enn~淵~ ~ Sally

Phew, this one took me a lot to translate. I mean, lot of hours of work on this one. But is finally finished.

In truth, I never had too much faith into those lyrics, I mean, after “We cannot get out of here forever”, everything else simple wasn’t good enough. Translator (if I can be called like that) complexes, I guess. Well, in the end what else can I say, beside “Thanks Shion”? Nothing. So, a big thanks Shion, not only for tell me “Try this”, but also for help me in some parts (I truly have to stop to transcribe lyrics at 3am).

enn. I have no idea what this mean. I don’t like actually what I’ve read around, maybe I should ask directly to Sally? Maybe. Anyway. This track, in truth, didn’t cought my attention the first time I heard it, except for the talking parts (oh God, now I love them even more).

Chata is truly amazing, isn’t she? I’ve loved her since “afraid” (Banpai Akira, Touhou and Castlevania together, what could’ve asked more?), that song is so damn good. I like it a lot more than the first opening. Oh well, I’m not here to talk about Koumajou Densetsu, so.

What surprised me most about this track is the so damn high number of references to its original theme. I mean, the song’s title itself isn’t quoted inside, but there are lots of elements which keeps recall “Starry Sky of Small Desires”. Well, since in these days (today expecially) I’m so much turned on Miko, I won’t say nothing about this song’s interpretation, aside the fact that, for me, is a “prequel” of the Crown Prince(ss)’ past. Just my opinion.

I don’t want to make a too long description, since there’ll be lots of notes on this one, so I’ll simple stop here.

Revised some time during 2014, but posted only after. Notes became obsolete, thus why have been removed. Ah, all these metaphors.


The title, romanized as enn~fuchi~, translate as enn~Abyss~. Although since the pronunciation give is “enn”, it should be enn~enn~. 「淵」 means either “Abyss” or “The Dephts”. At first, I translated it as “The Dephts”. But thinking about it more carefully, I found out that “Abyss” fits the song better, if you think at it as a synonymous for “Death”. But since it’s me talking, if you don’t like it or think in a different way, change it.

Title: enn~淵~
Vocal: 茶太 (Chata)
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Album: サドマゾヒズム (Sadomasochism)
Event: C81
Original: 小さな欲望の星空 | Starry Sky of Small Desires | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Stage 6 Theme

enn~淵~ ~ Sally

雨 風 晴れ 寒さから 幸 不幸は すべて天の仕業
海流のような星座に人は 燃えるように凍えるように
三度 願いを願う 一群の煌めき 五重星団

hikari no naka de wa mienai mono ga kurayami no naka de yoku mieru
ame kaze hare samusakara kou fukou subete ten no shiwaza
kairyuu no youna seiza ni hito wa moeru youni kogoeru youni
mitabi negai wo negau ichigun no kirameki gojuu seidan

What can’t be seen in the light, is seen clearly in the darkness.
Rain, wind, sunny weather, cold, happiness, sorrow; all celestial deeds.
Within constellations that seem an ocean, humans either burn of freeze.
Three times, I speak my wish, to the glittering quintuplet star cluster.

叶うまで見上げていて 軌道を 夜見の縁

chuuniukabu yogisha ga yami wo kaketara
kanau made miageteite kidou wo yomi no fuchi

When the night train floating in the sky will ride the darkness
When it will come true, I will look up at the rail track the edge of Hades

沖に夜明けの兆しはないから 騒ぐ杜

aruhito wa mata kanashii kizuwoou mama
oki ni yoake no kizashi wa nai kara sawagu mori

Someone is still painfully injured. As
Dawn is nowhere to see in the sea, the forest rustles.

言葉には変わらぬ想いの音がしたという 瑠璃色の空には

kotoba ni wa kawarame omoi no oto ga shita toiu ruriiro no sora ni wa

The sound of your unchanged wish in your words is now in this lapis-lazuli sky

願いを抱き 星屑絵 降りしきる奏
迎えの灯に渡る 星屑絵 濁流よ 吹雪け

negai wo idai (hoshikuzu e) furishikiru kanade
mukae no hi ni wataru (hoshikuzu e) dakuryuu yo fubuke

Hold your wish, a stardust frame, is falling down
Beyond joint lights, a stardust frame, the muddy stream is impetuous


yagate fukai kuro no kara no koe ga to
shinjiteitai no naraba hanashi wo tsudzukeyou

Finally, from the depths of the darkness, a voice rises
If you still want to believe me, I will go on with the story

野の花を映した光は 瞬いたとされるだけの幻か

no no hana wo utsushita hikari wa mebataita to sareru dake no maboroshi ka

The light that reflected these wild flowers, twinkling, is just an illusion?

