現夢 -genmu- ~ TUMENECO

Ignore this translation. This one is the new (and hopefully) better one.

I truly love this pairing. And even if this picture is not the most fitting for this arrangement, I still think it’s the best one for depicting the essence of the song. This, and I wanted to put something somehow yuri.

At the beginning, after C80, I thought this arrangement was more Mima’s dedicated than anything else. But I was wrong. Completely wrong. No matter how I look at it, now I found out this is a theme entirely based on Maribel and Renko. The world is just more beautiful after this.

It was a pain to decide how to put the lyrics here; since the english part you see next to the japanese text in some stanzas is actually a “background” voice under the main vocalist, I decided to put them next to each other, as they’re (kinda) in the booklet, and the translation below. I’m sorry this ended up to be confused “”

Well, it’s not the first time I say something like: I won’t write a lot as introduction. No wait. I’ll end it here; and explaining my interpretation.

What I think about this song, is a mix of sadness and happiness. I want to stated first that I think yukina (the first vocalist) speaks as Maribel, while Mie as Renko. I’ve read this as a huge dream which isn’t a dream.
To explain this better: Mary and Renko met in a dream, a dream so real they can’t forget (plus, keep in your mind Maribel’s ability). Therefore, they want to meet each other again, and so they don’t give up in searching a way to fulfill their wish.
In the end, they discover what they want it’s something impossible to realize, a dream’s a dream afterall; but even if, they’re aware that, if they strongly desire it, they can meet each other when they sleep.
Moreover, I have contrast feelings here too. I don’t know if the ending’s happy or sad. I found awfully cute and heart-warming this “No matter what, I’ll meet you again” feeling, while I found awfully heart-breaking the “After all, this is not reality” part. But well, I love this twisted emotions, so for me it’s fine…maybe.
Another possible interpretation which popped up in my mind, is that Mary meets Yukari in dreams, and not Renko (this would actually explain better things, since it’s supposed Mary and Renko already know each other), but since I support the MaryRenko pairing, I’ll stick with the first interpretation, and saying: Renko and Mary still haven’t met in “reality”.

You can either agree or not, I’m writing this simple because in this way maybe you’ll understand better my choice of translation.

Well, time for the notes.


「現夢」, translittered as “genmu” in the title’s track, means “Present Dream”. But 「現夢」, translittered as “utsutsu no yume”, as the PV says (this PV), means “The Reality of Dreams”. The contrast between the meanings of the kanjis alone is already enough to makes me say, this is awesome. But that’s not all. If you change the position of the kanjis, surprise! It becomes 「夢現」, “yume utsutsu”, which could be mean both “Half asleep and half awake”, or “Dream and Reality”. And if you don’t change their position, and keep 「現夢」 translittered as “utsutsu yume”, its translation’s “Reality and Dream”. Both a clear reference to 「夢と現の境界」, Border between Dream and Reality.

