時果つる夢 ~ Denkare

I’m -finally?- back.
This time, again, I brought a Denkare’s song. More specifically, I’ve brought Gore Screaming Show’s ending.

As you can see, I’ve decided to use as a picture Gore Screaming Show’s title screen, which has a pretty creepy background music –which, considering the game I’m talking about, is very, very fitting.

Well, I’m not here to talk about the game, and I haven’t completed it yet –nor I know when I’ll finish going through it. Plus, there isn’t an English patch yet, so if you don’t know Japanese, you don’t really know what the story’s about, and you’ll probably see this as a “normal” visual novel with some (a lot of) dark and R-18 elements.

Anyway, Japanese acknowledge aside, you shouldn’t play it if you’re weak-hearted. In terms of violence, horror, dark, Gore Screaming Show is truly a lot of steps ahead  anime like Higurashi or Elfen Lied. To make you understand better, just look at its beginning –click here at your own risk.

Stated this, before moving on the translation, I believe the song itself has lots of references on Yuka’s true ending, and probably on other Gore Screaming Show’s endings too. But still, since I haven’t finished the game yet –and this ending especially requires quite too much time for me to unlock it now- I have no idea which parts could be considered as spoiler and which not. Plus Denkare’s style in writing lyrics is just too enigmatic to close the topic in a couple of line.

Be aware that this translation is for the most my interpretation. I can’t really go out and say “This is in this way, that is in the other way”. Denkare’s lyrics are for the most in this way: without references, without the declaration of subjects, sometimes even without particles’ traces, and with a structure phrase which isn’t “normal” Japanese –verbs are almost never at the end, and sometimes I have a feeling of “bunch of words thrown in randomly”.


Keep in your mind that, as I’ve already said, a lot of parts are my personal interpretation, but even if, I hope you’ll have a nice reading. I’ve tried to clarify as much as possible my choice of traslated in a certain way some phrases, but well, you can still agree or not to it, it’s still up to you. Plus, lots of words (coniugations actually) are added by my hand to keep the phrases better.

“時果つる夢”, in romaji “toki hatsuru yume”, means “The time dreams end”, or, if you prefer a more plain translation, “When dreams end”. I’m not really sure why lots of people keeps calling this track “Gleam”, since there’s nothing which recalls “Gleams” –except for a passage. Nor I’ve ever seen on Denkare’s site or track list anything else beside “時果つる夢”. Anyway if someone has more information and would like to clarify this, it’d be great~

なぜか 歪んで横影 | somehow, a distorted shadow is lying down”; my first thought about this “distorted shadow” was about Gore. But well, he wouldn’t be “lying down”. So I guessed is probably just someone (probably) dead. Anyway, “shadow” is term I decided to use, but, if you believe is better, think about it as a “silhouette”, or a “shape”.
どんなに 絶望しても 寂しささえ 隠して | Tell me; how much despair, how much loneliness will I hide”; the “Tell me” completely comes out from my mind. I could’ve put a different translation, following even better the Japanese text, but I wasn’t able to find another way to empathies –like Japanese does- the “どんなに”  part. Also, “how much” isn’t repeated in the original text, but the reason I did it is the same of the “Tell me” part.
伸ばした指先 きみに 届かないなら | If my fingertips, stretched, won’t reach you? ”; the structure phrase in Japanese puts the hypothetical clause on the “reach” part, but well, I preferred paraphrases it because in this way, I think it matches better the vocals, and the song’s rhythm too. The more literal translation is “If I won’t reach you, with stretched fingertips?”.
To make you understand better the whole stanza, think of it about an attempt to obtain something very important to you from someone, could it be a person’s friendship, a person’s love, a person’s trust, but you don’t even want try. You simple aren’t able to confess it, because you’re afraid of miserably fail. How would you feel about? This is essentially the question in this stanza.
無くした 記憶に いつか 灯が点るように | I’ve lost it in my memories; but someday, a light will shine again, like fire”; at the beginning, I thought the subject of the first part of this phrase was in the previous line –namely, “My child’s reminiscences”. But considering the song, and how’s it sang, I believe the first two lines have to stay together, and the last one is completely separated. In the end, for me, the “light” is the subject. I’d like you to think about it as “The light I used to see, it’s now a memory so far away that I’ve completely lost any trace of it. But I’m sure, someday, it’ll come back, and it’ll shine more than it did”. Hope now’s clear how I wanted the phrase to be.
風に晴れるようにわたしの | now, it’s like everything’s clear”; I’ve decided to omit the “風に” part, simple because I believe in this particularly context it means “In this way”, and not “In the wind”, and I’ve rewrite the phrase. To make you clear why I decided to put everything in this way, think about it as “Now the scenery’s blurring, but for me, things are getting clear; now I understand what to do”.
見たあの場所へ | I saw myself going to that place”; there’s no “to go” verb in the phrase, but well, having a “towards a place” without a motion verb is just too weird to write in English, while in Japanese is so much fascinating –at least for me.

