夜のみことじ ~ MikoToji’s Night ~ R-18

Before you start reading this, keep in your mind that it’s a novel R-18, that’s explicit in some parts, and that’s not translated literally. So if you’re going to read this, read with a blank mind.

[What’s this?]
This is a wanna-be-translation, made on this text. It’s not a literal translation, nor it want to be an accurate one under the phrases structure. So, if you’re going to read this pointed out “This is not what’s written there!” just don’t read. The reason I decided in the end to “share” this, despite the fact I was pretty much reluctant to post it (both because I don’t wanna to see people reading at this just as “another R-18 story”, and because english’s not my native language, and I’m pretty sure native-speakers will find this “odd”, “poor”, “lolwut”). The main reason is that today’s Miko’s birthday. No notes because I’d die. 2.974 japanese characters are a lot.
About the novel: I’ll leave everything to yourselves. How to read it. How to interpretate it. What to think. What to not think. Everything. But just to say: Miko is a male here. No futa or random *insert-absurd-reason-here* to make her genderswap. Just a legitimate male. Outside Gensokyou. Maybe.
That’s all. Oh, and I forgot: I love this couple.

MikoToji’s Night

Since he came back, every night Miko-sama… wants me, intensely.

“Mi… Miko-sama…”

His way of touching my breasts, of rubbing them, is a little rough, and softly changes their shape. But it’s not strange, nor painful; on the contrary, I wish this good slow-going sensation can be remembered. My breasts are a little bit larger to remain in Miko-sama’s hands. My nipples become harder, my body shivers. The pleasure to be touched by your beloved, the joy to be able to touch this. I tenderly caress Miko-sama’s cheek. Thereupon, I’m lifted up in Miko-sama’s arms, and smoothly guided to his mouth. As my mouth’s held in his, as mine’s bitten by his. A tingle and tender pain hunts me.

I demand a kiss. Lied on top of each other, we began to dissolve in one; if we could join together, it’d be fine. At least, our saliva get together in our mouths. Mixed together, tied together, our bodies wetted.

My body becomes hot when he calls me with his shallow voice.
I get filled with passion when he gazes my eyes, and his semen spills out.
When he caresses my hairs, this feelings keep increase.

In all of this, when sensitivity doesn’t go back, does he feel in this way too?

I’m corned by his agitation; his cheeks blush; our foreheads are so near; he connects our bodies;  I’m not the only one who’s getting excited. I love Miko-sama. More than anyone else, more than anything else, deeply, deeply. No one’s more important than my beloved. Surely, he’s understanding my feelings, my whole body and my desires, and this strong, pleasant feeling.

You call me a “ghost”, but the feelings of when I was alive are the same;  better,
I they have increased many times.


Each time he hits my waist, from his careless opened mouth a lovely voice leaks out. I want to listen to it. I don’t want to listen to it. I become stuck in these antithetic thoughts, and the impatience to accelerate and come. The shivers, which gradually increase from my waist, and the pleasant feelings, make me strange. Our tongues are twisted, we’re unable to speak. I keep calling his name, like a fool. Not by his honor’s title, Crown Prince; when we’re the two of us, I call he by his name. Miko-sama, Miko-sama, Miko-sama, Miko-sama Miko-samaaaaaaaa.

The pillow absorbs the dampness and get soaked. As I take a long breath, a white vapor comes out. I’m drowned into the desire of the physical body, not because it’s a physical body. Isn’t this funny? Over and over again, I’d repeat this without hesitation even in public.

“If it’s painful, say it; because, it can hurts. Please, don’t bare it.”

I think it’s fine to endure further in the night once more. I want to erase the voice, the deep feelings, but the lovely voice is very helpful to enhance our mutual carnality. To extinguish that is wasteful. Therefore, now, our bodies are leaved with scratches. Miko-sama engraves it in my body. Sweetly. I keep it for myself. I’m drowned into my mental desire and my material desire. Drowned in he until the end of the earth. Crossing the world, crossing the centuries. With our destiny corrupted in the night, we keep making love. It’s like if the day ascends, it’ll approve, and the entwined threads will be solved, in the beautiful morning.

