C81 Preview Post

And here I am, finally writing what should be a preview post for C81, since it’ll begin the 28th of December (but most of CDs I’m waiting for will be released the 30th).
Well, I’ll begin with a list of the circles (and albums) I’ll be looking for, in alphabetical order (sorted by circle), then I’ll do a wall of text talking about some of them, sorted by album’s title, except for a single one (so, just use CTRL+F if you’re looking for a specific circle and you don’t find it; but don’t be mad: some won’t be in the “list” x3). Since it’d be too long talking about every single track of every single CD, my intention’s to spend some words on those songs and CDs I consider “most beautiful”.
I’ll list everything following the order Circle – Album – Type.

I’ll probably modify this list if some other circles will join the event (since on M3-28 some CDs have been announced like two days before the event itself, I’m expecting everything).
Have an happy reading.

Circle List

龍5150 (ryu-5150) | シンフォニック東方Ⅴ (Symphonic Touhou V) | Arrangement
回路-kairo- | Alone, but never alone | Arrangement
Agent 0 | maddening | Arrangement
Arte Refact | 幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park | Arrangement
AssaultDoor | 幻想羅針盤 | Arrangement
Barrage Am Ring 1 B/side | Barrage Am Ring 1 B/side | Arrangement
Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome |  嚮導する聖女は屍骸の椅子で奇蹟を謳う | Original
BLANKFIELD | This Is the Dead, and I Reached the Deathless. | Arrangement
Butaotome | 怨言神楽謌(えんげんかぐらうた)| Arrangement
Crazy Berry | くるいちご | Arrangement
Crest | 螺旋衒操 ~Dolls of Independence~ | Arrangement
CROW’SCLAW | Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws | Original
dBu | 蘇弾奏結界 尸解変奏曲 Undead Variation | Arrangement
Draw the Emotional | Ghost and your Heart | Arrangement
Demetori | BEGIERDE DES ZAUBERER | Arrangement
Digitalic Party | Ghost Orchestrate Discrepancy | Arrangement
Discord Registers | Arms of the Nightmare | Arrangement
Elemental Records | The Index ~禁書~ | Arrangement
Engage Blue | The Voice of Debunker | Original
FELT | Silver Drive | Arrangement & Original
Foreground Eclipse | Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone | Arrangement & Original
Forestpireo | 妹紅 ~mokou the best~ | Arrangement
GET IN THE RING | Astral Vision | Arrangement
はちみつれもん (Hachimitsu Lemon) | Lucent Moon | Arrangement
はにーぽけっと | 恋綴里-第二話- | Arrangement
IRON ATTACK! | Deamon’s seal ~魔界の封印~ | Arrangement
IOSYS | 東方エレクトリック電波少女 | Arrangement
Kissing the Mirror | SCREAMING DEATH HEAT | Arrangement
Kraster | とある従者への追憶 | Arrangement
Kraster | 東風センチメンタル | Arrangement
子猫奪回屋 (Konekodakkaiya) | Epitaph ~夜桜幻想譚~ | Arrangement
LA KIA | 憧景翔夢 | Arrangement
Liz Triangle | reuniuon | Arrangement
MAX BEAT | A Tribute to the East Vol.3.5 | Arrangement
minimum electric design | an experiment on dolls | Arrangement
Minstrel | Minstrel Demo Vol. 02 | Original
MisteryCircle | 狂宴ノスタルジア | Arrangement
Mods Crisis | NEXT SCREAM | Arrangement & Original
monochrome-coat | Purge | Arrangement
大江戸宅急便 | Groove | Arrangement
Pizuya’s Cell | Merciless Lazuli Rose | Arrangement
Pizuya’s Cell x Studio SyrupComfiture | 君の歌と僕の小さな恋 | Arrangement
Pocket AD | 東方BATTLE METALER | Arrangement
PolyphonicBranch| POLYHOLIC | Original (Cover?)
RD-Sounds | | Arrangement
Register6 | 運命ノ螺旋 | Arrangement
Resonecia | Gebet | Original
River Mist | Suicidal crazy girl | Arrangement
さかばと | IsuCaの嘴 | Arrangement
Sally | サドマゾヒズム | Arrangement
Silver Forest | 蒼き月の鎮魂歌 | Arrangement
Silver Forest | 神の奏でしセレナーデ | Arrangement
Silver Forest | 三千世怪 | Arrangement
Sister’s Spread-i | SCARLET KISS | Arrangement
死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) | F.E.A.R. EP | Arrangement
solid state supernova | PLAYMATE | Arrangement
Sound Holic | Flower Buster | Arrangement
SOUTH OF HEAVEN | 東方デュアルレクチ | Arrangement
spetsnaz | a song for… | Original
Stratiotes | Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna | Original
SYNC.ART’S | bouquet | Arrangement
SYNC.ART’S | CLAUDIA | Arrangement
TatshMusicCircle | FAR EAST OF EAST VI | Arrangement & Original
UNDEAD CORPORATION | 一撃 | Arrangement
Unlucky Morpheus | Faith and Warfare | Arrangement
VAGUEDGE DIES FOR DIES IRAE | 忘郷少女とアストロラーベ | Original
White Elephant | Love is a Battle | Arrangement
xi-on | 東方志奏 10th Spell -Expectation- | Arrangement

Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone

Yeah, Foreground Eclipse’s 3rd full length album is finally here. It hasn’t been announced on their site yet (Teto talked about doing it on the 21st/22nd). Like their previous full length CD, half of the tracks are from their Demo CDs. This time, there are 9 songs, 5 from Demo CD vol. 06 and 07, 2 are Touhou arrangements, one is an Higurashi arrangement and one is an original one. I won’t hear the XFD, or I’ll spend the next ten days keep listening to it over and over and over again. But I’m sure Foreground Eclipse did great arrangements.
Also, it was a surprise to a Higurashi arrangement, that was totally unexpected. This time the “new” Touhou themes are an arrangement of UFO’s Stage 2 and TD’s Stage 4, so Kogasa and Seiga here.
The cover is awesome, Mokou’s the “star” this time. It’s like she’s between the joy of life and the curse of being an immortal. I love where this is going. Can’t wait for this, especially ‘cause hopefully there will be the lyrics in the booklet.
For some time, I even thought they won’t be here at C81, but everything went fine.
ありがとう、Foreground Eclipse.

Alone, but never alone

I have no track list for this, so I can’t really say which track are the best for me, sorry x3
I never followed kairo that much, at the beginning I was like “Uh, good, but nothing special”; I started enjoy this circle after C80, and then I went back and re-listen to his previous album –but still, I can’t remember all of the songs this circle made.
What can I say about “Alone, but never alone” is: it sounds spectacular. I heard some tracks re-mastered; I really hope this isn’t a best of CD –but I believe it is not. Well, I didn’t bothered to translate what’s written on the official site, so I can’t be sure. Still really good tough :3
On a side note: kairo, you finally put a “short” title for your CD xD

Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws

After “Just for my Heartache”, CROW’SCLAW’s back with another original work. I love Taka’s works, she always amaze me. YAMAGEN’s the vocalist again, and he did a great job also this time.
Even if “From the Bottom of the Heart” for me is CROW’SCLAW’s best album (beautiful arrangements and vocalists, I couldn’t have asked nothing more), it’s always great to hear something new from Taka, original track or not. But I have to admit: I’m missing her Touhou arrangements right now.


Demetori. How much time passed since he did a new CD? A lot. No idea how much exactly (I guess a couple of years), but a LOT. After tons of remakes, finally, Demetori decided to come back and do a fresh new CD, with arranges from Ten Desires too.
I think lots of people have lost their hopes during the past; or never stopped to hope. Whatever, Demetori is finally back. And I’m sure this album will be superb.

Ghost and your Heart

Since Yuyoyuppe always brings awesome stuffs, I’ll be waiting warmly for this. I’m sorry for those who read before “this will be an original album” ect.; I was wrong. Draw the Emotional will bring to us another CD full of Touhou arrangements, this time based on Ten Desires. And again, calo as guest vocalist. This is going to be an awesome CD; plus, two True Administrator. Sadly, there are only 5 tracks (and surely the first True Administrator’ll be the intro). But who cares, since Yuyoyuppe’s back.


As usual, an awesome vocal / off-vocal album. Dear God, this circle does some absurd badass arrangements. Awesome as always. Can’t pick up a favorite on this album, since there are only 4 tracks (the other 4 are off-vocal versions), but I can say without a doubt that’ll be full of win. Plus, I never expect Agent 0 to do an arrangement of a PC-98 track. Truly, this comiket seems full of PC-98 songs (not a complain).
Agent 0 needs more love, that’s for sure. Oh, and Thirst to Demolish is perfect as intro for Okuu’s battle.

