千里香 ~ MN-logic24

mineko sounds exactly like Hanatan, in the same way Chikage sounds exactly Merami –but the difference for me is that I still can say when Chikage’s singing, while I almost cannot tell whether here’s Hanatan or mineko singing; really, the differences between their voices are just incredible thin. I realized after a LOT this track isn’t sung by Hanatan (actually, I don’t even think MN-logic24 ever had her as guest vocalist), and just thanks to the high pitches.

Anyway this is absolutely not a complaint. This is so far in my opinion mineko’s best performance, so emotional and deep; I really wish she will sing in this way more in the future, this song is still one of my favorite (almost) acoustic one, and it’s a pity she doesn’t sing in this way usually –her voice is normally more “light”, if you’ve listened to other of her works, I bet you’ll understand what I mean.

Actually this song wasn’t in my plans, but it happened this circle decided to remix it for their Reitaisai9 album, and while I still prefer the original version, I couldn’t avoid listening to MN-logic24’s C80’s CD –and here I am.

I also noticed just recently how character-centered are for most MN-logic24’s lyrics. Even if it’s not always that clear the point of view, the words describe each time I’d say perfectly what are the characters’ emotions, expressing their feelings through their past, present, behavior, and even status.

I believe it’s the first time I bring up this circle, but I actually have nothing much to say; I like how they make arrangements, they’re for most fresh and innovative, and they have such an amazing vocalist as mineko –I personally started like her more and more after this song. I will surely keep following this circle in the future, I’m sure  they will keep making beautiful songs –and epic album’s titles.

And just to say, I love and support Mokou and Keine’s pairing –that’s why I’ve chosen Shinoasa as artist; he’s the best one when it comes time to this pairing~


千里香| A distant fragrance”; “senri kaori” in romaji. I believe that if you’re a MokouxKeine fan like me, you will enjoy this song so much. Aside this, I have no particular notes on the title, but you might want to read these lyrics as if there are two people talking –this is how I’ve personally read the lyrics though. I cannot unseen all of those references to Mokou and Keine in the text –

繰り返せば矩を知るだけ | Even if I know they will repeat forever”; it’s pretty hard to translate this part while keeping the Japanese meaning. The sentence’s written in the conditional form, ad a straight translation from Japanese would have ended in a ugly English sentence under my point of view –if you’re wondering, the literal one is “If they repeat, I will know they’re straight/the same”.
散り逝くのも宿命、と | Even the future will scatter”; since this time destiny’s written with the kanji used in Buddhism to designate things that you are predestinated to pass by, I’ve decided to translate in this way, though there’s really written “Even destiny will perish/scatter”. As for me, changing the term was the only way to give the phrase this “what will happen” feeling.
受け止めたくて 其の願い | I want to reach that wish of mine”; as for I see the stanza, this phrase referred to all the previous. On a liberal (yet literal) translation, the whole stanza can turn out as “I want to reach that wish of you making a bond with me” –sorry for cutting the phrases. Anyway, I really wanted to keep this sense of “Illusion/disillusion” created by how everything’s written in Japanese.
貴方の名は音へと変わり | The sound of your voice won’t stay the same”; literally, “Your name (has) a change in the sound”. Forgive me for this totally liberal translation, but probably for my lack of knowledge (maybe “貴方の名” means something else beside “Your name/fame/reputation”), I couldn’t end up with a translation with an good meaning. My guess here is that the name (I bet pronounced) has a change in the sound due to the fact that year passes, and the voice too changes. Anyway, any guess/possible translation is welcome~
瑞香れば 根雪に萌す | The fragrant youth will bloom  in the lingering snow”; literally, “If the youth is fragrant, it will boom in the lingering snow”. I wanted to keep the phrase affirmative, because I think it fits more the text, and the song, instead of a conditional.

