foreground Eclipse

Foreground Eclipse brought a fantastic remake of Wandering, Never Wondering, and the only thing I can say is that I like this version way more than the old one. Probably because Merami has improved a lot, or maybe because lyrics are now in Japanese and with a new (completely new I’d say) meaning, but I totally love how it turned out.

I can’t spend time talking about the CD this song is inserted in, because the only track I’ve listened to right now is just Foreground Eclipse’s one –FE before everything.

Anyway, I bet I should really keep my “introductions” shorter, I totally talk too much when it comes time to talk about songs/circles –plus they take me quite some time. Well, enough talk~


“安らげる日を | Will you ever”; literally, “Will you give ma day (when) I can feel at ease?”. I’ve seen this stanza as if the shadows of the past keeps tormenting Koishi, but I’m not really sure if they wanted to center the song on the relationship between Koishi and Satori or between Koishi and her power. As for me, it’s the second hypothesis, but nothing can be excluded, songs need an interpretation most of the time~
“今の私も | And myself”; literally, “My present self”, “The person I’m now”. Basically it’s like if everything has gone, past, present and even future, and nothing’s been left.
“触れたこともない | There’s no trace of my past”; literally, “What I’ve experienced there’s no more”. I’ve translated in this way because I think it fit the context, and gives a better idea of the actual meaning in my opinion.

Title: Wandering, Never Wondering (There Exists A Shade)
Vocal: Merami
Scream: Teto
Lyrics: Teto
Arrengement: Suzuori, Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: DJF COMPILATION 2012 / Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Event: C82 / C85
Original: ラストリモート | Last Remote | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Extra Stage Theme

Wandering, Never Wondering (There Exists A Shade)

閉じてゆく あの日のあの暖かさが
色を強める 冷たいものが

keshita akari wa
tenohira de kakusu youni
tojite yuku ano hi no ano atatakasa ga
iro wo tsuyomeru tsumetai mono ga

The light extinguished
Will be held in the palm of my hand
The warmth of that day is locked
The coldness strengthen love

あなたを (I can’t see)
落ちてゆく ひと時の眠りもすぐに
安らげる日を くれるのでしょう

anata wo
wasureru hodo ni
kono mi wa omomi wo masu
ochite yuku hito toki no nemuri mo sugu ni
yasurageru hi wo kureru no deshou

Because (I can’t see)
I’ve forgot you
This body became important
In an instant, the time to sleep has already passed
Will you ever give me rest?

決して (I’m in shade)
遠ざかる すべての生けるものも
昨日の記憶も 今の私も

onaji de wa nai
hiai toko no kokoro wa
toozakaru subete no ikeru mono mo
kinou no kioku mo ima no watashi mo

Deciding (I’m in a shade)
It’s not the same thing
The sorrow in my heart
Has gone, and with it, my whole life
Yesterday’s memories, and myself

Forget me she said
I’m alone, alone!
I move on, further and
No one stands on my way

一人 ここで夢を見る
静かに揺れる 揺れる
触れたこともない (No one stands on my way)
夢を彼方へと 闇の彼方へと
静かに沈む 沈む

hitori koko de yume wo miru
fukaku ochite yuku
shizuka ni yureru yureru
fureta koto mo nai
yume wo kanata e to yami no kanata e to
shizuka ni shizumu shizumu

Alone, I dream of this place
I fell down, in its depths
And barely shake, shake
There’s no trace of my past (No one stands on my way)
Beyond dreams, beyond darkness
I quietly sink, sink

Forget me she said
I move on, further
No one stands on my way

いいえ 見てきたのでしょう
陰れば悟られ 悟られれば陰る
光は回る 回る

iie mitekita no deshou
doko ni mo yukenai
koraeta mono wa oku e
hikari no kage e
kagereba satore satorereba kageru
hikari wa mawaru mawaru

No! What have I seen?
I can’t go anywhere
What I’ve bore, it’s inside me
Inside the light’s shadow
I will sense if it gets darker, it will get darker if I sense it
The light comes back, comes back

隠し事は凝る (Badly left out finding myself)
溺れながら行く (in the dark)
静かに揺れる揺れる (I move on)
闇の彼方へと 命の彼方へと
静かに落ちる 落ちる

kakushigoto wa kogoru
obore nagara yuku
shizuka ni yureru yureru
fureta koto mo nai
yami no kanata e to inochi no kanata e to
shizuka ni ochiru ochiru

My secret freezes (Badly left out finding myself)
While drowning (in the dark)
I barely shake, shake (I move on)
There’s no trace of my past
Beyond darkness, beyond light
I quietly sink, sink

One thought on “Wandering, Never Wondering (There Exists A Shade) ~ Foreground Eclipse

  1. … I love you. XD Haha, I wasn’t expecting translations already so when I came across this page, I was so excited! =D Thank you very much, and I shall be watching this page~ =)

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