Merciless Lazuli Rose

Pizuya’s Cell’s back, back in every sense. After the C80’s CD which I -personally- didn’t like at all, Pizuya this time brings to us one of the best things in the world : Merami, and Metal.
Guest vocalists are this time Merami, 3L, and SOPHIA.
“Plastic Mind” and “Losing your season”, which are (obviously) arranges of “Plastic Mind” “Night Sakura of Dead Spirits”, are my favorite tracks from the crossfade, both with Merami as vocalist (since Merami has 4 tracks, while 3L  just one and SOPHIA two, it’s not a wonder that I’ve choosen two tracks with Merami).
I didn’t expect to see Pizuya this comiket to say the truth; since there were no notices I almost lost my hopes. But today I found out this fresh new CD. And it was a surprise.
And the cover’s something simply amazing, just take a look on Pizuya’s site to see it.

Next Scream

Mods Crisis. And Merami together. I couldn’t believe it at first; seeing in the track list Little Squirrel, the song performed by Merami in the Alice’s Cry vol. 05’s demo CD Mods Crisis gave during the live, to me was like a dream. I’ve been looking forward Mods Crisis since their “debut” CD from C80 and I have to say: I have big expectations from this circle.
Plus, for this comiket, they arranged “Now, Until the Moment You Die”, Sariel’s first theme, which is one of my favorite themes from Touhou. XFD’s finally available on their site (dear, stop leaving 2+ line of Japanese text for less than 2 seconds, I can’t read it that fast). Wow, pretty good ‘till now. Merami’s tracks are awesome, it reminds me of UNDEAD CORPORATION actually, sound’s similar. But I love this. “Avatar of woe.” (Now, “Until the Moment You Die”) is spectacular. Is pretty hard to pick up my favorite ones from this album, “Feelings” is so good too (the whole CD is). They changed the vocalist again, she really reminds me of Fuki –at least in the second track- lol. XFD’s pretty on a bad quality (or maybe are just my headphones which are getting fucked). So, favorite tracks are probably “Avatar of woe”, “Feelings” and “Vain hope.” (the original one). And I can’t understand what’s on the back cover (I guess it’s the back cover); maybe Makai’s door? Oh well. I’ll figure it once the CD’s out.


After their M3-28 release, I didn’t expected to see this circle at C81 too. And with not one, but 2 CDs, and 29 tracks. And surprise over surprises, Hanatan as vocalist.
The whole CD(s) is awesome, PolyphonicBranch amazed me since &Gothika. And this C81 release is even better (maybe I’m saying this ’cause there’s Hanatan, but still, it’s beautiful).
Since there are just too many tracks, it was so hard to pick a favorite one. But the song I liked most from the whole crossfade, it’s not one by Hanatan (surprise!); “Heavenly” is the track which I enjoyed most, vocalist’s F9, and “君がいた風景”, sang by ef, is at the second place.
Definitly another strong album by this (for me almost new) circle.

Symphonic Touhou V

As usual, an very valid album. I’ve always loved the instrumental part of龍5150’s arrangements, a little less his choice of singing always in English. Personally, I’m pretty surprised he used as intro “History of the Moon” (not a complain). “Star of the Glory” is epic; and even if lots of people consider “The Gensokyo the God Loved” one of the best themes in the whole Touhou series (if not the best), to me has always been something like ‘It’s beautiful, but it’s not something I want to keep listening to’. But this time… I’m speechless. Never expected something that good.
Even “Liberate” (and, hey, some Seihou in this comiket) is awesome. Someone might kill me, but what’s good is good, no buts. And Ryu did an awesome job again. But what really caught my attention is how “Last Remote” is arranged.
The feeling of being the prey, with no escape, the sense of a danger incoming, the anxiety of not being able to survive… Just wow. I’m not a fan of screams, but this… this song is superb.
Probably my favorite from this album.

This Is the Dead, and I Reached the Deathless.

BLANKFIELD = Love. warinside brought to us another CD full of badass tracks. “This Is the Dead, and I Reached the Deathless.” is definitly the best Mokou’s theme instrumental I’ve ever heard till now. “Raise the White Flag” i salso epic; oh wait, I must say all the tracks are epic. If you take a look on BLANKFIELD’s site and listen to the crossfade, you’ll probably agree.


This time, Setsuna made an original CD. But as usual, awesome Gothic Metal. I’m literally in love with this circle, I like a lot Gothic stuffs. Rib:y(uhki) is the vocalist for all the tracks. I’m still more in love with Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, but this is a great album, one of the original works I’m waiting from this comiket.
Since this is an EP, tracklist’s quite short (4 songs + the intro), but still awesome (maybe I’m using the word “awesome” too much lol).
By far, the track I like most is the third, and the intro (I freaking love gothic with chanting-like vocals).


