It’s over (short ver.)

And now lyrics are fixed.
Full version here.

I love Yuyoyuppe, I love Merami, and the day it came out, I said “I wish Merami had sang in Ghost and your heart”. And then it’s over appeared.

I never expected to put two translations so near, but well, I was working on this one almost since the first day it came out. So here I am now.

Maybe you’ll be all happy, just a note this time –and it doesn’t concern the translation. I personally do not want to write notes on lyrics that might be completely wrong; and even if, the song’s really short (thank you captain obsvious, it’s a short version). So I dropped everything.


At the end of the song, you will surely hear more words than those that are actually writte, but I have decided to follow the way Yuyoyuppe wrote the lyrics on his video.

Title: It’s over
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)

It’s over

I was laughing at that location
君ならば大丈夫と 思った

tsuioku ni motomete sue
I was laughing at that location
kimi naraba daijoubu to omotta
ano hi made wa

I’m seeking in my memories why
I was laughing at that location
“If it’s for your sake” I thought
Until that day

Ah… so, I cried


usotsuki no kono me de

From these eyes of a liar

吐き捨てた 願い
身に纏う 世界

hakisuteta negai
mi ni matou sekai
imi mo naku soko ni
atta mirai, aa

It spitted out, my desire
From a body tied in this world
There, when there wasn’t a meaning
I met my future, ah

夢から覚めて 投げかけた言葉
「It’s over」

kimi ga egaiteta tengoku wa koukyo
yume kara samete nagekaketa kotoba
「It’s over」

You drew a paradise
Inside my emptiness
I woke up from that dream, threw at you my words
“It’s over”

「It’s over」

aa, zenbo uso
「It’s over」

Ah, they’re all lies
“It’s over”

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