Noble ~ Foreground Eclipse

Just to say, if you’re interesting only in the translation, scroll down.

Foreground Eclipse’s Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone is so far the best album I’ve listened to from C81. I’ve heard some people around saying “This CD is not good as their previous”; well, for me is their best album, together with Wishes Hidden In The Foreground Noises.

Overall, I wish they putted more effort into the “new” Touhou arrangements. In some parts of the songs, it’s like they’re missing something, while on the other hand, some parts are way better than anything I could have  ever imaged. I have mixed feelings on them.

But even if it’s not “perfect”, Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone is still one of the best CDs I’ve ever listened to. If you thought Foreground Eclipse wouldn’t be able to going on without Suzuori, their 3rd full lenght album just confirms what the Demo CDs already did: they’ll keep making superb music. I’m sorry for everyone who thinks Suzuori’s a better arranger, but I love Teto’s style more. I’m not saying Suzuori’s a bad composer, but aside a few song, is like Teto is able to put way more emotions in his songs.

1. You Can’t Explain Anything Without The Word ‘Destruction’ ~ The intro of the album. Like all the other tracks from the Demo CDs, it has some slightly changes. I love this intro. The way this track, so distant from the others by genre, merges so well with Destruction is unique. I’m personally in love with those intros who are in some way connected with the 2nd track, is just too right treating an intro in this way.

2. Destruction ~ I consider this song a sort of remake of Love Poem; tough, no in the “normal” meaning of remake. I think of it as both a way for Teto to underline the difference between his and Suzuori’s style, and as a way to say “Hey, we are the new Foreground Elipse, and this is our new style”. Best Sanae’s theme I’ve ever heard, full of badass; every time I listen to this track, what comes to my mind is Shimadoriru [Stripe Pattern]’s Seirensen (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this).

3. Obstruction! Color It All Out ~ I love the intro. Is awesome. I like a little less the english stanzas, while the japanese one are epic (not in terms of lyrics, but in terms of music). The part that starts at 1:10 is my favorite, and fortunatly it lasts untill the end of the song. I have no idea why, but the parts in this song which Merami sang in japanese are the past one for me, even if they follow less the original theme. Also, the last part awfully reminds me of Things What Fowl Can’t See Confuse Us. I seriously thought the first time I heard Obstruction “Wow, they made Obstruction and Things became one song!” and then I realized it was still a part of Obstruction, and not the beginning of Things.

4. I Bet You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That ~ The little changes in this one are really good -I even understand better what Merami’s saying. I’ve seen around that lots of people consider I Bet the best song of the album. No doubt, since this track is really, really well done,  and is truly one of the best Touhou-related arrangement they’ve ever made. Plus, Mokou’s on the cover (and I have to say this: Rin, you truly surprised me this time, so far is the best cover you’ve ever made for Foreground Eclipse’s). But is just too hard to say which one is better than the other.

5. Nooneness Is For Danger ~ Another song where I have mixed feelings. While is true that this one is a lot better than Someday In The Rain (one of the few tracks I really never appreciated that much), I’d expected something a little more strong and less connected to the original one. The part between 0:57 – 1:18 is one of the best past of the whole song, and the one that starts at 2:13 and ends at 3:03 is superb too. I expected a badass arrangement for Kogasa, and I found an half-badass one, which is fine too considering she’s one of the most Moe characters for people.

6. Things What Fowls Can’t See Confuse Us ~ Best remaster ever. I love the new intro, the sense of “this is a new track” it gives, and the whole song. Things What Fowls Can’t See Confuse Us is one of my favorite track of all the time by Foreground Eclipse. They’re the one who made me fall in love with UFO’s stage 5. I only wish this was sang in japanese, it simple fits tons of time better Merami.