Title: 時果つる夢
Vocal: 華憐 (Karen)
Circle: 電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare)
Album: re:charge | 華憐的音楽集 (青盤)
From: ゴア・スクリーミング・ショウ (Gore Screaming Show)


孤独に 耐えてたたずむ

akatsuki no sora miagete
kodoku ni taete tatazumu

I raised my eyes, on the red moon in the sky
Alone, I’m still bearing it

覚めない 悪夢に なぜか 歪んで横影

samenai akumu ni nazeka yugande yokokage

I won’t wake up from this nightmare; somehow, a distorted shadow is lying down.

どんなに 絶望しても 寂しささえ 隠して
伸ばした指先 きみに 届かないなら

donna ni  zetsubou shite mo sabishi sasae kakushite
nobashita yubisaki kimi ni todokanai nara

Tell me; how much despair, how much loneliness will I hide
If my fingertips, stretched, won’t reach you?

すべてを 壊して  一人で 虚無にかえるの
闇に 飲まれ わたし 消えて
やがて 崩れてゆく過ち

subete wo kowashite hitoride kyomu ni kaeru no
yami ni nomare watashi kiete
yagate kuzurete yuku ayamachi

I’ll break everything, and go back in my nothingness, alone
Engulfed in the darkness, I’m disappearing
Soon, I’ll fall in an error


futari de sugoshita ano hi no
toki wa tomatta mada

That day, when we were together
The time seemed to stop

夕暮れ時に 話した
無くした 記憶に いつか 灯が点るように

yuugure toki ni hanashita
asanaikoro no omoide
nakushita kioku ni itsuka hi ga tomoru you ni

At evening, I talked about
My child’s reminiscences
I’ve lost it in my memories; but someday, a light will shine again, like fire

霞んだ景色が  風に晴れるようにわたしの
閉ざしたこころが 少しずつ 溶けてゆく

kasunda keshiki ga kaze ni hareru you ni watashi no
tozashita kokoro ga sukoshizutsu tokete yuku

The scenery blurred; now, it’s like everything’s clear
My shutted heart, little by little, is disappearing

すべてを 閉ざして ふたりで 生きてゆくなら
過去を 捨てて 今を求め
止めた時が 今 動き出す

subete wo tozashite futari de ikite yuku nara
kako wo sutete ima wo motome
tometa toki ga ima ugokidasu

I’ll shut everything; if we go on together, and live,
I’ll throw away the past; I seek the present
The stopped time, now, keeps going on

すべてを 許して あなたとふたりかえるの
瞳閉じて 闇を 抜けて
いつか 夢に 見たあの場所へ

subete wo yurushite anata to futari kaeru no
hitomi tojite yami wo nukete
itsuka yume ni mita ano bashou e

I’ll forgive everything; and you and I will come back
I closed my eyes; I escaped the darkness
Already, in a dream, I saw myself going to that place

わたしの 求めた未来が
たとえ 絶望だとして
あなたはわたしの 隣で

watashi no motometa mirai ga
tatoe zetsubou da toshite
anata wa watashi no tonari de
hohoende kureru no?

A future was my wish
Even if it would have been full of despair
Now that you’re next to me
Will you smile?

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