Title: 千里香
Album: ファンタスティックパンダワールド (Fantastic Panda World)
Vocal: mineko
Arrangement: 平茸 (Hiratake)
Lyrics: aoma
Circle: MN-logic24
Event: C80
Original: エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 | Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim | Touhou 8 Imperishable Night | Extra Stage Theme



sariyuku hi wo miokuro koto mo
kurikaeseba kane wo shiru dake

I’ve already said farewell to the past days
Even if I know they will repeat forever


chiriyuku no mo sadame, to
ukeireru no ga anata rashii kana

“Even the future will scatter”
I wonder if you will accept that…

受け止めたくて 其の願い

rakujitsu no you na yasashii te da to
osore mo sezu tsunaide kureta
susu darake no kono te ni
uketometakute sono negai

Like a setting sun, is your gentle hand;
Without fear, you gave a bond to me
To this hand riddled with ashes
I want to reach that wish of mine


sen no kodoku wo gomakasu you ni
kanaderu uso wo tsutanai to warau deshou ka
naraba soredemo ii to
todoke anata no tsuki e

A thousand of years of solitude I deceived
Tell me, will you laugh at my blatant lies?
Even if that’s the case, it’ll be fine
I will reach your moon


itsumademo zutto anato wo matsu
mou ichido aeru hi made

Forever, I will always wait for you
Until the day we’ll meet again


yawa na hikari ni tokeru you na
niwa ni saita hana ni sou you ni…

Like if melting into this weak light
Will lead me to that garden where flowers bloom…

貴方に代わり 此の手が護ってゆく

toki wa meguri, hito yo megure to
furoi wadachi ni ayumi wo kasane
anata no mita keshiki wo
anata ni kawari kono te ga mamotte yuku

Time goes on, and people change
Years pass, and progresses are piled up
What you have seen
Changed you, but your hand still keep our promise


toki ga meguri, hito ga megureba
anata no na wa oto e to kawari
keredo ima mo sono oto ga utawareru no ga hokorashii

Time goes on; if people change
The sound of your voice won’t stay the same
However, now, your singing voice is wonderful

風が謡う 笹の葉揺らす
螢舞う夜 雪踊る朝焼け
銀の渚に 黄金の空に

kaze ga utau sasa no ha yurasu
hotaru mau yoru yuki odoru asayake
gin no nagisa ni ougon no sor ani
anata no namae wo yobu

The wind sings, bamboo leaves shake
Fireflies dance in the night, the snow dances in the morning glow
In the silver water’s edge, under the golden sky
I call your name

約束は永遠 貴女を待つ灯 永久の火

yakusoku wa eien anata wo matsu tomoshibi eien no hi
hitotsu no itsuwari mo kageri mo nai tsuki no shita de
kyou mo machibouke

A promise is forever; I will wait for you, under the light of an eternal fire
Even one’s lies can’t be hidden under the moon
Today, I’m waiting in vain again

瑞香れば 根雪に萌す
季節は巡る 命は廻りゆく
胸を焦がす 花冷えの夜

mizu kaoreba  neyuki ni kizasu
kisetsu wa meguru inochi wa meguri yuku
mune wo kogasu hanabie no yoru
kubu saki no niwa ni matsu

The fragrant youth will bloom  in the lingering snow
Seasons pass by, and life repeats
I yearn for a chilly spring’s night
I will wait in the garden almost bloomed

ねえ もう声にならない

itsumademo zutto matteita yo
nee mou koe ni naranai

I will keep waiting you, forever
Hey, there’s no more your voice


anata no inai sen no yoru wo koete
kono honoo wa ima mo—

You haven’t crossed thousand nights
This fire, now–


kumoma kara sasu tsuki akari ni
terasareta kono niwa ni

Between clouds, the shining moon’s light
Has illuminated this garden


ikusen no inori ga hanahiraite
nagai toki wo koete au yoru ni

Thousand the prayers that bloom,
Crossing the long time, encountered in the night,


nagai toki wo futari mata tomoni…

Of two people still together after a long time…

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