07. Noble ~ I’m wondering how many people noticed that on Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone backcover Noble’s the only track wich has 07.  as number (all the others are listed as 1. 2. ect.). Thanks to Shion, I know why, and if you don’t, just check some stuffs about Higurashi and you’ll find out; is just too awesome how Foreground Eclipse thought about everything. So far, this is the best track of the album for me. Every time I listen to it, I cry, literally. So many feelings inside it, and the translation just made me love this song even more. It was truly a surprise to see an Higurashi track arranged, that was the only thing I’d never expected. One of the best track they’ve ever made, if not the best.

8. If You Feel Like Sinking Down ~ Putting this one after Noble is just too perfect. The contrast between the two track makes this one a lot more enjoyable (I don’t know if you can get what I mean). At first, I thought of Murasa, due to the title. It’d be nice to see and arrangement of Murasa by Foreground Eclipse tough, but hey, no more UFO this time.
I like a lot the rhythm, it expresses something like “Take my hand, leave everything behind, outside’s so beautiful, I’ll show you something you’ve never seen before”.

9. Escapes ~ This is for me the best original song they’ve ever made. I believe this will be one of those songs I won’t ever be tired (so far, basically only Foreground Eclipse’s Demo CD vol. 06 and 07 songs survived on my MP3, together with a few from the previous albums). Curious thing is that I think I’ve never listened to this track with enought attention; or maybe -and more likely- is just a mind blown.

10. どらぶ ~ The so well-know and famous -not true- hidden track. This is truly the best hidden track I’ve ever listened to. While on an hand it’s completely nosense (or at least, what I undertood is nosense, and since there are no lyrics… I can only rely on my ears), on the other it’s unexpeted. Usually those ghost tracks are just a bunch of chit-chat thrown with basically no use. But this one… I think I’ll keep listening to this one for lot of time. Also, Merami here has a really, really cute voice, is just… too cute.

Oh well, that’s all, I think I’ve talke enought about this album.


Before you start reading, I’d like to remind to you that I’m not as good as Kafka; translating Noble was pretty hard for me in some parts. Sometimes is so hard to find an appropriate translation, or even communicate the feeling behind the lyrics. I tried my best, I’ve revised this lyrics a couple of time, I’ve made lots of changed and listening more to my heart rathen than to the song itself. I did a lot of liberal translations, and I didn’t revised the romanjis. I hope to not have done many mistakes, even if I think I’ve missed the point somewhere. I still have lot of problems when it comes time to decide what the spaces between kanjis are. Stated this, have a nice reading, and forgive me for everything which is not right. And sorry for the lack of notes, but they’d be just too much if I give for everthing also what I think is the literal translation; hope you won’t mind.

– “箱の中に 在ったものは 暖かいものか 冷たいものか | Something existed inside my heart. Was it warm? Was it cold?”; this is the only note I’m going to write. If you know even a little japanese, you can see how much I destroyed the first part of the sentece (I’m sorry, but writing “Inside the box” is simple horrible). The only thing I want to say is: “在った”. This verb refers to inanimate things, and even if it is usually translate as “to be”, I wanted to underline even more its not so clear meaning, and ended up to use “to exist”.

Title: Noble
Vocals: Merami
Lyrics: Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Event: C81
Original: Thanks, you | ひぐらしのく頃に 解

Noble ~ Foreground Eclipse

嘆かないで あなたはどうしたら 私を許してくれますか
その渇きは 私のせい あなたをここに 放り出した
井戸の中では 幸せだった 外のことなど 何も知らず
私だって 探している この身穿つ あなたは誰

nagekanaide anata wa doushitara watashi wo yurushite kuremasu ka
sono kawaki wa watashi no sei anata wo koko ni houridashita
ido no naiade wa shiawase datta soto no kotonado nanimo shirazu
watashi datte sagashiteiru kono ni ugatsu anata wa dare

I wonder how can you don’t regret. Will you forgive me?
That thirst threw out you from here; it’s my fault.
When I knew nothing of the things outside, I was happy.
Because I’m seeking for who you are, inside this injured body.


waratteita koru no anata wa
naniyorimo maboshikatta kara
torimodoshite miseru yo
doredake no toki ni kaetemo

You were smiling that time
You were radiant more than anything.
What you shown to me, I want to take it back.
Will I ever be able to replace it?

