We cannot get out of here forever ~ Draw the Emotional

New translation here

As usual, for lyrics and translation, scroll down; between, there’s a wall of text (but I think you should read the notes about the song, at least the first one).
Also, I’ve adjusted some minor things -again- and rewrite the wall of text. Because I’m an idiot. (6th March).
And, I finally got my hands on the booklet. Lyrics should be now fully correct. Just to say~ (25th April).

It’s funny how this CD grew up in me; at the beginning I didn’t think it was that good. I don’t know what actually happened to me, in the meantime, if it’s all because Toyosatomimi no Miko became my favorite character or not. But in the end, “Ghost and your heart” became to me very, very important.

To be honest, my overall opinion on it won’t change: this CD isn’t as good as Draw the Emotional previous releases, “Collapse of the sky” and “Funny party in the Fog”.

Maybe is the lack of Merami, the fact this is just and EP and not a full length CD, the presence of too many male vocal tracks (it’s not that they’re not good, it’s just my personal taste). So, in the end, for me is epic for literally the first half, and nothing special for the second half. Anyway, it’s surely one of the best from C81.

“We cannot get out of here forever” is, in my opinion, the best track in the whole album, and at the moment the best arrangement of True Administrator around (and now, I’m not even sure if someone will be ever able to surpass “We cannot get out of here forever”). Plus, Kadochi’s voice is truly amazing, for once in while I’m sure that even if Merami’d been the vocalist, this song wouldn’t be better –this coming from a Merami fan like I am. And the lyrics are amazing -Yuyoyuppe always writes such beautiful lyrics, even if they’re pretty hard to translate them.

What I see inside those lyrics, is everything Toyosatomimi no Miko is, with her wish to don’t die, her fears about the resurrection process, her will of yearn immortality. Since those lyrics are just too beautiful, I won’t say what I think about them, so that everyone can make its own interpretation. I believe the ways to read this song are near as many as the people who are reading them.

I think this time I’ve done maybe a too much liberal translation, or maybe a too literal one, since I personally hate to destroy the Japanese structure; if a word’s written alone, it’s because it have to be alone. As for me, I want to preserve this aspect, since I’ve always considered lyrics as poetry.

Well, I’ve already talked enough. I hope “We cannot get out of here forever” will keep growing on me, because even if it’s already about two months I keep listening to it, this song still gives me chills every time.


Just to say, I’ve transcribed those lyrics from a video, not from the actual booklet. So some parts might be wrong. But since -I think- this translation is fitting a lot Miko-sama, I don’t mind it that much~

– “永久に奏で願えば輸廻の中に潜む | If I desire complete immortality, I’ll be trapped into the endless cycle of life and rebirth”;  「輪廻」 is the Samsara, aka the “Endless cicle of death and rebirth”. Reminds something to you? Well, for me this is just another proof that the “introductions” have to be listened merged with their next song (for the lazy/those who doesn’t know, the first track of this album is “Endless cycle of rebirth”, followed by this one, “We cannot get out of here forever”. Isn’t this awesome?). I personally decided to translate this in the longer way, because I believe there aren’t many people who know what’s the Samsara, and even if, it sounds better saying “Endless cycle of life and rebirth”.
– “笑え笑えや| It makes me… it makes me laugh”; a more literal translation is “A laugh, a laugh and…”, but I decided to use the verb instead, I think it’s more fitting, and well, it’d be not the first time I see a verb stem treated as a verb.
– “愛しなつかし| Oh, desired love”; there’s no “Oh” in the japanese text but I couldn’t resist and putted it in I think it fits a lot.
– “朝はまだ遠く遠く| The morning is still so far away, so far away”; thinking about it, I ralely translate two same word as one, even if it generally is the most correct way of translating. Literal, it’s “The morning is still far away, far away”. Normal, it’s “The morning is still so far away”. Mine, is a mix of both.
– “終わりを見る日の| I’ll see the dawn with”; “日” has basically three main meanings (with this pronunciation), which are “day”, “sun” and “sunshine”. I’ll leave to you the discover of the reason why I putted “dawn”, as well as what I thought about when i wrote this line x3

I should’ve said this even on the other translations, since what I do while translating is basically: translating, quote random phrases, doing speculation, revised, asking suggestions and opinions and only in the end, writing the “final” version; a special thanks goes to those who always listen to me, and to my no-sense stuffs. Namely, those unlucky people are Shion, Violet and Arc.

Last note: I missed some screams, no idea if they actually are on the booklet, of it they’re actually words/phrases. The clean vocals are all cover, don’t worry x3

Title: We cannot get out of here forever
Arrangement: Yuyoyuppe
Vocals: カドチ (Kadochi)
Circle: Draw the Emotional
Album: Ghost and your heart
Event: C81
Original: 聖徳伝説 ~ True Administrator | Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator | Touhou 13 Ten Desire | Toyosatomimi no Miko’s Theme

We cannot get out of here forever ~ Draw the Emotional

Why can not answer

やがて可笑しいや 悪戯を偲ぶ性
笑え笑えや 慌て滅び行くまで
愛しなつかし やむごとなし心は

towa ni kanade negaeba rinnen no naka ni hisomu
yagate okashiiya itazura wo shinobu saga
warae waraeya awate horobi yukumade
itoshi natsukashi yamu goto nashi kokoro wa

If I desire complete immortality, I’ll be trapped into the endless cycle of life and rebirth
In the end it’s funny, to remember our mischief destiny
It makes me… It makes me laugh. Before I’ll panic, before I’ll die
Oh, desired love; without you, my heart will perish.

嘆きの渦に溢れた 代わり狂い踊るだけ
悲しみの要らない 朝はまだ遠く遠く

nageki no uzu ni afureta kawari kurui odorudake
kanashimi no iranai asa wa mada tooku tooku

It overflowed, in a vortex of laments, the returned disorder dacens but
There’s no need to be sad; the morning is still so far away, so far away.


motomeredo kawaranai owari wo miru hi no
namida wo

A wish doesn’t change the end, I’ll see the dawn with

わびしい奏で唄えば 浮世の中にもがく
やがて可笑しや はかなし繰り返しぞ
笑え笑えや 慌て滅び行くまで
そこに覗くは 底なしのゆりかご

wabishii kanade utaeba ukiyo no nakanimo gaku
yagade okashiya hakanashi kurikaeshi zo
warae waraeya awate horobi yuku made
soko ni nozoku wa sokonashino yurikago

If I sing complete lonely, I’ll struggle inside this fleeting life
In the end, it’s funny, this empty cycle
It makes me… It makes me laugh. Before I’ll panic, before I’ll die
In that place, I look down into a bottomless cradle.

If be born again
It’s painful to think about

誰も彼も夢の見た 終わりの無い命を

todokanai nara wasureru no ka
daremokaremo yume no mita owari no nai inochi wo

If I don’t reach it, will I forget?
Each and every dream I saw, the endless life?

果てなく回る回る 差し伸べた手の先を
無情に落ちてく 命は...

hatenaku mawaru mawaru sashinobeta te no saki wo
nujiou ni ochiteku inochi wa…

It doesn’t end, it returns, it returns. I reached out the same hand
Falling into cruelty, the life…


asa wa mada tooku tooku

The morning is still so far away, so far away


motomeredo kawaranai owari wo miru hi no
namida wo

A wish doesn’t change the end, I’ll see the dawn with

いつまでもいつまでも 尽きることの無い

itsumademo itsumademo tsukiru koto no nai
namida wo

Forever, forever, they won’t come to an end,

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