魔女裁判 ~ Akashic Records

―This song

                                        As if it’ll resound”

A few adjustements were done in Decemeber 2016.

This album is amazing; it charmed my since the crossfade, and listening it full is just too great. It’s truly a little gem, and worth to be listened from the very first second to the very last one more and more times. Maybe I’m writing this because M3-29 hadn’t many good albums, or maybe because there’s Merami singing; whatever is the reason, this one is one of those CDs a person should listen to at least once in a lifetime.

While it’s pretty easy to find good CDs, there aren’t many CDs, or even tracks, for which I’ve (almost) cried when listening to them. I know this might sound really weird, but sometimes it happens to me when I listen to a beautiful song, full of emotions, or I’m translating very good lyrics.

And well, while listening to 幸せの国, I almost cried for the whole CD, and this track made me shed a tear –thus, the reason why I decided to translate it.

I’m always so happy when I found songs like this one, they simple make me see the world under a different light, and make my life better. But well, enough talk, I’ve already write too much about this song in the video description I’ll put up in some days. Time to move on.


魔女裁判”; the title this time is plain and simple, not one of those which kill my mind while I’m looking for a meaning –Sally’s titles above anyone else at the moment, I’m still wondering what that “min” and “enn” mean, and “con” has just been added to that list. The translation’s “Witch Trial”, and for me it fits so well the lyrics; plus, I believe it’s the key to read the lyrics clearly.

―この声が”; this part has to be read in horizontal. The phrases are “この声が 届このなら” and “この歌が 歌えたなら”, and even if I decided to preserve the booklet’s order, in the song are pronounced following the horizontal order.
私を | and myself”; I truly didn’t know how to put this part in the translation, since there’s no way to know if this part, detached from the rest of the phrase in the song, is the beginning of an incomplete phrase, or part of the previous one. So I decided to translate it in this way, with the hope I’ve kept the ambiguous meaning even in the translation.
いつか熱さなんて忘れた | Sometime, I’ve forget even the heat”; literally, the translation is “I’ve forget things like the heat sometime”. But I preferred translated in another way, I don’t think it’s necessary to keep “things like” this time.
一つ夢を見た| Once, I had a dream”; literally, the translation should be a mere “I had a dream”. But translating in this way means to lose the emphasis of “一つ”. I could have translated this also as “I had only a dream”, but somehow I don’t think it fits the lyrics. Just my personal opinion thought.

Title: 魔女裁判
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Arrange & Lyrics: 毛 (ke)
Circle: Akashic Records
Album: 幸せの国
Event: M3-29


神様なんていない 全部ニセモノさ、ほら

nee, shitteta?
kami sama nanteinai zenbu nisemono sa, hora

Hey, did you know?
There aren’t things like God, they’re all lies


sou 「sono aoi me ga kowai」 to watashi wo semetatete
shiranai juuji wo seowasareta

So you say “Your blue eyes are scary” and assail me
Burdening me with an unknown cross

裁けるものなら 裁いてみせてよ
肌を焦がし やがて溶けてゆく

sabakeru mono nara sabaite misete yo
hada wo kogashi yagate tokete yuku

If I could judge, I’d show you how to judge
My skin is burning and soon will melt

―この声が    ―この歌が

     届くのなら    歌えたなら

―kono koe ga              ―kono uta ga

                todoku no nara          utaeta nara

―This voice              ―This song

                                         If it’ll reach you          If I could’ve sung it

この腕を伸ばす意味さえも知らなかった 私を

kono ude wo nobasu imi saemo shiranakatta watashi wo

I didn’t even know the meaning of my arm stretched –of myself


itsuka atsusa nante wasureta
kakumei no hi mo kieteta

One day, I’ll forget the heat and
Even the flames of revolution will fade

投げられた石が頬を切る 沸きあがる歓声

nagerareta ishi ga hoho wo kiru waki agaru kansei
sonna rifujin mo tooku natte

The stone  you threw cut my cheek, welling up cheers
Such irrationality became distant

裁けるものなら 裁いてみせてよ
奪えるものなら 奪ってみせてよ

sabakeru mono nara sabaite misete yo
ubaeru mono nara ubatte misete yo
「nisemono demo ii, watashi wo sukutte! 」

If I could judge, I’d show you how to judge
If I could steal, I’d show you how to steal
“Even so, it’s fine to lie, please save me!”

一つ夢を見た 大切な夢を

hitotsu yume wo mita daisetsu na yume wo
douka, soredake wa nakusanai youni

Once I had a dream, an important dream
Please, I don’t want to lose it

「きっとどうか」 それでも祈る

hi no umi no naka wa mahou nanka nakute
「kitto douka」soredemo inoru

In a sea of flames, there isn’t something like magic
“Surely, somehow…” and I still pray

―この声が    ―この歌が

    届くように    響くように

―kono koe ga              ―kono uta ga

                todoku youni                hibiki youni

―This voice              ―This song

                                        As if it’ll reach you          As if it’ll resound

この腕を伸ばすその先に 光があると

kono ude wo nobasu sono saki ni hikari ga aru to

Light lies ahead where I stretched my arm

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