Betrayal can’t invent anything ~ Draw the Emotional

Somehow at the beginning I didn’t expected such beautiful lyrics, and didn’t expected to finish the translation so early –I should say “Thank you, short lyrics”. But considering we’re talking about Yuyoyuppe, I wasn’t surprised.

I really like how he writes lyrics, maybe because they’re so ambiguous, maybe because he’s able to make them extremely intrigued, no matter what’s the subject. I’m really glad Yuyoyuppe’s so skilled in making arrangements/compositions in the same way he is in writing lyrics; almost always, reading a song by him makes my day better.

I’m not sure how to read this song; somehow I started to see it under Seiga’s point of view, with the other person being Yoshika. But for some reasons, I also see it under the light of Seiga’s past, with the “you” being her husband. Whatever is the answer, since the original song’s Desire Drive, as for me it’s Seiga speaking.

Anyway; I’ve already talked enough about “Ghost and your heart” previously, and I’m not that turned on male vocalists. But listening to this album after some time, maybe because of Reitaisai, maybe just because I needed some more time, made me like it even more –while I still think is a little below Draw the Emotional’s other CDs’ level, probably also because it’s almost a mini album.

About the illustration –it’s completely random. I was browsing pixiv a couple of days ago, and saw this beautiful picture by Cercis (Carcharias). I’ve always loved his coloring style, and when I saw his Seiga, it was love at first sight. Potion, colors, expression: everything is just perfect.

Well, I’ve already wrote too much, like always –so let’s end the “description” here.
Requested by Kodesmi.
Enjoy this great song –and lyrics.


And I simple love to massacre English’s phrase structure.

何も生まれやしない | Just won’t do anything”; literally, “It won’t produce anything”. Or in other terms, if you prefer, “It’s pointless/useless”. I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to put this phrase in the translation to keep the emphasis expresses in the Japanese text. It might be because English isn’t my native language, but nor in my main language I’d be able to translate it –I’m not even sure if there are phrases as fierce as the Japanese one.
満たされることの無い想い | Even if it won’t fulfill my feelings”; first, there’s no way to know if this phrase is referred to the previous one or is completely independent, thus it can be both “It/I won’t fulfill”. Second, “想い” can be both subject or object –no particles; anyway, considering its end-of-phrase position and the rest of the context, I highly doubt it’s treated as a subject. And third, there’s no “Even if”. I added it by myself because –I felt like doing it.
隠し偽り | From untold lies”; literally, “hidden lie”. Anyway here the meaning is that someone already told those lies, but (s)he pretends they’re the truth. Or well, this is how I’ve read this stanza-
この心を 纏う | This heart of mine”; literally, “I wear this heart (that opened a little)”. I’ve seen “纏う” used also with the meaning “Tied to”, thus another translation would be “I’m entwined to this heart”. Anyway I opted for a more liberal translation, keeping (or trying to keep) the original phrase structure without changing the meaning –even if I bet I wasn’t able to do it, sorry

Title: Betrayal can’t invent anything
Vocal: ゴッドアロー (God Arrow)
Lyrics: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Circle: Draw the Emotional
Album: Ghost and your heart
Event: C81
Original: デザイアドライブ | Desire Drive | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Stage 4 Theme

Betrayal can’t invent anything


yurayura aoiro ni
nijimu no nara toketeku nara
mitsukerareta no darou
dakedo boku wa
dakedo boku wa…

In the trembling blue
If I ran away, if I disappear
Would you be able to find me?
However, I
However I…


kakushi itsuwari
shiranu kao de nigekakureteta
nanimo umare yashinai
towa ni hishimeku
mitasareru koto no nai omoi
chiisaku hajiketa
kono kokoro wo

From untold lies
I pretended not to know, I ran and hid
But only that
Just won’t do anything
I will scream forever
Even if it won’t fulfill my feelings
It opened a little
This heart
Of mine


hiniku ni kumarete
chigau basho e tooi basho e
tadatada negau no sa
boku wo mite to
boku wo mite to…

I’m covered with cynicism
Towards a different place, a distant place
That’s my only, single wish
If you look at me
If you look at me…


inori akekure
soredemo todokanu kono koe wa
hakanaku kusari ochiteku dakeda
towa ni hishimeku
mitasareru koto no nai omoi
chiisaku hajikeru
kono kokoro wo

All the time, I pray
And yet, it doesn’t reach you, this voice
That’s merely falling into rottenness, but still
I will scream forever
Even if it won’t fulfill my feelings
It opened a little
This heart
Of mine

Somebody help me
Somebody help me

One thought on “Betrayal can’t invent anything ~ Draw the Emotional

  1. Short as they are, I find that these lyrics are nevertheless moving. Probably because Yuyoyuppe’s writing style is so elegant!

    Thanks a bunch for posting this translation and for being so fast with it! It’s nice to be able to appreciate a song as a whole, words and all.

    My Japanese is really clumsy and low-level, and I tend to fail miserably at transcribing lyrics straight from a song, regardless of the language. So I’m grateful that I found a fellow Yuyoyuppe fan with waaay more experience and access to the album booklet. Once again, thank you so much :3

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