When I first took a look on this tracklist, I thought UNDEAD CORPORATION was joking. 17 tracks. 8 are off-vocals. 2 are from previous albums. Oh was saying: why, just make new arrangements instead of re-mastering your past growl songs. Then I read “Akemi”.
So, basically, the 2011 version of “Love 2 Hate” and “The World No Hope Remains” are with Akemi and West Village as vocalist. My hope is to hear the usual UNDEAD CORPORATION (Akemi to me is THE vocalist of UNDEAD CORPORATION). But the true surprise on this CD (beside the 17 tracks and the off-vocal one), are the guests.
Yuki, (yeah, THAT Yuki from Unlucky Morpheus), as vocalist on track “Put a Curse on you”.
Rib:y(uhki), as vocalist on “Magus Night Fever”.
spetsnaz as vocalist on “The Silent World” and “Phantom Esemble”.
And dulcis in fundo, Bach, probably in the whole tracks; but since I have no more information, every possibility’s open.


Pocket AD did an excellent job here. And finally, I can hear a “True Administrator” badass. I can’t deny I’m waiting this warmly, I enjoy a lot well done instrumental songs, sometimes even more than the vocal ones. Aside “True Administrator”, the other tracks from Ten Desires are themes of stage 1 and 4. The rest are two tracks from Seirensen (UFO), stage 4 theme and Shou’s theme, and another Flowering Night (I have no idea why, but lately I’ve seen this theme arranged too many times). All the songs are well done, and since I really like Miko’s theme, I can say: finally a true final boss theme.


I have to talk about this album, I never expected to see Register6 at C81. For me, it was a surprise. Aside the fact this is a very very underrated circle, and I have no idea why, everyone shall pay more attention on this one.
As expected, there are the tracks from the EP inside, but it’s not a big deal. Well, let’s talk a bit ’bout this album (of course I won’t spend a word about the EP’s tracks xD).
“曼珠沙華” is the first track, and I have to say, it’s my favorite track from the XFD. It’s a “Riverside View” arrangement, and really well done. Well, no doubt, since Komachi’s the “star”, she’s on the album’s cover. Aside from this, truly one of the best “Riverside View” arrangements I’ve ever heard at the same level of “Vermillion Halo”, if not better. “名もなき鳥”, “Heian Alien” arrange, truly reminds me of Yuyoyuppe’s arrange “Vanished Truth”. Also, “The Sealed Cloud Route” is in this album too (Kogasa here and on Foreground Eclipse’s album… badass granted). Even if I didn’t recognize the original from the crossfade… well not a big deal. The other two new tracks are an arrangement of “Flowering Night” plus “The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood” and “Love-coloured Master Spark” -track that I personally enjoyed quite a lot, it’s very light and…colorful; guess it’s Magus Night the badass theme xD). Sakuya’s PoFV theme lately has been very very popular, I think it’s already the 5th or 6th time I hear it.

Well, I’ve already talked too much. It was really hard to pick up only some circles, I truly wanted to about all (but it’d be something way too long). Also, one of the reasons I decided not to talk about some circles (over all, RD-Sounds and Sally) it’s because I believe Kafka’ll do it.
Anyway, just to let you know, Sally will do a full Ten Desires CD (covering the themes from the 4th on). LA KIA threw in lot of PC-98 arrangements (first of all, another “Now, Until the Moment You Die”). Tatsh did a CD full of TD arrangements. But damn, I wanted True Administrator Metal/Rock >_<

Okay, I’ll end talk here. Now. Also, I’m preparing something for Christmas. ‘cause it’s Christmas. Even if I kinda hate it.

Have a nice day!

5 thoughts on “C81 Preview Post

  1. Can you please tell me, how I can get my hands on these albums? Unfortunately I don’t know japanese and get totally depressed on “shipping”-sites. But maybe you can help? :P

    1. There are sites where you can also download the CDs (Melonbooks Download site comes to my mind). Anyway, (except for Taka’s album which is -will be- on iTunes and maybe a few others), you can’t avoide those japanese shipping sites. But the good thing is: since they (Melonbooks, amazon.jp, Toranoana, and others) don’t do international ship, those sites which do international shipping have everything written in english, and the only thing you need to do is basically to give ’em the link to the item you want to buy, and they’ll deliever it to you (of course, you’ll pay it more than its original price xD).
      Oh well, I pretty much suck in explanations lol
      I’m sure that if you google it you’ll find better explanations than mine, also because a detailed explanation requires way more space than this.

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