Everything I can’t consider charm me but, only the sharpness feelings reach me.
Ah, Miko-sama. There, there, it feels so good, so good that you’ll break me.

He asks me to spread my disgraceful thigh. I accept, and receive. Clumsy stained in the frivolous lust, moreover, I reach the nobility, the night. I want it, I can’t escape from the human destiny, I seek the body. Ah, how foolish and how lovable, people’s instinct!

It’s an imperfect resurrection but, fortunately I’m still able to get around. I can still walk even without legs. It’d be enough to have until the thighs. If there are my female genitalia I’ll receive it from Miko-sama. Miko-sama gives to me his passion. I want to receive it. As a wife, I’m the only one able to fulfill my duty. That is, I’ll be happy..!!

“Miko-sama, I’m sorry, I’m cold..”
“What are you saying? Inside you, I’m melting; ah… it’s so warm”
“I see… It’s fine then, I’m warm!!”
“Tojiko, you’re beautiful!”

My insides are stirred up. Forcibly shaken as he pleased, my whole body near he is guided toward the pleasure. A long time ago, this body was changed for Miko-sama, our genitals slowly filled without a gap. However, it’s fine to give more vehemence, Miko-sama. Miko-sama’s so kind. He eventually considers my situation in the couple. He strongly grabs my waists, until the deepest of my insides are penetrated. There’s a residue of red on his hands, and on me too Miko-sama’s mark is left. If he keeps rising quick and fast it’ll expand, and more and more he intensifies the rub. Is this unconsciously? Is this our natural affinity? Or is Miko-sama using his ability? I don’t understand at all which one is, and I don’t understand how he gives me stimulus where I want. Fill it, and then took it out; more and more, he’s satisfying me!

My insides are melting in our syrups, nothing’s better than this; our secretions spread. Miko-sama hugs me; he intensely shakes his hips, and cold sweat fells down from his forehead. Gradually, he increases the intensity. My body feels light, I’m lost in myself, in this sensation. There’s nothing I can consider more than that, the insides of my unconscious grasped in Miko-sama’s hands.

The white desire bounds me. Then, I receive it in my womb.

Surely, there’s a sense of release.

With the clavicles red, the traces of the marks of his hands remained on my body.

“It’s painful, isn’t it?”
“Therefore, you’re the one who received”
“If it’s with Miko-sama…”

Lie in bed, the sweat drops; he lifts me up a little, and from below to above, he caresses my hair. In the soaked air, he keeps grabbing my hair and teasing them, and every time he plays with them,  first he rises, then combs, my hair. That is, he’s lovely and slowly touching and playing with them; I won’t say him to please stop; and he embraces me closely. The languid act and, the pleasant feeling of tiredness and, the sense of security I’m covered in. However, that’s transient too. We come along with our sleep’s greeting. Even if it’s not that easy to let consciousness go, this frightening image in my mind don’t leave me quiet in my sleep. I can’t sleep, I desperately looking for something. Many times, over and over again.

“You’re afraid to sleep?”
“Yes. I keep waking up, thinking that in truth, in the end, we’ll separate forever.”

Even if I say so, this is a stupid though. I’m reluctant to think again about it, Miko-sama won’t ever leave me behind. I look downward, on Miko-sama’s chest, concealing myself. Embraced in Miko-sama’s smell, I want to cry. I want to act like a spoiled cat who tries to rubbing his head. Please, tell me we won’t separate. I can’t live without Miko-sama.

“If that’s it…”

He takes my hands, tenderly. Suddenly, he opens them, and clasps his fingers to mine. With our hands mutually joint together. Then, I don’t feel discomfort anymore, with our palms get together, joint a little angular, with my beat as the same as his. This person is here. And he won’t separate from me.

“Let’s go to sleep, holding hands. Then, forever… we can meet again inside a dream.”

He whispers to me, and like in a picture, he kisses me. As I thought, Miko-sama’s so gentle. That’s right. Crying for an eternal separation, or for this short farewell, it doesn’t matter. I’ll always wake up, and the first thing I’ll see will be this person’s face.

“Yes, forever…forever! Let’s meet inside a dream, Miko-sama!”
“Yes, that’s it. Goodnight, Tojiko.”

And, together with Miko-sama, toward the palace of dreams, we fall asleep.

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