plaza desperado ~ Sally

Listening to “Sally” again, makes me wonder how come Sally have done such an amazing album and then nothing more. What a wonderful job they’ve made on their debut CD –one of the best from C80, without any doubt. And still, after “Sadomasochism” and “Syndrome”, here am I waiting for a “second” CD like the first one.

Really, it’s even hard to find something “not that good” inside “Sally”; the work behind each arrangement is incredible, what Wani and NSY is unique. How they revised the original themes is simple fantastic, they were able to made an incredible emotional album. Somehow, I’d never expected something so great from a fresh circle, and especially, from new themes –I’m pretty sure Sally was the only circle which based the entire CD on Ten Desires.

And the singers. Sally called (and still calls) some of the best vocalist in the doujin world to perform it. And I was more than satisfied by their performances –I was only a little disappointed that Merami had just a track, while all the other two, but still, I’m saying this just because she’s my favorite singer.

Well, finally I took my time to talk about “Sally”, not in details, but still. I believe it’s the first time I translated something sung by Ranko, but somehow, I don’t mind. I’ve never paid too much attention to BUTAOTOME, they’ve made great songs, but just a few really good for me, so I believe the reason’s this one –and at the moment, listening to Ranko makes me feel kinda nostalgic.

Anyway. I didn’t expected “plaza desperado” to be about Kogasa in this very explicit way. But I really like how they recalled perfectly her spell cards and her themes –yeah I’m talking about UFO’s theme. Somehow after I while I kept waiting for a “Kogasa” somewhere in the lyrics, because really, the only thing left out is a “Urameshiya! Tatara Kogasa’s here!”.

tl;dr. A pretty bright picture, even if the song is questionably dark.
Dedicated to someone (the song), I guess.


I’ve basically gave up on writing notes on this song. Sorry.
Basically the whole song is full of references to Kogasa’s spell cards, from the very beginning of the song (“Hello”, reference to in my opinion to 大輪「ハロウフォゴットンワールド」, Large Ring “Hello, Forgotten Word”), to the very end –“Parasol stardust days”, a reference to both 傘符「パラソルスターシンフォニー」, Umbrella Sign “Parasol Star Symphony” and 傘符「パラソルスターメモリーズ」, Umbrella Sign “Parasol Star Memories”. Anyway, since they’re pretty messed up and often not so clear (and I’m no that sure they’re actually references) I’ve decided to not putting notes.

置き忘れたあなたには警報 | Beware of me, you who left me behind”; though it doesn’t really looks like it in English, this is phrase is base on Kogasa’s theme “万年置き傘にご注意を”. Or at least, I’ve really saw the similarities when I read it, it’s basically the same phrase with some changes –but I might be totally wrong.

Title: plaza desperado
Vocal: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arrangement: NSY
Circle: Sally
Album: Sally
Event: C80
Original: 素敵な墓場で暮しましょ | Let’s Live in a Lovely Cemetery | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Stage 3 Theme

plaza desperado

Hello, hello
You don’t know how it is now

古くなれば もう捨てられて
素足に下駄 着のみのままで

furuku naraba mou suterarete
suashi ni geta gi nomi no mama de

Once something’s old, you throw it away
I’m wearing only wooden clogs at bare feet


kaze ni tobasarete gusun toshitemo
daremo hiroi wa shinai kasa

At wind’s mercy, even if sobbing
No one will pick up a parasol

お化けなのに 魔除けがわり
ちょっと待って 住み着いただけ

obake nano ni mayoke gawari
chotto matte sumitsuita

And yet, I’m a monster, amulets are a consequence
Wait just a minute, I only didn’t settle it down


monono kimochi ga wakaranai no nara
ame ni furare atama wo hiyase

If there are feelings I don’t understand
I’ll cool them down under the rain

唐傘 七不思議をおびとつ
唐傘 猛吹雪をおびとつ
パラソル 粉々の世を照らす

karakasa nanafushigi wo obitotsu
yukai na murasaki no wasure kasa
karakasa moufubuki wo obitotsu
parasoru konagona no yo wo terasu

I’m a karakasa, with traces of the seven wonders
A pretty purple forgotten umbrella
I’m a karakasa, with traces of a blizzard
A parasol which shines on the world’s small pieces

Hello, hello
I don’t mind all
You don’t know how it is now


okiwasureta anata ni wa keihou
asu no soramoyou de miseru wa

Beware of me, you who left me behind
I can see tomorrow’s weather

パラソル スカイブルーの雷雲
パラソル ウインクの流星群
パラソル 虹を架け 弧を描く
パラソル スターダストなデイズ

parasoru sukai buruu no raiun
parasoru uinku no ryuuseigun
parasoru niji wo kakeru ko wo egaku
parasoru sutaa dasuto na deizu

A parasol, the thunder cloud’s blue sky
A parasol, the meteor swarm’s wink
A parasol, draws a rainbow suspended
Parasol, stardust days

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