only for us ~ a song for…

This CD is just really, really short, but it’s beautiful. It has only two songs inside, two songs full of epicness.

In truth I’ve never though I’d ever say something like this on spetsnaz. I like how he arranges songs, but I usually hate only screams vocals, so I’ve always “classified” him as a good arranger, but nothing I’d like to listen to for too long. Then he made this fresh new circle, “a song for…”.

I screamed of joy when I read “spetsnaz” and “IZNA”; great arrangement plus great vocalist, I couldn’t ask anything better. Then I listened to the crossfade; and the world became even more beautiful. There are just two track, I don’t know if this CD has been done just to test how this new circle would’ve gone; but I really hope they’ll do more works in a future, and possibly release a full CD (I mean, a “regular” 8 tracks or so CD). If spetsnaz will be able to keep this level of quality in his arrangements, a song for… surely will become one of the best doujin circle around, at least in terms of original arrangement circles (don’t even know if I can say something like this, but whatever, the concept’s this). Also, awesomeness points for having in the special thanks Foreground Eclipse.

I did nothing in those lyrics. I mean, they’re already in english, so I’ve simple transcribed them. Anyway, I’ll probably translate “dandelion”, because, God, that song is awesome. It’s truly amazing, it gave me chills, just like “After rain”. Anyway firt I’ll try to post “Sado”, I’ve read that song since a week or so, but I still haven’t found a meaning behind it.

Before the huge information list, I’ve kept the booklet format, so there are no caps letters, even if I decided to put the “I” in caps because they’re “I”s.

Title: only for us
Arrangement: spetsnaz
Vocals: IZNA
Screams: Rib:y(uhki)
Chorus: Kissing the Mirror
Guitar: ケンカワ (Butterfly Kids)
Bass: マ神
Mixing & Mastering: yuta (Minstrel)
Circle: a song for…
Album: song of…
Event: C81

only for us ~ a song for…

only for us
this world is only for the two of us
this is our one and only hope

under the wide and starry sky
I just wanna be with you

this is my first and last present for you
you loved me so I’ll give the world to you

the song of ruin has faded out
it’s time of dawn of the new world
you are all that I have

I won’t say goodbye to you (just begun)
this is not farewell, show me your smile
I only want (I only want) to be with you (to be with you)
entrust this prayer (everlastingly) to the eternal wind

only for us
this world is only for the two us
this is our one and only hope

under the wide and starry sky
I just wanna be with you

from now on we’re together forever and a day
only for us
only for us
only for us
only for us

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