君と出会い 夢を視てた | I saw in a dream the meeting with you”; somehow I think this sounds a lot odd; better, I’m sure about it. On a normal doujin or visual novel, I’d probably translated it as “I saw our meeting in a dream” or “I met you in a dream”. But this isn’t a doujin, nor a visual novel. Since the japanese text evince the “meet with you” part, I decided to keep it along the translation, even if it ended up to be stiff.
忘れることなんてできない | I still remember it”; the funny thing is that I translated this phrase in two completely different ways along the whole song. Peace to everyone. I’ll repeat the literal translation all over the place because I want to. Anyway. Here I translated it as “I still remember it” because I find it more fitting considering the context. Since I interpreted this dream as a good one, typing something similar to the literal translation would’ve ended to be as a “I want to forget it, but I can’t”. And since to me the speaker -Mary- wants to reach the other person -Renko-, I decided to translate in that way. Literal, the translation is “The thing I’m not able to forget”.
僕は 夢を視続ける 醒めない夢を | I continue to see it; don’t wake up from this dream”; aside the fact that “dream” in the japanese text is repeated four times in two lines and I didn’t keep them, I wanted to focus your attention on the second part of the phrase. Because, what I translated as “Don’t wake up from this dream” can be translated also as “Don’t be aware this is a dream”. Basically, it could also be interpretated as a “Don’t realize this is a dream, because if you do that, you’ll wake up”.
箱庭が隠すのは | It’s what the Miniature Garden hides”; this is the phrase I had more problems with. This and the stanza below. I haven’t read Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, nor Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, and I know very a little about Changeability of Dream and Reality, so I have no idea if there’s a Miniature Garden, or something who can be considered like. My bet is that this “Miniature Garden” is Gensokyou itself, or at least is the place where Mary and Renko meet. Anyway, a more fluent translation of the whole phrase (assuming I haven’t misunderstanding it) it’s “The Miniature Garden hides the exit I don’t find”. Somehow I believe that considering the subordinate clause as part of the next phrase is the right choice, but here I couldn’t find a good translation following that way, so I considered it as “inverted” sentences.
小さな灯し火 | A faint light / 小さな思い出 | Faint memories”; in both of them, the adjective used is “small”, not “faint”. I prefered translated this as “faint” because I think it suits more both “light” and “memories” than “small”.
箱庭を壊すのは | It’s what destroys the Miniature Garden”; same as the previous note, if I haven’t misunderstanding this phrase, a more fluent translation would be ” I believe only that which destroys the Miniature Garden”.
忘れることなんてできない | How can I forget […] ?”; literal, this means “I’m not/won’t be able to forget […]”. But as stated above, I consider this as a good dream, and the literal translation ended up to sound as a “bad dream I can’t forget”.
たぐり寄せていた 虚ろな日常 | Step by step, I was approaching an empty, ordinary life”; the “step by step” part in japanese is written as “transport by passing from hand-in-hand”, but I’ve read it used also as a “climbing something little by little”, and also as an “auxiliary”. In the end, I decided to translated in this way because it sounds better, and personally I know no more meanings of that expression. The “empty, ordinary life” part is actually a pretty liberal translation, since the japanese text says “blank everyday”. I’m not sure how to explain this -besided, I watched Nichijou. Hope you get the meaning anyway.
閉じた瞳を開けば | If I open the eyes I closed”; awesome construction is awesome. Actually, I tried my best to put “eyes” as the object of both the verbs, since in the japanese text it’s in this way.
この奇跡を | How can I forget that dream?”; here what in the song is spelled as “dream”, in the text is written as “miracle”. If I had to follow the lyrics only, I’d translated it as “How can I forget that miracle?”. Just to say, is because of this that I decided to read the entire song (dream) in a good way.
過去も 現在も 未来も | Also the past, the present, and the future”; the song actually says “Yesterday, now and tomorrow too”. For once in a while, I kept the lyrics part, instead of the spelled part, because is more epic.
醒めない幻想と | I won’t wake up from this dream”; while before “dream” was written as “miracle”, here’s written as “illusion”. You can read this also as “I won’t wake up from this illusion” where -I’d say of course- “illusion” shares the first two kanjis of Gensoukyo.
君の声は届いているから | Your voice will still reaching me”; I’ve change a lot this phrase -actually the whole stanza- because I wanted to translated it with chained phrases (because the phrases are actually chained). I pretty much fucked all the conditionals, but hey, keep writing “If I do this, this will happen” is just a no. Anyway; the “true” translation of this phrase is “Your voice is reaching me”.

I’ve finally ended notes. Well, this -translation and notes- took me really a lot, anyway, it’s done. I apologize for the mistakes, mind blown, impossible things ect.; and since I almost forget, this is essentially a request not requested. Have a nice reading~

Title: 現夢 -genmu-
Lyrics: Nanatsume, Jell (GET IN THE RING), GCHM (GET IN THE RING)
Vocals: yukina, Mie (GET IN THE RING)
Arrangement: tomoya
Album: 現夢 -genmu-
Event: C80
Original: ジャパニーズサーガ | Japanese Saga | Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (Album)
リーインカーネーション | Reincarnation | Touhou 3 Phantasmagoria of Dimentional Dream | Mima’s Theme

現夢 -genmu- ~ TUMENECO

君と出会い 夢を視てた
あの日々を 忘れることなんてできない
今も 月と 星の下で
僕は 夢を視続ける 醒めない夢を

kimi to deai yume wo miteta
ano hibi wo wasureru koto nante dekinai
ima mo tsuki to hoshi no shita de
boku wa yume wo mi tsudzukeru samenai yume wo

I saw in a dream the meeting with you;
Day after day, I still remember it.
Even now, under the moon and the stars,
I continue to see it; don’t wake up from this dream.

出口の判らない 箱庭が隠すのは
諦めが閉ざす 小さな灯し火

deguchi no wakaranai hakoniwa ga kakusu no wa
akirame ga tozasu chiisa na tomoshibi

I don’t find the exit; it’s what the Miniature Garden hides.
My resignation locks it, a faint light.

雁字搦めになった 箱庭を壊すのは
信じるそれだけの 小さな思い出

ganjigarame ni natta hakoniwa wo kowasu no wa
shinjiru soredake no chiisana omoide

I became immobile; what destroys the Miniature Garden,
I believe only that; faint memories.