ひとりだけで 抱え込まないで

hitoridakede kakaekomanaide
douka kowagaranaide

I won’t take it upon myself alone.
Please, don’t be afraid.

固く閉じた瞼の裏で 願うことは
失われた命に 安らぎを
気づいてあげられなかった心に 救いを
また会う時には どうか 奇跡を

kataku tojita mabuta no urade negau koto wa
ushinawareta inochi ni yasuragi wo
kidzuite agerarenakatta kokoro ni sukui wo
mata au toki ni wa douka kiseki wo

I wish I closed firmly your eyes that time
I lost the tranquility in my life.
In my heart, I was not able to find relief.
Please, let a miracle happen when we meet again.

落とした一粒を 探しながら ただただ彷徨いながら 過ごす
今度こそと ふと振りが返る もうこれで 何度目だろう
上れば上るほどに 増すものは 高さと落ちる時の 痛み
箱の中に 在ったものは 暖かいものか 冷たいものか

otoshita hitotsubu wo sagashinagara tadatada samayoi na gara sugosu
kondo kosoto futo furi kaeru mou korede nando me da rou
noboreba noboru hodoni masu mono wa takasa to ochiru toki no itami
hako no nakani atta mono wa  atatakai monoka tsumetai monoka

When I was searching you, I let a tear fell. Even while wandering, it doesn’t change.
And for sure now the shivers will come back. With this, how many times it happened already?
If I climb up, the height will increase and when I’ll fall there will be more pain.
Something existed inside my heart. Was it warm? Was it cold?

何度も何度も 始まりと終わりを超えて
無くさないよう 離さないように 刻み付けて

nandomo nandomo hajimari to owari wo koete
aru toki kasuka ni hikari ga mieta
nakusanai you hanasai youni kizamitsukete
kono hikari dakeha kesase wa shinai

Many times, over and over again, I pass through the beginning and the end.
Once, I was able to see a faint light.
In order to don’t separate, to don’t lose, engrave it.
At least that light, didn’t disappear.

かけらをむすんで やっと見えた 一つの答え
重ねた手と手が 涙で滲む
もう今ならわかる 信じれば奇跡は起こる
あなたは私の すぐそばにいた

kakera wo musunde yatto mieta hitotsu no kotae
kasaneta teto tega namida de nijimu
mou imanara wakaru shinjireba kiseki wa okoru
anata wa watashi no sugosoba ni ita

At least I tied a fragment and I was able to see the most important answer.
With an hand over the other, filled with tears.
If it’s now, again, I’ll understand. If I believe in it, a miracle will happen.
You were there near me.

誰だって私だって 幸せになっていい
どれだけ 求めたって 構わない
私たちにはまだ きっとまだまだ足りない
これまでの幸せ 全部取り戻すよ

daredatte watashi datte shiawase ni natte ii
doredake motometatte kamawanai
watashitachi ni wa mada kitto madamada tarinai
kore made no shiawase zenbu torimodosu yo

Anybody, even I, can find happiness.
I seek it, I don’t care about how much it’ll take.
Even if, for us, surely isn’t enough yet.
The happiness so far; I’ll take it all back.

4 thoughts on “Noble ~ Foreground Eclipse

  1. kinda sad, but in fact some people just reflect emotion and don’t even feel it… they keep searching and simulating that….

    thx so much for the traslation!! =)

  2. a really sad song. But i really like it. Thanks for the translation, really! i was searching an a friend told me to come here.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good arrange of a Higurashi song. It’s the reason I ordered this amazing album over another :P I really think Foreground Eclipse should arrange some more tracks this way (no screams, breaking into slow-ish bits), Merami’s voice goes really well with it.

    Thanks a TON for the translation

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