追えば消えて 星屑絵 砕け散る流星
呼気 かよわく伸びる 星屑絵 天体の赤目

oeba kiete (hoshikuzu e) kudakechiru ryuusei
koki ka yowaku nobiru (hoshikuzu e) tentai no akabe

As I chase it, disappears, a stardust frame, this crumbling falling star
A frail breathe exhaled, a stardust frame, by red eyes of celestial bodies

それを何と見紛えた 寂しそうな偽星空

sore wo nanto mimagaeta sabishi souna nisei hoshizora

What have you mistaken that for? A lonely, fake starry sky

酔えや酔え 彼方に 星屑絵 遠い日 面影
舞い踊る蜃気楼 星屑絵 降りしきる奏

yoeya yoe kanata ni (hoshikuzu e) tooi hi omokage
maiodoru shinkirou (hoshikuzu e) furishikiru kanate

Sick, sick, beyond, a stardust frame, the traces of a distant day
A dancing mirage, a stardust frame, falling down

終わりと始まりの季節に 噂ほど時は残っていない
小雨を避け 木陰に宿れば 静けさに出会えるのかもしれない
去りがけに ふと問いかけた「その願いに複製は利くのか」と
途切れ途切れに聞こえたのは 連動する溶鉱炉のうねり

owari to hajimari no kisetsu ni uwasabodo toki wa nokotteinai
kosame wo sake kokage ni yadoreba shizukasa ni deaeru no kamoshirenai
sari ga ke ni futo toikaketa「sono negai ni fukusei wa kiku no ka」to
togire togire ni kikoeta no wa rendousuru youkouro no uneri

With the end and the beginning of seasons, the time leaves nothing but rumors.
I avoid the drizzle as I dwell in the shadow of trees. Perhaps I will meet you in the silent.
As I was about to leave, I asked “Can I ask for that wish again?”
I heard the answer in between the noise of the smelting furnace.

いつかの景色に重ねたとして 戻れないのならば迷わないはず
もし望むなら 雑念は捨て 着陸前の僅かな隙間に
踏み出すと同時に瞬きを見て もう三度 願いを願うといい

hikari no naka de wa mienai mono ga kurayami no naka de wa yoku mieru
itsuka no keshiki kasaneta toshite modorenai no naraba mayiwanai hazu
moshi nozomu nara zatsunen wa sutete chakuriku mae no wazuka na sukima ni
fumidasu to douji ni  madataki wo mite mou mitabi negai wo negau toii

What can’t be seen in the light, is seen clearly in the darkness.
One day, over this scenery, when I won’t be able to go back, I won’t lose my way.
As long as I have hope, I won’t have idle thoughts. As I step through
The small gap for this land, I saw it for an instant. Three more times, I speak my wish.



8 thoughts on “enn~淵~ ~ Sally

  1. 光の中では見えないものが暗闇の中でよく見える <— about that phrase, I always though it would be "The thing that can't be seen in the light can be seen in the dark." Because the is もの. Thoughts about this? :)

    1. もの is a bit tricky, but yeah, that’s a possible translation, thought you forgot the “よく” -Things that can’t be seen in the light can be seen well in the darkness. Anyway I should really check this translation, as well as my old ones, at the moment I’d re-translate it as “What can’t be seen in the light, can be seen properly in the darkness”

      1. Yes, that’s what I meant, forgot the よく. ^^ I didn’t check how old this was, and I know that you would probably translate some old lyrics differently now. Anyway, traslation is always only one interpretation and never the only one.
        I respect your skills in Japanese and hope to someday be as good as you. I tried translating some Touhou lyrics, but got nowhere with them, they are really tough! That was when I found this site. ^^

      2. “Anyway, traslation is always only one interpretation and never the only one.”
        This indeed; I’d say that at least half of a translation is a matter of interpretation, in a lot of cases it’s even more (hello Yuyoyuppe). That’s what makes everything so interestring *w*
        Thank you for the kind words :3

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