君と二人で 手を繋いだ
あの夜を 忘れることなんてできない
終わりのない 夜が 明けても
僕は 夢を視続けるだろう

I walk alone
Time to go my own way
Night’s falling down
No one can see

kimi to futari de te wo tsunaida
kimi no miteta yume wo
ano yoru wo wasureru koto nande dekinai
owari no nai yoru ga akete mo
asa mo, yoru mo, koete
boku wa yume wo tsudzukeru darou

I jointed my hands with you
I saw you in a dream
How can I forget that night?
I won’t forget
This isn’t the end; the night is here again
Crossing the day, the night
I keep to see you in a dream


We still search the starlights
Despite there’s no hope inside
Fill my heart with shine
To find the truth of this world’s end

akai tsuki ga chi ni ochite mo
sakanu hana ga kare hatete mo
nagai yoru ga moetsukite mo
kimi no koe wa todoite iru kara

Even the red moon sinks in the earth
Even flowers which don’t bloom, wither
Even a long night ends
But your voice is reaching me

儚いと知っても 繰り返し願うのは
たぐり寄せていた 虚ろな日常

hakanai to shitte mo kurikaeshi negau no wa
taguri yoseteita utsurona nichijou

I already know it’s transient, what I repeatedly wish.
Step by step, I was approaching the emptiness.

もう一度だけでいい ただ切に願うのは
目を逸らさないで 見つめた日常

mouichido dakede ii tada setsuni negau no wa
me wo sorasanai de mitsumeta nichijou

But to desire it eagerly only one more time, it’s fine.
I can’t look away; I stared at it, as usual.

君と二人で 空見上げた
あの場所を 忘れることなんてできない
力尽きる もの時まで
僕は 夢を視続けるだろう

You walk across
Time to say goodbye my friend
Right choice, perhaps
For you and me

kimi to futari de sora miageta
kimi to kaketa michi wo
ano basho wo wasureru koto nante dekinai
chikaratsukiru sono toki made
sora mo, umi mo, koete
boku wa yume wo tsudzukeru darou

I looked up at the sky with you
I ran that path with you
How can I forget that place?
I won’t forget
I’ll use all of my might, until that moment
Crossing the sky, the sea
I keep to see you, in a dream


We still search the starlights
In spite of someone’s advice
See my heart blaze up
To break the spell of this world’s end

kaze no fukanu meikyuu ni mo
haruka tooku yo no hate ni mo
donna kurai ji no soko ni mo
kimi no koe wa todoiteiru kara

Even in a maze, where the wind doesn’t blow
Even in a far, distant end of the world
Even at the bottom of a dark land
Your voice is reaching me

Word you say still remains this place
Days we played and held each hands
Nothing was afraid but now we’ve faced
This ruthless fate tears drop in space

閉じた瞳を開けば 夢を繰り返す世界
失うのが怖くて 僕はただ眠り続ける

Don’t forget I’ll be there always
Phrase to make you smile again
Sky’s painted gray but we can change
To smash this fate and catch a flame
like the shooting star

tojita hitomi wo hirakeba yume wo kurikaesu sekai
ushinau no ga kowakute boku wa tada nemuri tsudzukeru

If I open the eyes I closed, will I keep dreaming that world?
I’m scared to lose it; I’ll just continue to sleep.

今は 細く遠い声も
やがて 遠い時の果てで
霞み消える 星のように
境界 越えて

ima wa hosoku tooi koe mo
yagate tooi toki no hate de
kasumi kieru hoshi no you ni
kyoukai koete

Now, there’s a faintly, far away voice.
Finally, after a long time,
The mist disappears, like a star,
Crossing the boundaries

この奇跡を 忘れることなんてできない
いつか 月と星の下で
過去も 現在も 未来も
出会えるだろう 醒めない幻想と

Walk together
Try to find the way back home
Not so hard I guess
For you and me

kimi to futari de yoru no kaketa
kimi to boku no hibi wo
kono yume wo wasureru koto nante dekinai
itsuka tsuki to hoshi no shita de
kako mo ima mo asa mo
deaeru darou samenai yume to

I ran with you in the night
Day after day, you and me
How can I forget this dream?
I won’t forget
One day, under the moon and the stars
In the past, in the present, in the future
If I can meet you, I won’t wake up from this dream


We still search the starlights
Despite there’s no hope inside
Wind blows through this ground
To make us braver than we are

tsuki to hoshi wo tagaeyou to
akenu yoru ga majiwarou to
tatoe toki ga hedateyou
kimi no koe wa todoite iru kara

Let’s change the moon and the stars so that
The night won’t be empty; let’s meet so that
Even if our time is different
Your voice will still reaching me

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